Hearts In Bizarre

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Brother of Dark

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Submitted: November 19, 2007



II. Brother of Dark

This was it, if I didn’t stop him here, all life and everything as we know it was going to fade away. It would all be reborn into something new, something created from his mind. This planet will become a rotating seed of evil itself. He has the power to destroy anything and he would enjoy eradicating all in his sight. He slew my mother and father for getting in the way. He ripped my mother from inside out and made my father blow his own head off. He is embued with darkness and it has seduced and consumed his soul. He knew it would come to this, he knew it would come down to this final showdown. He awaits for me at the top of this castle, up this final stairway. In my mind I know I must fight him, but my heart knows I can’t. This man I speak of is…my own brother.

I raced up the final stairway, the thoughts of fighting my own sibling plagued my head and clouded my focus. Could I really fight him? That was the real question. Could I fight the person that grew up with me, was my best friend and was my same flesh and blood? I tried to shake the feelings I felt and contnue my pace up the stairs. When I got to the top, there was a large doorway that once had doors. They were blown apart and lied in wooden fragments on the floor. The room ahead was wide open and only had a large circle of walls. The ceiling was gone and the dark cloudly sky hovered overhead. A large red glow was appearing high above the castle tower, and it seemed to be growing. It looked like it was going to envelope the Earth at the rate it was going. Floating in the sky above me was a familiar face….the brother of dark.

“You have arrived…” he said.

I have to stop this madness Mathias. It has to end now. What exactly are you trying to do?!” I quickly shouted back.

Mathias was dressed in a black t-shirt with an even darker trench coat over it. His jeans were ragged and torn, and his white shoes looked the same way. His long black hair covered his eyes partially. But the glow of yellow fumes came from them. He was grinning in a very sick and sinister way. His face was close to my own, but his nose was longer and his eyebrows were more defined.

“What do I intend to do? I will tell you oh loving brother. I am going to grasp this planet in darkness. When the Earth is swallowed by it, it will then be under my control. When that happens, I can sail through the universe and corrupt more planets, all under my control. I will create the universe in my image and together we will dominate the cosmos. The universe will be my kingdom and this planet my castle. Darkness will consume all in its path. There is no light left in this world. The hatred in people’s hearts, the war, the murdering and all the evil in this world will be my fuel. It is my time brother. My time to use the powers I was born with!” Mathias explained in a laughing voice.

“Don’t try to stop me brother….”

“I will never let you get away with your plan Mathias!”

“Hmph, you can’t do anything. Because your just a puppet.”

“Mathias…I hate to do this…..but I have no other way. I must save this planet, no, the universe from your evil intentions. And….I want to avenge mother and father!”

“Those ridiculous excuses for parents? They were nothing like what I have become. They didn’t even have powers, but yet we do. They were not MY parents. My true parents were the embodiment of evil itself. They just used my parents as a vessel to raise me until I realized my powers. You however…..you Richter are the opposite of myself. You can create anything just by thinking about it. You got the recessive side of the powers. I will have to kill you, for you are the only threat to my reign of dominance. Anything I destroy, you of course, can recreate. Sadly for you Richter, you will never get that chance.” Mathias screamed out in fury.

Mathias flew downward at me with blinding speed. I felt his fist smash into my stomach, my gut sucked inward in an attempt to absorb the blow. It didn’t help, I was on the ground looking upward on my knees. Mathias stood over me, his hair covering his face due to the harsh wind that was blowing. I felt something cold and metal like touch and press against my throat. My eyes fallowed a large silver line going upward, it continued all the way up until it hit a dark blue hilt. It was a long katana, and I knew its name. Muramune, the blood drinker. If it pierced you, it would suck up the blood from that area, slowly killing you and making the wielder all that more powerfull. Further up was Mathias revealing a wide, chilling grin. In his eyes was no longer the man I knew, not the sweet young boy that cared about everyone and protected me when I needed it from bullies. No, the person behind those eyes was a being of hatred, anger and rage. I felt the blade push harder and my throat indent more. I closed my eyes and began to remember…..how it all started.

