Corruption: Into The Grim

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Submitted: December 01, 2009



In the chambers a gremlin appeared, Marty. “You three. Throne Room. Now!” Marty shouted.
“Ah shut up you pygmy, we ain’t in the mood for your crap today,” Werly said responding to Marty as he usually does. 
“I don’t give an imp’s horn about ya’ mood,” Marty snapped. “All I knows is dat da’ boss wants ya’ three. So, haul ya’ sorry butts over there now cus’ he seemed pretty pissed.”
“Yeah well we’re comin’ Marty. Get outta here before I boot yo’ ass to Çaligo,” Werly joked.
“I’m sure gonna miss yo sense a humor.” He lowered his voice. “Like I say he seems pissed and he’s just a itching to use that scythe.” As Marty laughed his way out of the room, the three men feared for their lives. They entered the Throne Room and the Grim Reaper’s voice roared shaking the foundations.
“You three promised me the boy two years ago!” he boomed. “And I have waited with extreme patience! Now I want that boy! I –” He glanced at CJ. “No, it was you! You said they’d follow this, this beast here!” He raised his scythe ready to strike. The tip of the scythe danced on the edge of CJ’s neck. He could feel it taunting him, just sitting on the edge of his skin. The Reaper would have followed through if it weren’t for Werly’s brave opposition.
“But your greatness, if they won’t follow him here, why not force them here? You see, if we force them here nothing’s stopping you from getting what you want,” Werly proposed.
“Smart man, Adams,” he lowered his scythe. “Brown! Open the entrance, make sure they find their way here,” he ordered.
As Kip went to run this errand, CJ thanked Werly, “Thanks for saving’ my neck man.” That wasn’t the first time Werly had saved his neck.
Atton, Nirvana, Ralph and Reggie, were on the brink of insanity. They had been walking for what see-med like an eternity (a day and a half). Just when they were about to resort to cannibalism, the entrance was revealed. It was a tunnel connecting a passageway to the Grim Reaper’s Lair.
In your darkest hour, now all secrets fade. We can watch the world devoured in its pain.
On Earth, the Valinior Force was more confident than ever. They had optimum weapons, armor, and training; they were ready for a war, at least they thought they were. Vigor knew everything that went on, all their plans and strategies. He was, however, unaware of Atton’s plan, since he had focused all his attention on the Valinior Hideout. Vigor had taken it upon himself to acquire Criobite, discovered how to repel it and Vigor had equipped his own army, The Army of the Undead. As were the Valinior Force, he was ready for war.
“Leo,” Theo called, “I want you to gather the troops.”
“Yes sir,” Leo replied.
“Men and women,” Theo began, “today we will march off to war. Now I am not trying to be Nirvana, but today some of us are going to die. We are going to die fighting for what we believe and that scheisser, Vigor, will remember the day he faced the Valinior Force! If Atton and his team don’t come through, we will fight. We will stand against the fiercest menace this world has ever seen and if we live to see tomorrow, we can say, proudly, that we did it. We beat him. Now I ask you to fight with me; stand with me. Die with honor. Are you ready to stare at the face of death and spit in it?” There was a long silence but they knew there was no backing out now. They let out cheers of agreement.
On his throne, Vigor was also rallying his soldiers but in a different way.
“Are you ready to kill? Are you ready to kill? Tonight we take Airosfield. We will destroy their precious hope. We disprove this prophecy. Let the streets run red with the blood of false heroes! We will kill them all and we take no prisoners! Death!”
“Death,” the repeated. Then they began to chant, “Death! Death! Death! Death! Death! Death! Death! Death!”
“Just as I planned,” Vigor said with a sinister grin.
“Let Zak go you sorry sack of bones,” Nirvana demanded.
“Hello Nirvana. How long has it been, ten years?” the Reaper asked.
“What are you talking about?” Nirvana snapped.
