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New Characters:

Madam Clarita Ayala - The grandmother of Angelo. She is a good person with a kind heart. She will defend Inna from her daughter-in-law.

Chapter VII: To Get Along With

The next day, Inna was walking in the corridors in the school and everyone around her whispering, “Is that Angelo’s new girlfriend? I am sure next week, she is already disposed.”

When Inna tries to look at those people, they just stopped talking. Inna walked into those people when Angelo came.

“Inna, my love! My happiness! My only one!” Angelo said.

“Can you stop telling those words because that…” but before Inna finished those words, she was stopped by Angelo. He asked her to go on a quiet place to talk.

“I thought you will stop this now. Are you tripping me?” Inna asked.

“I need to ask a favor,” Angelo said.

“What is it?” Inna replied.

“Promise me, you will do it,” Angelo said.

“If your favor is okay for me,” Inna replied.

“My mother knew about my new girlfriend and I need you to introduce you to her tonight,” Angelo said.

“I am not your girlfriend. I’m sorry and I need to go,” Inna said.

“Wait. If I cannot present to her someone, my allowance would be cut of. My credit cards will be closed and everything will disappear on me,” Angelo said.

“Find another girl. Introduce her to the whole school so that your mother has evidences that you have a new girlfriend or go back to Eunice. I am sorry but I need to go to my classes,” Inna said.

Inna left Angelo and went to her class. When her class ended, she should be going to her business but she forgot her bag in her house. When Inna entered the house, a bad news was told to her.

“Inna, I’m sorry but you’re fired in the company. We need to diminish our workers. We are soon to be bankrupted,” Mr. Aurelio said.

Before Inna said something, someone who is mad entered the house and slapped Inna’s innocent face.

“How dare you! I thought you are my best friend but you are a traitor! You take away Angelo from me!” Eunice said.

“Let me explain Eunice,” Inna said.

“Explain? I was the last to know in the campus. If I didn’t hear it from someone, I would not know it,” Eunice replied.

“Eunice is right. You should get out from this house. Pack up your things and go away. We are now strangers. Our debts have been already paid of your bad attitude. It’s now equal. Aurelio, don’t try to protect that girl. The money you have is not sufficient for the four of us. We need to eliminate those who are not connected with us. If you will still insist, I will leave this house together with my daughter,” Beatrice said.

Inna packed up her things and left the house without knowing where to go. She called Gigi and asked for help. Gigi accepted Inna but with one condition.

“I’m sorry Inna but I need to be frank. You need to pay for the rent. Since you are my friend, I will give you a discount. Maybe 5 percent discount. Life’s hard but that’s the only thing I can do,” Gigi said.

“I understand you. Don’t worry. Tomorrow morning, I will find a job and I still have money on the bank. I can pay you later. I need to go first. By the way, how can I go to the market?” Inna said.

“Go to the right and turn left on the second street,” Gigi said.

While going to the market, he saw three guys in black following her. She tried to escape but she was always failed. She found a right timing to hide. The three was surprised when Inna was at their back.

“Why are you following me? Don’t try to move. You will be shot by my gun,” Inna said.

The three did not answer anything and the said gun of Inna rang. It was not a harmful weapon, it is her cell phone. The three investigators ran. The message Inna received is from Angelo, asking for the favor. It was already dark and Angelo needs to find Inna. She is the only key to his problem. He remembered that he hired an investigator. He called them and said that Inna was in the supermarket. Angelo rapidly went there with the knowledge that can make Inna say yes to his favor.

When Angelo saw Inna, he said, “I will pay your debts and your brother’s needs if you say yes to my offer. I will also give you a town house.”

“How did you know? But I don’t need those things. I can make it by myself,” Inna replied.

“Are you sure you can do it? You don’t even have your own home and doesn’t have any job. Your business is a failure then how will you rise and pay those things?” Angelo said.

“If I said no then I will say no. I cannot do those things,” Inna replied.

“You cannot do or your pride cannot do it,” Angelo said.

“So your pride is more important than your brother. You are an idiot. You said that I am arrogant but you are more arrogant for what you are doing. You are not different from your aunt because you want a person’s life to be useless,” he added.

“It’s not because of that. You are totally wrong. You don’t know how to lose someone in your life. You haven’t felt the feeling I have felt. Would you care to my brother? Do you think I still have a pride? I have lost it since everything disappeared from me and now, what I am showing to you is the remaining courage I have. I want to keep a little respect for myself so that Dino would not be teased by someone who will say that her sister has no integrity. If we will compare you to me, you still have more pride. Why? Because you cannot accept your defeats,” Inna said.

“If I will accept it, I also accept to myself that I am useless and I cannot be independent. I don’t want to depend on my mother, my grandmother or to my sister. They have done a lot for me so please accept it,” Angelo said.

Angelo hugged Inna tightly for that favor. On that scenario, Angelo thought he lost his feelings to Inna because she has seen a little not that so good side of the girl. He went back on being arrogant later.

They went to a salon and Angelo said, “Make over that chicken! Enchant it with words that can make it as a parrot or a robin if it is possible.”