It began in the most obvious of times, childhood. We lived in a fairly normal sized house. Only one floor, but it was large enough for the four of us to make it. It was right in the middle of a small town named Wisscasset. Most of the houses were large and that generic white color. It was a nice blend of flora and fauna mixed with civilazation, decorated with red maples and various flowers. Most of the neighbors and townsfolk were nice, and the town itself was just a nice slice of heaven.
My father was a police officer, and he was well respected. He had escaped death many times, that’s what the papers would say. I used to think he was some kind of superhero, and he would play along. He would tell me how he snuck out at night and fought crime in a costume, and that my mother didn’t even know. He had a strong sense of justice and courage, and I realize now why my mother loved him so. My father was a strong looking man, broad shouldered and all. He had that moustache that resembled the Brawny man and a hardened face. He had closely cropped brown hair and eyes. Rudy was his name…..

My mother was an angel in too many ways, and her name even matched that quality, Hope. She cared about Mathias and I more than words could describe. She would go far out of her way just for us, she did anything in her power to make sure we were safe and sound. My mother would go to the ends of the Earth and back if she knew it would be for our sake. Yet, sometimes she seemed so sad. I used to think it was that maybe she thought she wasn’t being a good enough mother, but I realized it was dad. Dad’s job worried her, and it did even more with all the close run ins he had with gun shots and drunkards. If he had died, I think a major part of her would have too. She would have been like a dove without her mate, she would no longer fly and be happy. I miss them both so much now……

When Mathias and I were born, my mother looked at us and said “I know you two are bound for great things. I can…sense it.” I was born two years before him, but she thought the same thing about both of us. I think that’s why she cared about so much, she loved as children, but also for the fact she “sensed” we were special in some kind of way. Nothing was unusal about either of us, that is, until Mathias’ twelth birthday.

That day at Edgecomb Eddy school, not far from our home, Mathias got attacked by a bully named Barton. I found him in the playground sitting on a swing. He had a bad bloody nose and some bruises on his arms. The Barton kid had beat him pretty badly over something stupid like money for lunch. I thought he was sad and crying at first, but when I got closer, he had a face of pure rage on his face. He was a small kid then, still had the long black hair and untanned skin. He was as frail looking kid, but inside him something woke up that day. Something that changed him forever.

“I hate Barton…….I……I hope he dies!” Mathias’ little voice rang out with the fury of a grown man.

“Mathias! Don’t say things like that! Sure, Barton is a jerk, but that’s no way to feel about him. Tomarow, we will go to the Principal together and tell them what he did.” I reassured him.

We went home after that. Dad picked us up and was not very happy about what had happened. He said he was going to call the school when he got home and find out what the hell was going on. We got home and mother treated Mathias’ wounds and held him. She was not very happy about what had happened either. She cried a little bit, worried that this kind of thing may have happened before. Dad called the school and didn’t hear what he expected.

“Something…..has happened. Hope, we need….to talk.” Father said in a strange tone.

“Okay. Mathias, stay here with Richter. I will be back in a second I will make you guys dinner, and then we can find something to do after, okay?” My mother asked him before she left.

They went outside on the porch and talked for a little bit. They both seemed pretty shocked and shaken. I came to find out that Barton had collapsed when he got home from the bus. They were not sure what happened, but he was going into a coma. After that, Mathias grew quiet, and did not want friends. I was his only real friend, and he rarely talked to me. He was always in his room just staring at things and looking mad. One day not long after that incident, my mother found several of his action figures melted and charred. Several of his books were gone, and his televison screen had apparently imploded. There was no way Mathias could have done all that on his own. It got worse from then on. Kids at school would call him a demon or warlock due to the strange things he did. Some kids said they saw him blow up a sparrow just by looking at it, and others claimed they saw him melt a bottle of water in his bare hands. I was frightened of my brother, but I loved him too much to push him away. My parents did not know what to do with him, they loved him too much to tell anybody about it. They began to worry about me too, they figured if he had this “power” then what was expected out of me?

