Teen Hearts

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Teen Hearts is basically, a story about ASIAN teens who will experience the meaning of life. Being Asian is really different from those who lived in the Western part of the world. Then, I would like to share the cultures and experiences of an Asian which is conservative yet will make you smile.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Teen Hearts

Submitted: October 16, 2010

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Submitted: October 16, 2010



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Teen Hearts

Chapter 1: The First Hand Encounter

It’s a cool but sunny morning. I was packing up my books and preparing for the first day of my college life. I was then waiting for my childhood friend turned best friend. We both go to the same school with the same program, same year level and the same section. I wish we would also share the same feelings for each other but I think I was wrong. I was the only one who pretends that he also likes me. I don’t need to prove it because I can feel it. He’s cold to me and it looks that he was really bored with me. He snubs me a lot and when I ask him, he replies very short answers. I know he is a silent type of guy but as a girl, I know when a guy likes me. I don’t want to dare and ask him if by any instance, he will also like me because I’m afraid that our more than ten years friendship will end on a question so I think I shall keep my feelings and never let it out.

KNOCK! KNOCK! The door was knocked. The girl picked up her backpack and opened the door. A boy was standing and seems to be bored waiting for his childhood friend. “Let’s go Alex,” the girl said. “What did you do to your straight hair? You looked like a witch, Angel. It doesn’t fit you,” Alex criticized Angel’s new hairdo.

Angel noticed that Alex has a different aura today. He was more talkative than the other days. “My older sister told me that a little bit curly hair will be compatible to my fair skin. That’s why I tried using rollers. Don’t worry I will not try it again but excuse me, I do not look like a witch. I didn’t use any iron for my hair. It’s just basically rollers. You might be envious because you can’t do it to your hair,,” Angel said. She bid farewell to her parents and went to the bus stop with Alex. It will take them an hour to arrive on the university.

When they got inside a bus, Angel picked a seat for them. They were on the right side where the sun was not on that side. “Wake me up when we are already near,” Alex told Angel. While the song Crush by David Archuleta plays, Angel stared at Alex very sticky and some thoughts came out on her mind, “We both have fair skin, black hair, brown and very small eyes. If I would be asked, we are really compatible for each other but this is the only place I can live in. I’m with you but still I’m far. That’s the path I am taking. I grew up with you but by any instance, is there a possibility that I will also grow old with you?” Angel whispers while Alex is taking a nap. She keeps on staring at her best friend to the point that her eyes were almost glued to stare at him. She touched the face of Alex carefully so that she wouldn’t notice.

Angel smirked and said, “Alex’s face is getting smoother. It would be really hard for me because many girls would have a crush on her. Why is it high school and college should be separate?” After a few minutes, Angel tickled Alex, just like before in high school, to make him wake up. “Why did you tickle me? I just told you to notify me when we are already near. We are already in college. People might think that we are an item,” Alex said.

Angel frowned and Alex continued, “It’s not that I am irritated or what. We just have to be a little bit mature, okay?”

“Mature? Does it mean that we cannot play anymore? Being mature is taking your responsibilities and prioritizing them. You are telling me that we should stop having fun,” Angel replied. “You act like a child who wants to impress girls,” Angel started to criticize Alex’s deeds.

“Didn’t you also want to have some relationships with some guys in the university?” Alex keeps on arguing Angel.

“I would not like any of those guys. I am sure about that,” Angel said. “Because I can’t focus my attention to other guys anymore,” Angel whispered.

The two keep on arguing and slowly making noise until the person seating next to them faced them and said, “Can you please stop arguing?”

The two kept their mouth shut. The bus was already in front of the campus and as soon as the door opened, Angel and Alex went down. Angel keeps on ignoring Alex so Alex started the first move, “Are you still mad at me?”

“I’m not mad,” Angel replied with a very obnoxious voice. “I’m sorry if I was wrong. You are the only person I can talk a lot with. You know that. My shyness disappears with you. If you will still keep on ignoring me, I would be a loner in this university,” Alex said with a voice seems to be like an innocent child.

However, Angel still doesn’t reply. Alex thought of an idea and said, “What if I will treat you an ice cream?” Angel replied, “Do you think I can be bribed with just an ice cream?”

Alex saw a cart selling ice cream so he bought two Popsicle sticks. He gave the other one to Angel but the latter refused to accept it. “I told you that I don’t want to eat. Besides, it’s not an ice cream,” Angel said.

“But I will still get it because you will waste money if I will not accept it,” Angel said. “Does it mean that I am already forgiven?” Alex faced Angel and asked while smiling.

Angel stared at Alex’s smile. She was already melting and can’t answer anymore. A man accidentally bumped his back and pushed her to in front of Alex making her to be closer and stared more at Alex’s face. The Popsicle held by Angel almost fell down.

“Are you okay?” Alex asked. On the other hand, the guy who bumped Angel continued running. Alex planned to chase the guy but Angel said, “Enough. Do not chase him anymore. Let us forget what happened. Remember that today is our first day of school. We are lucky that we are blockmates and we would not be hard on each class because we already know each other, right?”

