Secret Identity

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Roxanne's life will be changed when she met the mysterious guy Ivan Vergel.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Secret Identity Chapter One - Revelations

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*March 16 2000*

A little girl was crying on the side of the street.

"waaaaaah!!!" she cried very loud, but won't move at her place. Then, a little boy noticed her.
"Are you okay?" the little boy asked.
"Noooooo!!! Waaaaah!!!" the girl shouted.
"Can you please lower your voice?! There's so many people here. Where's your parents?" he asked.
"I-I don't knooooow!!!" the girl said.
"Okay, okay, calm down! Now I know, you're lost. Let me help you." he said.
"Help me? Really?" the girl stopped crying because of what the boy has said.
"Well, that's better. Come with me. Let's find your parents." he said while slowly holding the hand of the girl.
"O-okay. Thanks by the way. Even though it's not material, it's a good gift" the girl said while walking.
"Gift? Why? Is it your birthday?" the little boy asked.
"Yes. It's March 16 today right? That's my birthday." the girl said.
"Oh. Well, your parents shouldn't be leaving you at this day." he said. "And we're here." he added.
"Huh?" the girl asked. She looked at the sign. She read it on her mind. Police station.
"How did you know this place?" she asked.
"Simple. I live here in this town silly." he said with a smile. The girl saw him smile. "Well, I think that's your parents." he added. The girl looked at the corner and saw two people looking so worried. It really is her parents.
"Y-yes. Their my parents. Thank..."
"No need. Before I forget, what's your name?" the boy asked.
"You can call me Anne." the little girl said. "And you?" she added.
"Uhmm... I'm..."
"Anne! Thank God you're safe!" Anne's mother said.
"Mom!" she said while running into her mother.
"A boy helped me to come here. He's there in the..." the girl stopped. The boy wasn't there anymore.
"A boy? Where?" her mom asked.
"He just... disappeared." she said.
"Well, if we found him, I'll thank him..." her mother said. But the girl was not listening. She's staring at the open door of the police station waiting for the boy to come back. But he wasn't.
"Happy Birthday my dear. Well, let's go home." her mother said.
"Where's dad?" the girl asked.
"Oh, he went out to get our car. Don't worry baby, I'm here. You won't get lost anymore." her mother said. The girl hugged her mother so tightly and in a few minutes she fell asleep.


Part One



Holy crap! it's almost 6:30 and I haven't took a bath yet! And I'm really late for school. What am I doing last night! But I couldn't help it! I love watching korean movies and series! So addictive! Love the way they act, and the chemistry, sooo good! But wait! Stop daydreaming Roanne!! Oh my, I have to hurry!
"Anne! Breakfast is getting cold." mom said.
"Yes, yes, I know. Be there in a minute!" I immediately said.
Well, this is my first day of class as a college student, and I'm really excited to meet and mingle with different kinds of people. I'm hoping to have good new friends but of course, I will not replace my true friends. Actually, I miss them. Some of them are also studying here in Manila and some are in my province. By the way, I'm studying here in De La Salle University in Greenhills as an I.T. student. Obviously, I love computers that is why I took this course. And also before I forget, I'm Roxanne Lightwoods, 16 years of age, and loves singing, reading romantic, fantasy, and adventure books, and most especially, watching korean movies!!. I have two naughty little brothers and a loving parents and also I have a super supporting, caring and understanding friends. Even though me and my friends don't see each other very often, we try to communicate every weekends.
*sigh* I really miss them. But enough of that. I have to find my room! Oh God, where is it? Ang laki naman kasi nitong university na toh eh!

*Buzzer rings*
Accidentally, because of a shock, I dropped my schedule for the day, and it flew somewhere. While searching for it, someone just stood in front of me and said...
"Is this paper yours?" the person said. I looked up, (because I was on a "bow" position) and glanced at the paper just to see if that was mine. And it is! I took it with a smile on my face and looked at the person.