My powers did not awaken until about a year after Mathias found his. It happened outside of our home in the middle of summer break. I was fifteen, and just discovering the thing called liking girls. My next door neighbor’s daugher Sarah, was a pretty girl with blonde hair and a deep smile. She was so upbeat and happy. She truly was a sweetheart. She came over and we were just sitting in the grass, laughing away and flirting with each other the whole time. Sarah noticed something not far from us flopping around in the grass. We went over to it and saw that it was a large monarch butterfly. It was missing its left wing, and it was suffering without it. I picked it up and held it in my hands. I clasped them together and looked at it. I remember thinking: “If only I could bring back your wing….”

Suddenly my hand lit up in a bright yellow glow. Sarah just stared in shock, but she was too mesmerized by it to look away. I was afraid, I was not sure what was happening to me. But the light felt warm in my hands, and it was soothing to look at. I opened my hands and the butterfly burst out with not one, but both wings. I watched it fly away with much excitement on my face, but I was also still afraid. Sarah did not know what to think, but I think she knew something like this may happen to me. The rumors about Mathias’ gift was all around the town.

“Did….oh my…..What?” Sarah questioned in a shaken voice.

“I don’t…….I have no idea. I think….I may have just brought back that butterfly….” I replied in an equally shaken voice.

“Or…..recreated.” Sarah quickly replied back.

We spoke about the event for hours. We pondered as to why it took me so long to discover it, and what I had done to the butterfly. I came to the conclusion that I have the opposing gift of my brothers, and that is creation. I spent days and weeks trying to see how far my powers would go. I could bring back dried, dead flowers just by touching them, and I could flick a piece of grass and a bird would fly out from the glow. To this day, I still have no idea how far my abilities go. I tried my best to hide the gift I was granted, but the rumors soon spread fast through the small town. Most people thought it was ridiculous and typical crazy drugged out teen talk. But others began to believe the rumors. Thankfully, nothing came out of it.

Only three people found out about my gift. The first was Sarah of course, but the second was my mother. I was outside mowing the lawn when I saw a Siamese cat get hit by a car not far from the house. The heartless driver kept going and vanished down the road. I ran with much haste to the slain feline and put my hands on its carcass. I thought about the cat being alive and well again, and sure enough, the same glow appeared. Shortly after, the same cat, now back to normal, came out. I wound up taking the cat home with me, but when I got inside I realized my mother was watching from the doorway. She said she had a feeling I too had a power, but she was not sure what it would be. We talked about it for some time, and came to the conclusion that it was best to keep it secret from dad right now. He was already stressed by work and all the things going on with Mathias.

I was happy after that day. I was in love with this wonderfull power, I used it on little things for some time. I could not muster enough force to make larger things work. I had manifested drinks, cds and everything else small, but larger things were too far out of my skill at the time. And a time would come when I wished I could have….

I didn’t know it then, but Mathias knew about my gift too. He saw us the day I discovered it from his window. He also heard the conversation between me and mother. He was infuriated, he was upset that our parents respected my gift more than Mathias’. But that wasn’t the case, they were just more afraid of what he could do with his power. The power to destroy anything is a massive power to have in the hands of a young boy. And the fact that he was slowly becoming consumed by it…..

He hated me. From then on, he came to loathe everything about me. I often feared for my life, wondering if his hatred was enough to bring him to…kill me. I soon found out.
It was not long after the conversation with me and our mother that the worst thing to happen in my life occurred. I was sitting in the living room watching t.v. when Mathias came out of his bedroom. He walked into the kitchen where mother and father were, and he looked inraged. He had this look in his eyes, he looked like he was out to ruin somebody.

“Whats wrong son? Why do you seem so angry?” Father had asked him.

“You should know….its both of you. Why can’t you respect the gift I was given? Why can’t you SEE my power!? I will show you what I can do!” Mathias screamed in a fit.