“Besides, if you will still hunt him, it would like that we are an item, right? You don’t want that to happen because it will cause burden especially for you,” Angel said and smiled sarcastically to Alex.

“I think we need to go to the auditorium because it seems they have a program for us freshmen,” Alex said after seeing people entering the auditorium.

“Wait. I think I need to go to the powder room first,” Angel replied and went to the right as far as she remembers the last time she went to the University for the Enrollment.

When she entered the room, nobody was inside. She went in front of the mirror and smiled. She noticed her hair which she curled using rollers an hour ago. Her black eyes stared at the reflection anxiously then she said, “If I will comb my hair several times, I’m sure that it would be straight again.” Angel started combing her hair. She also added some water on her hair so it would be faster. She was combing her hair until somebody entered the room.

A girl with a black hair, in a white coat and in slacks was finding something. Angel asked the girl if what she is finding for.

“I’m finding for the other pair of my earing. I think I lost it here. Have you seen it?” the girl was really worried.

“I didn’t see it but do you want me to help you finding it?” Angel gladly offered a hand for the girl.

“Really? You will help me to find it?” the girl replied and was reenergized.

On the other hand, Alex got bored waiting for Angel but he could not go to the auditorium immediately because he knows that it would be harder to move in the school without her. He then noticed that more people are already entering the auditorium.

After some minutes of finding, Angel and the girl found the other pair of the earing. The two sighed and thanked that they have found it.

“Sigh! I do not know what I will do if I lost this earing. It’s the present of my grandmother on my last birthday,” the girl said.

“Really? By the way, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Angel Han,” she introduced herself.

“I’m Julie Zamora from Class A3 – Business Management. You are a freshman, right?” Julie asked.

“Yeah, Class A10 – Medical Technology. Actually, I am with my childhood friend…” Angel stopped talking and remembered that Alex is actually waiting for her. “I need to go. Somebody is waiting for me,” Angel said and hurriedly ran. She even forgot to bring her comb.

When she got to the place where she left Alex, she was surprised that her childhood friend was not there anymore. She would be starting to panic until she heard a voice.

“What took you so long that you even forgot your friend is waiting?” She was sure, it was Alex’s voice. “I’m really sorry. In fact, when I remembered you, I immediately ran here,” Angel smiled.

“Let’s go. Explain inside the auditorium. Don’t you know that many people had already entered the hall? We might not find a good seat,” Alex was already bad tripped and pulled Angel’s hand.

“Wait!” Angel yelled. She went closer to Alex and said, “I have something to tell you,” Angel’s face was serious.

“What is it?” Alex was curious. Angel even went close and whispered something, “Do you want an ice cream?”

Alex even pulled Angel’s hands more forceful. “You are so unfair. If you ask me an ice cream, I let you but if I am the one who asked you, it looks like the sky and sea would have a war,” Angel acclaimed.

When they got inside, Alex cannot see an empty seat but Angel did see. However, she might also fail finding one because a girl looks like reserving the other two seats beside her. Angel asked the girl, “Miss, are there people reserved for this two seats?”

The girl shakes her head responding to a “no.” Angel immediately called Alex and told him that she had already found two seats. When they were seating, Angel introduced herself and Alex to the girl, “By the way, I am Angel and he’s Alex, my friend since elementary. We are both from the Class A10 – Medical Technology.”

“Really? I am Joyce, also from the Class A10 – Medical Technology,” she introduced herself and offered a handshake to the two. The two gave their hands and Joyce shook their hands very weird.

“I can feel positive vibes. We are meant to be friends,” Joyce whispered to herself while she was smiling.

Angel and Joyce talked a lot. On the other hand, Alex was bored waiting for the program to start. “I have been deteriorating some time here inside the amphitheater. This place emits neutral vibrations until many negative vibes carrying person went inside. Thanks to the Lord of the Positive Auras, you, two came and counterbalanced the environment.” Joyce said.

Angel did not understand comprehensively what Joyce said but she was a little bit sure that Joyce is weird and she would not be able to escape from her. Conversely, Alex went to the canteen to buy some snacks. Joyce opened a topic about Alex. “You have secret feelings for Alex right,” Joyce told to Angel.

Angel’s small eyes opened very wide. “Huh?” Angel was surprised.

“Do not contradict the pulsation you are discharging. Besides, who would not like a tall guy with a fair skin? He is also cute and he is even emitting more positive vibes when he is smiling. You, two, are really compatible according to the vibration I felt,” Joyce explained and blocked Angel from reacting.

“You told that he is cute, right? You like him?” Angel tried to do something so the conversation would be twisted. “He’s not my type. He is not compatible on my aura but you two are very meant for each other. When I shook your hands, I already felt the electromagnetic field force that existed around you. The forces you are releasing are attracted to each other as well as your bodies, your souls, your hearts and everything that gladly exist,” Joyce said.

After a few moments, the program started, yet Alex is still on the canteen.

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