Teen Hearts

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Chapter 2: The Other New Friends

Alex is still in the line for buying some snacks when he saw a girl who attracted him very much. The girl is wearing a white coat and slacks. She had captured Alex with her very beautiful shoulder-long hair. Still, Angel and Joyce are waiting for Alex. The program has ended and they are already asked to go back to their classes.

Angel’s face is really pale, so Joyce commented, “You better find him now, or else, the chance of you, two, ending up together would be next to impossible.”

“Joyce. We really need to find him because I’m already thirsty,” Angel replied. “Is that really the reason? Your vibrations are disturbed and it keeps on shouting. They are telling that I already miss Alex,” Joyce keeps on teasing Angel.

After a few moments, they have seen Alex sitting near the gym. “What took you so long? We need to hurt on our next class,” Angel is starting to preach Alex but Alex doesn’t answer. “Angel, Alex is in the condition that I call Hallufemination,” Joyce said.

“It is a condition where we have forgotten our thoughts and our brain has already exceeded its limit of emotions because of being cherished. In other words, he has seen a very beautiful girl that made stop his world. And to stop this condition, he must be kissed by an ugly person,” Joyce said.

Angel’s face was like possessed by a bad spirit and left Alex with a kick on its leg. Then, Alex’s sense came back to normal and Joyce reacted, “Wow! Your kick is like an atomic bomb for Alex. Your vibrations were very scary. It can destroy thousands of ship.”

“Hey, Angel! I am just kidding. I am very sorry if I didn’t go back but Joyce is correct. I have seen a very beautiful girl,” Alex said.

Angel ignored Alex and went to their classroom. They were peeking and they didn’t saw a student but orientation personnel. They went inside and the personnel told them that they need to elect section officers since they will be together for some months. The personnel asked for nomination for the position of president and somebody raised her hand and seriously said, “I gladly nominate Erika Zalde for the position of President in the Class A10 – Medical Technology.”

The personnel asked who is Erika and the nominator said, “I am Erika Zalde and from the looks of the people here, they will not mind if I will be the President. Oh, wait! You might tell me that I am presumptuous. I am the top student of the number 1 Science High School in Asia, Asia-Pacific Science High School. Is that an enough credential? Knowing ordinary students, they don’t want to lead groups.”

Angel raised her hand and said, “I want to nominate Joyce for the position of President.” Joyce stands up and replied, “No. I support Ms. Erika for the position.”

Nobody replied and so, therefore, the personnel proclaimed Erika as the President. Erika still demanded something, “We will also be getting a Vice President and a Secretary, right? I want Joyce to be my Vice President and the nominator of hers would be the Secretary.”

Their classmates murmured, “Yeah. Joyce told that she supports Erika so she needs to take her responsibility.”

Erika gave an evil smile and the personnel told them that they can now take their lunches. Erika went to Angel and said, “As you are the Class Secretary. I want you to give me all of the names of our classmates, their address, contacts and other important information. I want it to be typewritten.”

Erika then left the room. On the other hand, Angel was confused why Erika is studying here if she is the top student of a known university. “If she is really a smart person, she could enter other top universities. Our school might be good but there are many schools who is better than our school. If I was just able to pass their entrance exams, I should have been there, studying. How about you, Joyce? Why did you study here?” Angel said.

“I was not able to take other examinations. I was busy on other things. How about Alex? Why did he study here?” Joyce replied.

Alex is also listening. “My parents forced me to study here because Angel is here. They told me that Angel will surely check on me and they will know if I am doing okay at school. I am really bothered because people might think we have an eerie relationship,” Alex said.

“What do you mean by eerie?” Joyce asked.

“Don’t you know that when we are still in high school. Every time she will have enemies, she will go to me and she will tell. HUHUHU! I want to leave this school now.” Alex laughed.

Angel looked at Alex like she was possessed by a bad spirit again. “Don’t you ever talk to me again,” Angel kicked Alex. “Let’s go Joyce.”

While the two are walking, Alex is following them and keeps shouting for “Wait.” “I smell bad vibrations on what is going on. If you want to end up on each other, you should be more patient. There is a lot of energy here that can tempt him,” Joyce said.

“I don’t like him. It’s just my hallucination that liked him,” Angel said.

Angel looked at her back and she didn’t saw Alex anymore. She and Joyce continued walking but the latter said something, “Let’s go back. Alex would be attacked again by Hallufemination.”

They have seen Alex standing again in a spot and is smiling ridiculously. “What should we do now?” Joyce asked. Angel looked on where Alex is looking and she saw a familiar face. It was the girl she helped in the comfort room. “Julie Zamora - Business Management, that’s her name,” Angel said.

“How did you know?” Alex suddenly looked at Angel asked her. “I have met her this morning. Can we now take our lunch?” Angel said.

When they were eating, Alex seemed to be very happy and said, “I am really sorry on what I have said this day. You are the greatest gift that I received.”

Though Angel seemed to be unhappy, she still smiled. While they were eating, Joyce noticed somebody who is also their classmate. The boy was a little bit timid and wearing eyeglasses. He has a fair skin, black stylish hair and thick eyebrows.

Joyce asked his name and the boy said, “I’m Andrew Williams. Don’t ask me again. I’m not interested talking with you.” William suddenly changed his attitude and became very fierce. He seems to be very resilient with talking people especially strangers.

“I need to get your contacts as asked by our President,” Angel said.

“Okay, I will give it to you later,” William then smiled to Angel.

William left the table and went to another place. Joyce reacted to the behavior of that person, “What a vibration! I just asked his name and it looks that he will curse me.”

“William and Angel are compatible to each other. They both have loosened screw in their heads,” Alex said.

Angel stared very badly again to Alex and the latter said while smiling, “Just kidding.”

After some minutes, they went to their next class. Angel then started to ask the name and contacts of her classmates. Andrew told Angel that he will help her getting the information she need. Alex is looking at them and told to the air, “Look at Angel. She is like selling herself.”

Joyce heard it and replied, “It’s not like selling herself. It was like Andrew selling his self for Angel.”

After few minutes, their professor arrived. He has a curly hair. He was a little bit short. He then introduced his self, “Aaah. I… yam… yyouur Profffffesssszxooor.” Their professor was nervous and nobody can understand him then Erika interrupted.

“Can you please clarify what you are telling? We cannot understand you. Is the professor not present and your nervous to tell it,” Erika said. “Okay, let’s go class. I have already heard this kind of story that professors do not attend the first day of school,” she continued.

Everyone left except for the professor but then again, he was not acknowledged. He just sighed and also left the classroom. On the other hand, Joyce confronted Erika. “Erika, why did you do that? I think you know that he is our teacher.”

“Yes. I know he is. And I totally hate it. He will teach us about Biology but he cannot express it. I heard that our class would be his section to handle ever. We don’t deserve that teacher so he better resign,” Erika said.

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