Father went to stand up from the kitchen table but suddenly stopped. He put his hand down toward his belt and near his holster. He pulled out the six shooter magnum he always had on when he got back from work, and put it to his head. He pulled the trigger some and the gun clicked back. A thunderous bang rang out and there on the floor, lay my father in a pool of blood and near headless. Mathias had wished for father to do that. I screamed and quickly ran toward Mathias, but he stuck his hand out and with a powerfull gust of force, blew me back into the living room. Mother tried to stop him, crying anfd begging for him to cease. But he had no intention of stopping. He grabbed mother by the arm and closed his eyes. He then let go and stepped back. Mother began to shake and scream violently, and I heard something that sounded like something ripping. I looked up to see mother burst into half and her split body hit the floor. Blood spewed out like a fountain and covered the kitchen in a red stain of life. And in the middle of it all was Mathias, laughing and smiling away as the blood ran down his face. I stood up and stared at him with an evil glare. He looked toward me and gave the same look back.

“Poor little Richter. Your nothing compared to me. Your powers are….well, to put it simple, pathetic. You think you have it figured out yet? Not even close. I now the reaches of my power now, and sadly for them, mother and father had to be the ones to know it. Hate me Richter, I want you to. Someday, we will meet again, and when that time comes, I will be PRAYING that your powers are at least worthwhile.” Mathias explained in a cocky voice.

“You….you killed….the people that brought you into this world! I thought you were different Mathias! I thought you could understand the right way to use your power! Think of the good things you could do with it! Why Mathias! WHY!?” I yelled out in a voice of rage.

“You would not understand Richter. Your just a puppet. Your nothing. And therefore, I have no need to explain it to you. Farewell brother, I hope your powers increase by the time we meet again.” Mathias quickly replied.

Mathias calmly walked out of the house and vanished. There I was, all alone in the world. I sat in the kitchen looking at what was left of the people I once called Mom and Dad. I put my hands on mother, hoping that my powers would kick in. I wished, prayed and asked that she be brought back. Nothing happened, my hands did not glow, and the same happened when I tried to bring back dad. Were my powers not that powerfull? I cursed at the air above, I cursed at my power, and I cursed at Mathias. I sat there weeping for a long time. I was lost without them, and I missed the person my brother was. I looked at my hands and looked upward.

“I swear to you mom and dad, I WILL get vengence. I swear I will punish Mathias for his evil deed. I will not rest until my powers are full and I put Mathias down for good!”

Back then, I didn’t think about how hard that would be. I said those words in anger. Could I really kill my own brother? That was the hardest question I have ever had to ask myself. I wondered if Mathias asked himself the same questions, but I soon realized it was doubtfull.

I continued my lide normally I guess. I was only fifteen when my parents died, so I had to move in with my aunt and uncle. They did not talk about the incident, but once and awhile they would ask to see my gift. I kept going to school, but my fellow classmates looked at me strangly. I don’t know if they were afraid of me, or saddened for me. I didn’t try to think about it. After high school I was college bound. By then, everything was back on track. Me and Sarah still spoke often because she went there too. I made some new friends and I was majoring in writing. I was twenty one and that says it all. Everything was good…..that is, until I got the phonecall.

I had gone back to my dorm with Sarah and we were just hanging around and talking. We were excited that the year was almost over. The phone rang and I ran over to answer it. I said hello….

“Brother…..its good to hear your voice again. My, you have aged. Its been…..a good six years since we spoke…..” Mathias spoke on the other end.

“Mathias? You……” I could not get the words to come.

“Don’t worry about talking. Just listen. I am far away from you right now. Very far, beyond America. Look for my sign in four years. You will know what I mean. And I do hope nothing terrible happens to your precious Sarah….” Mathias spoke again in a grim tone.

“You even lay one….” I was halted by the sound of a click and a continuous beeping.

I was shaken most of the night. Sarah too. She wound up staying with me in my dorm. We held each other close in my bed and we slowly faded into dreams. We had gotten really close the past three years or so. Mathias lingered on my mind for awhile after that night. Where was he? Where had he been? And what did he mean by his sign? I wasn’t sure then, but four years flew by quickly and I soon discovered what it was.