“You remember; that day in the circus, with your father.” She didn’t respond but she glanced at Kip, CJ, and Werly. The Grim Reaper followed her stare. “Ah, you should remember your brother.”
“Charlie? Is it really you?” She ran to hug her brother, but stopped midway and slapped him.
“So you’re the infamous CJ McCoy. Your theft finally paid off and you stole your way to the top,” she started with anger steaming from her voice.
“Hold up, brother? CJ McCoy is your brother?” Atton questioned. “Okay I’m officially weirded out.”
“Yeah I–,” her words were cut short when she caught sight of Werly. She gave him an intense stare, as if she recognized him. “Who are you?”
“Werly… Adams. Why?” he said confused.
They began to stare each other down, then it happened, he recognized her. He hoped she would not recognize him, but she did.
She glared at him. “Turn around.” He didn’t, but she forced him to and it revealed a nasty cut in the back of his neck.
“You murderer!” She unleashed a violent scream. With tears in her eyes, Nirvana began kicking and punching him. She even got three or four hard shots right where the sun don’t shine, if you know what I mean. “You killed him! You killed him! You killed my father!” She probably would have killed him if Atton hadn’t intervened. He pulled her off him still kicking and swinging.
The Reaper spoke, “Brown, release the behemoth. Take the rest to the other room, all except for the boy.”
The others left and Nirvana had a lot on her mind, “Charlie I am surprised to see you palling around with that murderous little –”
“Hey that’s out of line,” CJ stopped her. “When we got here he told me everything.”
“That makes it better? Charlie listen he–,” Nirvana began.
“No Nirvana, for once in your life, you listen to me. He told me everything; he explained everything. Werly didn’t have to do that; he could’ve just gone on and never mentioned it. I know what it’s like to walk a mile in his shoes; I’ve been on his side. We all do things we regret. I’ve done many things I’m not proud of, a lot of things I wish I could take back,” CJ said regretfully.
“Like leaving me when I was eleven,” she said fuming mad.
“Nirvana I–,” CJ tried to explain.
“No, you left me; worse, you abandoned me, went back on dad’s promise,” she said in tears. “So what, what’s your excuse for that?”
“I don’t know. I was young and foolish,” CJ tried to make excuses. “The night I left, I was drunk and mad. I – I wasn’t thinking straight. I guessed I figured you’d be better off with Zak than with me.”
“I needed you,” Nirvana shouted. “We needed you. You ran off on a drunken night, that’s no excuse!” She tried to control her emotions.
“Nirvana, please you have to calm down,” CJ told his sister.
“Calm down!” She shoved him and he rammed into the wall. “You left me alone on my eleventh birthday crying out my candles. You know, you have to pay for houses and when you don’t they kick you out; I was left on the streets! Then I hear you ran off and became a wannabe Hitler!” She screamed with anger exploding out of her mouth, “Acting like the boss of everyone, what the hell is that about? Huh!”
“I wasn’t a dictator,” he corrected. “Yeah I ‘stole my way to the top,’ but I didn’t know what I was doing. It – it all happened so fast, I robbed from the rich until I was rich. I hired workers, all men, and they all reminded me of Zak. So I let out my anger on them in the form of pain. I know it was wrong and I’m truly sorry Nirvana,” CJ finally apologized. “I told you, that night, I was drunk. I said things I didn’t mean.”
“So you didn’t mean it when you said, ‘to hell with you little girl, you and that piece of circus trash will be fine.’ Or when you said, ‘Screw dad and that promise. I don’t even care that he’s dead,’ ” Nirvana reminded him.
“I said that,” CJ said to himself but Nirvana heard him.
“Yes you said that!” she yelled.
“I didn’t mean th–,” CJ started.
“You didn’t mean it! You were drunk! Don’t blame it on a drink; don’t blame it on a drug, those words and feelings came from somewhere,” she snapped.
“Nirv –Nirvana,” he began.
“Don’t Charlie,” she stopped him. “You don’t care about me.”
