Sucks To Be You

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Alarm Clocks and Grand Entrances

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013




 No matter how dire my situation looked, sleep always made things look better. Well, that only worked if I woke up naturally. Being woken by someone banging on my door only pissed me off, big time. I stood up from the floor, where I had probably passed out from exhaustion, I stomped to the door and flung it open. I glared at the trainee alarm clock. She wasn't much taller than me, with long, curly blonde hair.
'Hi there! I'm Rose. I wanted to welcome you to Blackwell Academy!' The grin on her face was larger than the Joker's. It made me nauseous how happy she was. 
'Thanks, I guess. So what's it like here?' I crossed my arms and leaned against the door frame. 
'Oh, it's really good fun. You're bound to love it. The food's great, and on weekends we get take-out.'
'Yipee!' Sarcasm dripped from the word, but she didn't notice. 'And lemme guess, boys are allowed everywhere except our rooms?'
'Yes, that's right' she nodded enthusiastically. Alex, I thought to myself. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to sneak one Frank Iero into your dorm room. I chuckled to myself.
'What time's dinner at?' I asked, a plan already forming in my head. She looked at her watch, then back at me.
'Now, actually. Would you like me to show to the dining hall? It's shared with the boys' She looked at me, hopefully. 
'Sure, just gimme a sec.' I walked back into my room and lifted my phone, Ipod and switched my top for one that was tighter. Might as well make my entrance in style. After lacing up my converse, I stood up, donned a jacket and left my room. Rose was standing expectantly in the hall. She noticed my new shirt and her eyes widened slightly.
'Lead the way Rosie girl.' I said, pointedly. She turned on her heal, and walked away with an elegant grace. Slipping my hands into my jeans pocket, I lazily strolled after her, careful not to lose sight of her blonde bobbing hair. Once we reached the hall, she turned back to me, still grinning that annoying Joker grin. 
'If you want, you can sit with my friends and I.' The offer was kind, and I almost considered it. But I saw a streak of black hair in my peripheral vision. 
'I'm sorry, but I'll have to decline. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm about to be knocked down.' And just after I'd finished saying the n in down, Frank tackled me. 
'Aleeeexx! Sit with me.' He cried, hugging me. I hugged him back, laughing.
'Of course. Now, can you please get off me.' He stood up and held out his hand. I grabbed it and hoisted myself up. 
'Uhm, Alex?' Rose started sheepishly. 'The girls and boys aren't meant to sit together.'
'Ist mir egal.' My minimal knowledge of German came in use. I grabbed Frank's hand and we made our grand entrance. Once we sat at a table furthest away from anyone, the fun and games began.

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