I was now 25, and Mathias was 23. I got my major in writing, and Sarah is still with me. I was not a huge author yet, but I did get one book out and it sold well. My life was normal again, and honestly, I forgot about the “sign.”

The news was talking about building, people and everything around them blowing up, combusting, being torn to shreds and just disappearing everywhere. It started in England, then made its way to Italy, Russia and several other places. Knowbody knew what was happening, but I did. One name said it all: Mathias. I had been four years, and this was his way of calling me out.
Chaos and Destruction was said on every banner on every news station. The world was being torn apart by one young man that hated everything about it. Some thought it was the end of the world, other did not know what was happening, but they prayed. Even the army tried to approach Mathias, and all that was left was charred bones left smoking in his wake. I knew what had to be done, I was the only one who could stop him. My powers had increased tenfold, and I was ready for this battle that was fated to happen since we were children.
Just then, the phone rang and I picked it up. I knew who it was.

“Meet me at the Castle Vorgienstien. It is in Europe. Don’t take long.” Mathias was quick to say.

It did not take me long. I put my hands on my back and waited for the warm feeling to begin. I gave myself angelic like wings so I could fly with much haste to this place where the Brother of Dark waited. Sarah wanted to go, and I disagreed. But she insisted and I let her come, but I wanted her far from where we would be, if she ever got hurt….

I held her in my arms and gave my wings a giant thrust outside. I was soon airborne and flying with great speed toward this castle. Of course, I was not too sure where it was. But, I followed the trails of smoke and slain civilians to eventually discover the ruin of a castle in the middle of a large plain. A figure was floating at the very top of it and I knew who it was. The sky in this area was stormy and forboding. Mathias’ evil energy could be felt and sensed in greatly.

I put Sarah down near the large front door of the castle and took one last look at her. I knew what was coming up ahead of me.

The flashback cut itself off quickly and I was back in the normal swing of things again. Mathias swung Muramune downward at me and I raised my hands up. A katana formed looking similar to his own, but mine was golden and had a deep red hilt. The Murasame, the Ray of Hope. These swords were from our childhood fantasies brought into life.

His sword clashed off mine and sent him back. Mathias seemed surprised and looked at me with a slight grin.

“I see your skills did improve some brother. I hope they can do much more than that!” Mathias rang out in fury.

Our blades clashed together and created a display of sparks all around us. Mathias swung downward at me and I lifted my sword up to catch him again. He quickly spun around and swung his katana in a swipe. I sucked in my gut and barely missed having my guts spill out on the stone below me. I started to spin madly and flipped my sword up and down, hoping to confuse Mathias. He ran at me criss crossing his sword, instantly stopping mine and making us blow back from the recoil. As we did the dance of death, Mathias caught one of the sparks and throw it at me. It grew in size and looked more like a fireball. I jumped and rolled out of the way as it flew past my head, burning a small section of my hair. I got up and threw my sword down. Mathias did the same. The true fight begins….

Mathias balled his hands together and began to shake the castle violently. Sections of the stone started to fly at me with incredible speed. I did my best to dodge them, but I was clipped by some. A large chunck of stone wailed at me and I raised my hands up. I stopped in mid flight and it began to grow legs. I was turning it into a large stone spider. It turned and screeched at Mathias. A shocked look came about his face and he jumped back. The spider flung at him and tried to get a bite in. Mathias spun around it and touched its back. He stepped away and it proceeded to explode. Mathias grabbed part of the dirt that was left behind and threw it at me, only now it was gun powder. He flicked his fingers and a shot of flame hit the scattered powder. I turned and tried to run, but the explosion sent me flying backwards and into a wall behind me. Mathias walked over to me and he looked as if he was going to end it here.
I touched my chest and large bubble began to form over me. It covered my whole body and then solidified into a thick wall of ice. Mathias chuckled and touched the ice. It began to melt quickly and I raised my hands up. He looked at me and I flung a barrage of very angry hornets and wasps. Mathias fell backwards and tried to swat them away. I stood up and watched him try and shake them off. He let out a fierce shout and the wasps began to combust into little puffs of flame. I swirled my hands together and a realeased an army of even more furious horse flies. They would distract him while I thought of something else.
Mathias slapped around the air, hoping to drive them away. They just kept coming at him and biting his tender flesh constantly. Mathias slammed his fists together and a net of lightning sweeped them away nearly instantly. Mathias looked at me and shot a bolt toward my face. I rose my hand up and caught it. I threw it back but it was now a hardened trident of lightening shape. Mathias fell to his stomach to avoid getting impaled. I ran toward him but he created a wall of fire in front of me, making me skid to a stop.