“I do Nirvana, I’m your brother,” he tried to make her see.
“No! I don’t care what you say!” she loudly continued. “You don’t care about me.”
“I do care,” he cajoled his sister.
“How can you stand there and say that?” Nirvana yelled. “If you cared at all you would have tried, Charlie. You did not try; you just sat up in your –in your mansion without a care in the world. You don’t care about me and I don’t care about you.”
“You don’t care?” he contested.
“No, I don’t c–”
“Then why’d you come to my funeral?” CJ said, cutting her off.
Nirvana didn’t know CJ had been watching and she didn’t know how.
“How’d you–,” Nirvana began.
“I saw you!” he interrupted. “I saw you and you were the only one there.”
“I was there because I didn’t know what you’d become. I thought you were still my brother but you’re not the same,” she turned away.
“I am!” he yelled. He forced her to look into his eyes, hoping she would see the real him. “It’s still me Nirvana. It’s still Charlie,” he said genuinely.
Nirvana stopped and realized there wasn’t anything that could be done. She couldn’t go back in time and stop her brother from leaving. Nirvana broke out in tears and laid her head to her brother’s chest.  “I’m sorry,” he told her again. “I’m sorry.”
Once the others were out Atton spoke, “What do you want with me?” Atton angrily paced the floor.
“I want the same thing you want, boy; for that mischievous little urchin, Vigor, to die,” he said simply. It sounded like his voice was losing intensity.
“Why would you want that? I figured all of Vigor’s killings would make you happy,” Atton smartly replied.
“I am the Grim Reaper. I reap the souls of the dead, boy,” he explained. “When Vigor kills, he leaves them undead and adds them to his army. Therefore, I can do nothing to them, that is why I need you and I sense you need me as well.”
“Yes, but what I don’t understand is why you don’t go out there and reap Vigor yourself,” Atton wisely retorted.
“I am bound to this place, boy; I have become weak and cannot leave it. I am too weak, which is why I offer you this.” He held out the scythe. “This will give you the power to kill Vigor. It is your choice, but remember, boy; with all choices come consequences.” Atton eagerly grasped the scythe. He could feel its power course through his veins, through his entire body. Atton inhaled deeply and knew he was ready.
The Valinior Force stood and met their enemy. Now that they had Zak at the forefront of their forces, they actually stood a chance. The Army of the Undead stood strong as well, awaiting their orders to charge. Vigor raised his arm and yelled, “Attack!”
Everyone on both sides came charging forward at full force. In the front of the Valinior side, was Zak and he was hungry. One of the undead lunged at him viciously biting his neck Zak ripped him off and gnawed off his head. All around him, his team unleashed Criobite explosions.
Then Vigor jumped out of his throne landing with a melodramatic thud. He grabbed Zak by his neck, spun him around, and slammed him into the ground. Their eyes locked and Vigor gave a devilish smile. Zak tried to hide his fear, but Vigor could see his sweat, Zak was petrified by Vigor.
All around, the Valinior Force was waiting with tank loads of Criobite.
“Blast him. Blast him now! Blow this sinful beast into a thousand burning pieces!” Zak yelled. Vigor raised his hand. Everyone around began to slowly decay into a new undead army.
“Join my army,” Vigor offered, “and you’ll never have to die. You won’t have to feel this pain, this weakness, this… mortality. I can make you immortal. Isn't that what you want? I can help you carry out the revenge you seek on all those who’ve harmed you and your Nirvana. I can kill the man who killed her father. She will love you, as you love her. Say the words Zak, and you’ll never feel pain again.”
He spat in Vigor’s face. “Never,” Zak said.
Fury rushed into Vigor’s face as he wiped the salvia from his face. “Feast on his flesh,” Vigor ordered. They lunged on him taking it out of them bite by bite. Vigor watched with pleasure and satisfaction, and he laughed.
The Grim Reaper had permitted the others back in and he let Atton fill them in.
