Sucks To Be You

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Table Trouble

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013




The room was large, and silent. A few stared at Frank and I but most just stared at their meal. Rose nimbly walked over and sat down demurely. I looked at her, slightly confused, but then smiled. She smiled a small smile back. Our peace, however, was not fated to last. A lady, who I assumed was the Headteacher, walked over to our table. I looked up at the wrinkled face of the teacher, plastering a faux innocent expression on my face. 
'I assume that you two are our new students. Welcome!' She smiled momentarily, the addressed us again.
'I hope you will settle in well here. Your father mentioned that you can be quite...outspoken at times, Alexandrea.' The way she said my name made my skin come out in goosebumps. I pretended to look shocked and hung my head in 'shame'. More like I just wanted to hide my smirk. 
'I assure you, miss, that I'll be on my best behaviour.' I kept my tone light but monotonous. Just wait until she saw my interpretation of 'best behaviour'
'Well, the , you may start now. The young men and women of this academy are supposed to sit at there allocated tables, and not together.' Allocated tables?! What sort of school had my parents sent me to? I put researching the school on my to-do list, next to sneaking my best friend into my room. Frank intervened, clearing his throat and putting on a charming smile.
'Ma'am, I hope that this does not come over as impertinent but, Alex and I have been friends for a long time and we are both quite shy. It'll will take time for us to make friends, so in the mean time, I hope you will allow us to sit together.' I sat there staring slack jawed at him. I didn't know that he had that type of guy in him. I quickly regained my composure and turned my attention back to the teacher. She still hadn't introduced herself to us, but I wasn't going to ask her to. I planned to properly get acquainted once I'd pulled of one of my many planned pranks. She looked slightly flabbergasted, but a couple of seconds later she smiled. 
'Mr Iero, that will be only suitable for 3 days. But no longer. We wouldn't want the other students getting any ideas that mixed gender seating is allowed.' And as soon as she finished her sentence, a idea popped into my head. Good thing I know people in high places. As I stared into space, developing my plan* something clattered onto the table. A plate of food had some how materialised in front of me. Some sort of meat, limp veg, lumpy mash and flavourless gravy. No wonder the poor sods looked forward to take away nights. Rose gave an apologetic smile.
'Sorry, but it was the best I could get for you two.' So, she was the food fairy. I nodded my thanks and started picking at my dinner. Once I finished my `meal` a dessert was offered to me by Rose. I gladly accepted, hoping the sweetness would get rid of the taste of the crappy dinner. I wasn't let down; apple pie with ice-cream. After the much needed pie, I clambered up to my room. I didn't realise how tired I was. Tomorrow was my first school day at Blackwell, so I decided to get some rest before I began my fun.

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