“Is that the extent of your powers Richter? I am amused, but not entertained. You have hardly progressed. But I know how to make you fight back even harder….” Mathias snarled out.

Mathias rose up into the air and out over the castle. I pursued him after recreating my wings. I saw him standing near where Sarah was. I flew even faster hoping to find out he did nothing to her. I got to the ground and I saw Mathias standing over Sarah’s body on the ground. He was holding his katana over her, dripping with flesh blood. I screaned and ran at him. He just swung his arm out and sent me outward to the ground.

“Now, Richter, you have all the anger you need. Show me your true power. If you don’t, I will kill you sooner than later. So, try to humor me some more…” Mathias taunted.

I stood back up on my feet in a rage. I was somewhere else, I was beyond furious, and I didn’t even think about this man being my own brother. I grabbed my chest tightly and began to shake violently. I burst into a bright light and became consumed by a white flame. My entire body was covered in this burning yet soothing light. Mathias looked at me with a look of disbelief. He dashed at me and swung his blade. It melted before it even hit my body. Mathias was scrambling, trying to think of something else. I grabbed ahold of him and spoke.

“The pure light of creation will destroy the darkness that fills you….” I rang out in a raging tone.

Mathias began to sweat and twitch all over. His body began to smoke and his head went limp. A large cloud of darkness flew out from his worn and torn body. I let go and he dropped to the ground. The flame quickly disappeared and I fell to my knees. I got enough strenght to get up and walk over to Sarah. She had a deep, fatal wound in her stomach area. I began to cry and I put my hand to her wound. I begged, prayed and asked that she could be brought back. While this was happening, all I could think of was my parents. It was them all over again, it was the same thing as last time…..

No light came from my hands, no warmth, no movement. I slumped over sideways and screamed. Were my powers still not enough? Had I still been a failure? I began to weep.

“Richter? What….what happened? Where…” Sarah’s voice questioned.

I turned to look at her and there she was. She was sitting up, looking at me. I was very quick to hug her and I did it tightly. She was confused as to what was going on, and I was just realived. I wanted to tell her about what was going on, but I decided it would be best to wait until I knew this fight was over. I gave her one last reassuring look and I walked over to Mathias who was laying flat on the ground. He was badly beaten. He was still alive and awake.

“Brother? I am…..I can’t even express how sorry I am…..I let the darkness of my powers control my destiny. I know what I did to…mother and father…..Richter, I can’t even look at you right now….” Mathias said in a weeping voice.

I did not know what to say back. The anger was still there and I still wanted vengence. But seeing him there, my own brother, weeping for forgiveness and being back to his once normal self changed felt. I lifted him up to his feet and I walked over to Sarah. We stood there for a little while talking, trying to figure out where to go from here…..

A few weeks have passed and things are getting better. Mathias is learning to use his powers without letting it consume him. He has realized it can be used for great and good things, and he has been all over helping people. I am happy to say I have my brother back.

As for me and Sarah…..we have twins on the way. The funny thing is, they are a girl and a boy….but I wonder….if history could repeat itself. I will make sure that it never happens again, that both of my children know how to use their powers like they were intended. There will never be another Brother of Dark.


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