“Brown,” the Reaper began, “Ready my chariot.”
“All one thousand horses, sir?” Kip asked.
“All one thousand,” he confirmed. The others left. They descended to the stables, where Kip counted the horses. Atton stayed back to have a talk with the Grim Reaper.
“You seem weaker ever since you’ve handed me this scythe. What’s going on?” Atton wondered.
“I suppose you would’ve found out anyway,” his voice now sounding almost human and strangely familiar to Atton.
“The day your first ancestor was born this place was created. Ever since then I’ve lived here and, as I said before, have been bonded to this place. Vigor, Limbo, and I are all intertwined. If Vigor dies this place goes down taking me with it.”
“Then the Grim Reaper is no more,” Atton said.
“No, there will always be a Reaper. It was my job to pass the torch or in this case the scythe. For the next fifteen years you shall serve as the Reaper, Atton Brown,” he declared.
“No. No! You tricked me,” Atton yelled.
“As go the ways of life,” he said cryptically. 
“What?” Atton said, confused.
“Trickery and deceit; I have observed it in your people. I’ve adapted it and you took the scythe. Your fate is sealed,” The Reaper whispered.
“No, you can’t do this to me,” Atton pleaded.
“You have done this to yourself.”
There was a moment of silence, and then Atton peered at his hands. His bones were visible through his skin. He felt his hair but only a few strands were tangible.
“You can never be with her, Atton,” he said solemnly.
Atton shook his head in dismay. “I hate you.”
“Doesn’t everyone,” he replied in a cold whisper.
Atton left to see if the chariot was ready. There, he found his father still counting the horses.
“Hello son,” he said without looking at him. “Help me count these horses.” He gestured towards one. “965.”
“So why’d you do it?” Atton vaguely asked.
966, 967, 968, 969, 970
“Do what?” Kip asked.
971, 972, 973, 974, 975, 976, 977
“Come here. Trap Werly and CJ. Work for the Grim Reaper,” Atton listed. “Take your pick.”
978, 979, 980, 981, 982, 983, 984, 985
“I have to work for him. He saved my life,” Kip explained.
986, 987, 988, 989, 990, 991
“Saved your – Dad you are a slave to the Reaper; he didn’t save you,” Atton almost shouted.
992, 993, 994, 995, 996
“Son you’re wrong. I was ripped to shreds in this place, but he offered me a second chance,” Kip continued.
997, 998, 999
“So you brought them here because you couldn’t suffer alone? You didn’t have faith enough in them to save you. You’re not my father. You’re just a selfish waste of life.” He pointed to the last horse. “1,000. Now get out of my sight,” Atton said cruelly.
“I am your father!” Kip yelled.
“You are no one,” Atton labeled his father.
Kip walked away in a gloomy mood. He had truly lost it all. Werly was right; his own flesh and blood had disowned him.
The Reaper held Nirvana back. They had business to discuss.
“Oh, Nirvana,” he began. “You did not think I would let you weasel out of our deal; now did you, child?”
“What deal?” she asked.
“Think child,” he prompted her. “You asked me, when you saw me come for Zak, to spare him and I did. It was a silent wish, but now you owe me.”
“What do I owe you?” Nirvana asked.
“Your soul, child,” he whispered.
“You gave Atton the power to kill Vigor. Take Vigor’s soul in my stead,” she offered.
“How ridiculous,” he exclaimed.
“Why?” she snapped.
“Because, Vigor has no soul, child,” he noted. “Be calm, I do not require your soul now, because I am dying Nirvana.”
“So you won’t need my soul,” Nirvana tried.
“Ah, but I do, child,” he said. His eyes shone with small purple swirls as he showed Nirvana her future. “Before the end of this all, you will die where you should have lived,” he prophesized. The Reaper was twisting fate before her eyes.
“Atton,” was all she could say. She could only think about him. If Nirvana died, she would miss no one more then her love, Atton.