When it was finished, they went to the boutique and Angelo said, “Dress that garbage and turn it to gold so that all of the dirt will turn into precious stones.”

After the said transformation, they went to the mansion of the Ayala. Angelo left Inna for a while so that he can took a bath and change clothes. While Angelo is not there the grandma of Angelo entered the house.

“So you are my grandchild’s girl. You are beautiful. How can you stay long with his bad attitude? I know it is hard. What is your name?” Madam Clarita graciously said.

“I am Inna. Inna Calzado,” our brilliant lady said.

“How beautiful your necklace is. A flower with yellow petals,” the grandma said.

“It’s from my mother. She gave it to me when I was a child,” Inna replied.

“My brother has a heart shaped necklace but he doesn’t wear it. He just likes to see it on his pocket,” she added.

The old lady thought of something which stopped her from talking. She asked how Inna and Angelo met each other.

“We met on the cash register of the school. Actually, it was not a good start,” Inna replied.

“But what you made fall in love to him?” grandma said.

“Love? I really don’t know,” Inna added.

The two talked and told stories about their lives. They fell on each other’s hearts. They have seemed to touch the happiness of each other. It was exactly when Angelo went down, Claudia Ayala entered the mansion.

“Get ready the dinner. Make sure you used all of our expensive ingredients. Watson, buy 12 cars. Pay it for cash, I need it tomorrow. Pay it double if possible so it would be possible. Do your works faster, our gold digger is here,” she said.

Claudia might not want to see the emotions she felt when she saw the girl who she almost bumped but hatred and anger plays around in her mind. They went to the table.

Claudia asked Inna many things continuously, “What family are you from? What is the monthly income of your family? Do you own any car? Where do you study? Do you afford to study at that school? How big is the place you are staying? Are you the only heiress?”

“Claudia, she cannot answer if you will ask her like that. Ask for her bio-data and resume if you want,” Grandma said.

“Submit your bio-data and resume tomorrow at my office if you passed this question,” Claudia said.

“How much do you need to stay away form my son? I will give you a blank check. Write there how much do you need. I know you can recognize me. It’s neither our first meeting nor the second. I have seen you in the road and in the restaurant with my son. I pity you because it looks that you are thirst with that kiss,” Claudia said.

“Is there something wrong when a couple kisses each other? If I’m not mistaken you kissed my son an hour after you two became officially on.” Grandma said.

“Stop talking Mama. It’s not your business anymore. Angelo is playing again with girls and I would not let that again. I want Eunice for her,” Claudia said.

“Do you think I am playing? I’m not. I am serious,” Angelo said.

“Serious? Do you think you I will believe that my rich son will fall in love with a poor girl?” Claudia said.

“Why Ma? Isn’t possible? When did you believed in love? You marry Papa because of money. Tell me, when did you believe in love?” Angelo said.

Claudia stand up and thrown a juice to her son from his glass.

“How dare you to tell me that? If you are serious enough then I will set these conditions. All of the things and properties you will inherit from me will be hers starting this moment. Tell me you are not serious and I will give back everything to you,” Claudia said.

“That’s too much Claudia but if you will insist, I do believe in their love. I want Inna for my grandson,” Grandma said.

Angelo doesn’t know what to answer but he has decided. He doesn’t care if it is right or wrong.

“I have decided and I want Inna. If this house is not welcome to me, we will go to another place,” Angelo said.

Angelo pulled Inna’s hands and they went to the restaurant they have gone before.

“Why did you do that? Your pride let you decide. You don’t want to lose to your mother right?” Inna said.

“Shut up! I don’t care about you and you should not care about me. We need to make this formal. My investigator made a contract a while ago. Tell me if you want something.” Angelo said.

Inna read the contract…
“… Conditions that apply:
1. Angelo Ayala will pay 30,000 Inna Calzado per month
2. Inna is obliged to go out with Angelo twice a week
3. If the days will exceed above, Angelo will pay 500 per month
4. This contract will be void if Inna will fall in love with Angelo together with the other conditions below
5. If Inna will be the one who insist to kiss Angelo
6. If there is an intercourse happened to the two
7. If Inna will do her obligations, she will be deducted by 10,000 per day
8. They are not allowed to tell this contract to anyone
9. If they violated rule no. 8, the violator will pay 500,000
10. This contract will last until Claudia gave up and returned the inheritance to his son.

Inna reacted on the conditions, “You should also write that you are not allowed to fall in love with me.”

“Do you think I will fall in love with you? No way!” Angelo said

“Just put it,” Inna said.

The said agreement was finalized and was signed. On the other hand, Claudia is disgusted.

“Let us see if this girl will still hold on for the riches of our family,” she added.

“Madam, did you call me?” Geneva said.

“Leave this country very soon. Go to America and live there. I will support you with your nephew,” Claudia said.

“How did you know?” Geneva said.

“Just do it and never tell it to your niece,” Claudia said.

“I knew you now, Inna Calzado. I am sure that Angelo did not know that the investigators he hired, works for me,” Claudia whispered to her self.

The story of Inna is not yet sure and time can only tell what things can happen.

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I really liked this chapter. It seems Angelo has his hands full with Inna or is it the other way around?
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