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New Character:

Ms. Claudia Ayala - The wicked mother of Angelo who only knows how to reach her wants

Watson Gomez- The driver of the Ayala family is a loyal employee to his boss.

Chapter V: Intentions of Fate

Inna is walking in the streets when she saw her best friend, Eunice. “Eunice! Wait for me!” Inna yelled.

But before she crossed the street, a car almost bumped her and the driver came out.

“Are you okay?” The driver asked.

“Okay? Do you think I am okay for what you have done? Why don’t you use your two eyes to see if I am really okay? And why did you do that? I am crossing this street then that car just came on a snap and almost hit me,” Inna replied.

While Inna is talking to the driver, Eunice hides as if she needs to put out of sight of someone. A lady stepped out of the car.

“Tell me what you need? Do you need money? Or you should buy a masking tape and put it in your mouth, girl,” The lady said.

“Excuse me; I am not that type of person. Give it to someone else. I have proved once again that the members of the aristocracy like you think of us not a person but an animal,” Inna said.

“How dare you to talk to me like that! I am Claudia Ayala, the head of the biggest company in Asia. Are you intimidated?” the lady replied.

“I don’t care who you are!” Inna said.

“Watson, give me my check book,” the lady said.

“This is 100, 000 Pesos. Take it and go away from here,” the lady added.

“I don’t need your money,” Inna said and tore the check.

The lady is obviously disgusted and asked her driver to go now. After the confrontation and when the car had disappeared, Eunice has become visible to Inna.

“Let us go,” Inna said.

“You should not treat her like that,” Eunice said.

“I know but she laughs at on my situation. So what if she is the owner of the biggest company? She is just like the guy I hated so much,” Inna said. Inna stopped and remembered something.

“If her name is Claudia Ayala and she is the owner of the company then her son is Angelo,” Inna was stunned while whispering to her self.

“What is it Inna?” Eunice asked.

“Eunice, is that Angelo’s mother?” Inna asked.

Eunice just became quiet and Inna understand what is the meaning of her silence.

Eunice received a phone call. After she talked to the phone, she said she needs to go. She didn’t tell where she will go but Eunice became nervous.

On the other hand, Angelo was surprised when he saw his mother.

“What are you doing here, Ma?” Angelo asked.

“I am here to see you walking in the altar. I am sure you are surprised. After you graduated, you and Eunice will be married.” Claudia said.

“But why?” Angelo said.

“You don’t need to ask to. I want their company so if you will be married very soon, our company will be one.” Claudia said.

“You can buy their company if you want but why I need to marry that girl? Their company is small compared to us,” Angelo said.

“Because I have plans to materialize. You have no choice but to follow me. Understood?” Claudia said.

On the evening, Eunice came and was also surprised on what her future mother-in-law said. Angelo is also there

“Aren’t you happy? If you want darling, we can move the date. How about, the engagement will be after the graduation and the wedding will be a year from that,” Claudia said.

“Ma’am, I want to tell something,” Eunice said.

“What is it, darling?” Claudia replied.

“I want my relationship with Angelo to be ended,” Eunice said.

“From now on, our necks will not be tied anymore. I know Angelo wants this,” she added.

Eunice ran very quickly and Claudia called the head of the college. “Expel this girl in your school or else, your family will die because of hunger. I want it tomorrow,” she said.

Angelo was able to hear this and ran to Eunice. He was able to get her into.

“Do you know what you are doing? You will be expelled, your father’s company will surely fall,” Angelo said.

“Are you kidding? Ms. Claudia wouldn’t do that,” Eunice said.

“She can do everything. You should be afraid of her,” Angelo said.

Because of pride, Eunice just went home and told she and Angelo was already single. Inna was not there because she is still working. Inna was surprised to see Angelo.

“Come with me! I will buy all of those then come with me.” Angelo shouted.

“No thanks,” Inna said.

“I said come with me!” Angelo replied and took Inna.

The two went on a restaurant and talked to each other but they never expected to see someone. Inna was in the comfort room when Claudia came into the restaurant. Angelo was shocked. Angelo tried to hide but Inna was already going back. Ms. Claudia almost saw Inna. Inna looked at Ms. Claudia but when the owner of the company will take a glimpse on Inna, Angelo pulled Inna down. The two went out but they never anticipated that Ms. Claudia will also go out. They have no choice but to be seen but Angelo thought of a way, he wouldn’t be seen by his mother. He kissed Inna in the lips. Inna was so surprised for what Angelo did. Claudia saw it.

“That guy’s back looks like Angelo’s but I am sure that he was not Angelo. Let us go,” Claudia said.

Angelo continued her kiss though Inna tried to get out from it. It seems Angelo is getting to like it but Inna’s force topped it. Inna slapped Angelo.

“You are a maniac!” Inna said.

“Do you think I like it? The truth is I already want to vomit right now,” Angelo said.

The conversation ended when the car returned. Angelo kissed Inna once again. Instead of letting Angelo kissed her, she pushed Angelo and slapped him many times.

Ms. Claudia did not stepped down but her assistant went down. Ms. Claudia watched the two though he can’t see the face of the guy. Inna stopped the conversation with Angelo though the guy still tries to get close with Inna. Inna’s force topped once again but she was surprised to see her aunt. She is the assistant of Ms. Claudia. Ms. Claudia remembered the face of Inna and was a little bit surprised. Geneva returned to the car immediately. Ms. Claudia asked Geneva what is her relationship with the girl.

“She is my bad niece. I really don’t want her,” Geneva said.

“I want to play with her,” Ms. Claudia said.

On the other hand, Angelo said why he kissed Inna.

“She is my mother and I don’t want her to control my life. If she will see me, uhm…” Angelo said.

“What? Then what she will do?” Inna asked.

“I don’t know or maybe you could also lose your life. She might hire someone to assassinate you since she saw you with me. That’s the reason,” Angelo answered though it was not really true.

“I don’t know. It looks something attracted me to kiss you. It was just like a natural reaction,” Angelo whispered to his self.

“Whatever!” Inna said.

Angelo told to Inna what happened and asked to keep the money Angelo brought and give it to Eunice whenever she needs it.

Angelo brought Inna home. Eunice saw it and was surprised. She asked what happened and Inna gave the money to Eunice and explained.

The night was already deep but a relationship will soon to go deeper and deeper.

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Mistress of Word Play

This was probably the best chapter you have written. Very nice. I think it is going really well.
When you update let me know and I will come and read.
Thank you for reading on my page and the comments.
I am glad you liked it.

Sat, October 10th, 2009 2:42pm


The best chapter so far!

Sun, October 18th, 2009 7:00am

Broadway Fairy

Awww, so cute! I love it hate starts turning to love. Nice chapter.:D

Sun, November 8th, 2009 4:18pm

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