“You love him,” The Reaper realized. “You will die in front of another you claim to love.” He put his mouth near her ear and whispered a single name, “Joshua.”
This name meant nothing to Nirvana now, so she was left in confusion.
“You would kill me in front of someone I love? You are a cruel being,” Nirvana said spitefully.
“Oh, cruel,” he repeated. “Ha! I have been called much worse than that. I am the harbinger of death,” he exclaimed, raspy. “I am the reason they all die. I strike fear into their hearts; cruel is a disgusting understatement. I am the Grim Reaper, child.”
Then as if in a whisper, Nirvana heard more. His lips did not move but still, he spoke.
Really, I am just a man. A man who was trapped by this terrible deal; this is not me. I am weak. I am no one.
Then aloud he continued, “Your lover is no one as well. He took my scythe –willingly, so he must take my place, child. The scythe is not my curse, not anymore.”
 “I just had a long talk with the Reaper in the other room. Is it all true?” Atton answered her without words. He turned to her revealing the only part of his head left were splashes of his mouth. “Oh God, Atton what has he done to you?”
“He hasn’t done anything Nirvana, I did this to myself,” Atton said, accepting his fate. “I took the scythe. I just wanted to kill Vigor so badly and now I’m cursed.”
“So what now?” Nirvana asked.
“When I kill him, I’ll be fully transformed. I will become the Grim Reaper,” Atton turned away in despair, “and I can never be with you.”
“Then don’t do it, don’t kill him,” Nirvana beseeched him.
“If I don’t, they’ll just keep dying,” he reminded her. “I can’t let anyone else die on my account.”
“Atton we–,” she started.
“No, I will not sacrifice them,” he snapped. “No one else will die on my account.”
At this point Nirvana was in tears. She had known him for a few months, yes, but she loved him. “I’m not riding out with you,” Nirvana said. She began to walk out.
“If you don’t, you will die in here. Is that what you want?” She didn’t answer. “Nirv–,” she shrugged him off, “Nirvana, please don’t be like that.” He grasped her shoulder, turned her around, and kissed her. “I love you.” She turned away.
“I loved you, too,” she said softly.
“Then ride with me,” he said eagerly, “please.”
“Atton I–”
“Nirvana, please; if you love me, just do this.” She stopped and there was silence. Then Nirvana mounted the chariot and wiped her tears.
“Okay, let’s ride.” He jumped in the chariot with her and kissed her again.
“Hey! You’re not leaving without us are you?” Ralph and Reggie burst into the room. “Atton you know if you leave now they’ll die.” He meant Kip, Werly, and CJ.
“Ralph, tell Werly and CJ to come on,” Atton said.
“What about your dad?” Nirvana asked.
“Leave him,” Atton said.
“Atton,” Nirvana began.
“Leave him,” he said putting menace into his voice. Ralph and Reggie ran to get Werly and CJ. He calmed it as he turned to Nirvana. “Nirvana,” he began.
“Yes?” she responded.
“I need you to do something,” Atton began. “When this battle is over, walk to the edge of Airosfield and you’ll see what I was talking about. You’ll see that we’re trapped.”
Moments later Werly and CJ burst through the doors, “Thanks,” Werly said.
“Yeah thanks man. Now let’s get out of here,” CJ said to Atton.
“So, how fast does this thing go anyway?” Reggie asked.
Atton cracked the whips and the black horses’ hair flamed fierce fiery colors. The sides of the chariot began to pulse a deep green ember. Then he looked at Reggie, “Pretty damn fast.”
“Blood and destruction shall be so in use
And dreadful objects so familiar
That mothers shall but smile when they behold
Their infants quartered with the hands of war;
All pity choked with custom of fell deeds:
And {Atton}’s spirit, ranging for revenge,
With {Nirvana} by his side come hot from hell,
Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice
Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war.”

© Copyright 2017 Atton Brown. All rights reserved.


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