*beautiful background sound began to play*
"O-D-K!" I whispered. Oh! ODK means "O Diyos Ko!". Haha! Cool noh?!
"What? O...D..." the person said.
"Ah... Wala, wala." I instantly said. I looked at him again and he was like an angel sent from above para paibigin lahat ng mga kababaihan! Grabe! Kaloka! He's much taller than me and kahit mag-white shirt lang siya at mag-jeans eh, bagay niya parin dahil malinis siyang tignan.
"Okay. Uhm... Let me guess, Freshman right?" he said.
"Unfortunately, yes. And you?" I asked.
"What?! Haha! Well, fortunately I'm a second year Business Administration student." he said. Whoah! Nakakatunaw ang smile niya infairness!
"Oh, actually that's my first choice. Kaso mas tutok ako sa computer eh, so I took up I.T." I proudly said.
"Well, it's OUR decisions that count. We need to prove that what we always decide will lead us to our victory." he amazingly said. Haaay... napahanga mo ako dun ah?! Dagdag pogi points!
I laughed.
"What's funny?" he asked.
"Wala lang. Napansin ko lang na dahil sa isang sched paper eh, ganito na agad pinag-uusapan natin." I said. He also laughed and surprisingly put his right hand in front of me.
"Hindi pa pala ako nagpapakilala. Hello, my name is Ivan Vergel Simmons, but you can call me Virg." he gently said. ODK! First day pa lang ng class eh lalaki na agad nakilala ko! I never expected this! Syempre, nag-shake hands kami and sinabi ko...
"U-uhm... Hi, I'm Roanne Mae Lightwood, but you can call me Anne."
"Nice." he said.
"What's nice about that?" I asked.
"Nothing." Virg said.
"Hmmm.... Unexpected 'to." I said.
"Ha? Bakit naman?" Virg asked.
"Expected ko kasi, girls ang una kong makikilala sa university." I said.
"Sabagay, you're right." he said.
Then suddenly, I noticed something. Tumingin ako sa paligid and I saw some students staring at us (most especially girls). I really don't know why.
"Now you noticed." he said. Then, dun na ako nagtaka.
"Ha? Napansin mo din? Galing ah?!" I said. Pero tuloy parin ang pagtingin ko sa paligid.
"Kanina pa. Sabagay, freshman ka kaya hindi mo pa talaga ako kilala." he said.
"Eh bakit naman? Sikat ka ba dito?" I asked.
"Uhuh. Yuph." he said with a "yabang" tune.
What the...! Sikat ka?! No, this isn't true. Pero, bakit pinagtitinginan nila kami? Siguro nga totoo. But...but... nananaginip ba ako?! Huwag niyo na muna akong gisingin please! Isang magandang panaginip ang nangyayari sa akin ngayon! Sana walang makasira nitong panaginip ko! Nako! Parang yung mga pinapanuod ko 'tong Koreanovelas ah?! Pero ngayon, ako na ang bida! Wahahaha!
"He-Hello?? Earth to Anne?!" Virg said while waving his hand in front of me. At nagising din ako sa pag-ddaydreaming ko.
"ehe-ehem... Weh? Di nga?!" I asked.
"Oo nga."he said.
"P-pero..." i said.
"Excuse me people!" some strange girl said."Didn't you heard the buzzer rang?! Stop chit-chatting!" she added.
"Okay Mr. ay este Miss President. As you wish." Virg said. Habang ako naman eh, hindi makapaniwala sa mga nangyayari.
"At ikaw, newbie, bago ka pa lang may i-viviolate ka na agad. Pumunta ka na nga sa klase mo." she said while tapping my shoulder.
"O-okay." I said.
"Good. Well see you both later on the assembly. May i-aannounce kasi ang Dean sa atin. Bye." she said while walking away. Whew! Kinabahan ako dun ah! Makaalis na nga. Naglakad na ako when...
"Pssst! Anne!" Virg shouted.
"Huh? Bakit?"I asked.
"Let's continue our conversation later. Thanks for the time and... nice meeting you! Bye!" he said.
"Ahh... Okay. Likewise." I said. Then, pumunta na kami sa assembly ng magkahiwalay. Haay... grabe yun ah?! Hindi ako makapaniwala na parang "campus heartthrob" ang nakausap ko! Parang yung mga pinapanuod ko lang talaga sa T.V.! In-shock parin talaga ako.

*Sa Class*
I'm just staring at the window at hinihintay ang prof. namin. Well, medyo nagkakahiyaan pa kami kasi nga first day naming lahat. Pero yung mga boys eh nakakapagusap naman ng maigi. Syempre naman mga lalaki yun. They can all be friendly to each other. Walang hiyaan. Ang mga girls naman, (kasama na ako dun) siyempre may "Shy type" kaya yun, I'm really just staring at the window and still remembering what happened just this early morning. Then suddenly, may kumalbit sa akin...
"Uhm. Hi." the person said. Of course, I'll greet that person also. With a smile.
"Hello!" I said to her.
"I saw you there kanina. You're talking to a guy, right?" she said.
"Oh, yes, it's just...nothing." I said. Haay... siguro kaya walang gustong kumausap sa akin na girl dahil sa nangyari kanina.
"Totoo? Hindi mo ba talaga siya kilala?" she asked. Hala! Pati siya, kilala si Virg?! Sikat nga talaga siya! He's not kidding.
"Unluckily, yes. Hindi ko siya kilala. As in! Hindi ako nagkukunwari para lang makausap siya. Promise!" I said. Nako, sa mga napapanuod ko, dalawa lang ang kahihinatnan kapag may nagpapakilala sayo... First, magiging "bestfriend for life" mo siya at tutulungan na maging close kayo nung guy. Second, magiging karibal mo siya! ODK! Tapos sisiraan ka niya sa harap ng maraming tao! Waaaah!!! Mas gusto ko na ang first option! Sana yun na lang!
"Ano ka ba. Kilala ko din siya noh. Tayong dalawa MUNA ang nakakakilala sa kanya." she said.
"Ha? Tayong dalawa mu-muna??" I asked.
"Yuph. Kasi, hindi pa nila nakikitang mag-basketball si Virg. And because, he's my..." Hala, ano kayang sasabihin niya?! |a.) Kaibigan niya b.) Ex niya c.) crush niya| Ano sa tingin niyo?
"He's your what?!" I suddenly asked. Whoah. Kinakabahan ako!
"He's my cousin. Why? You thought that I was his EX? Friend? o may Crush sa kanya? Alin ba dun sa tatlo? Haha!" she laughed.
"What? H-how did you know? Wow, nagbabasa ka ba ng isip ng tao?" I asked. I was amazed.
"Wala lang. Madami kasing nagsasabi sa akin niyan tuwing magkasama kami, magka-away or whatsoever. Pero ang pinaka worst is napagkamalan nila kaming mag-ON! Imagine! Yuck!" she said. Hmmm.... kung hindi niya sinabi agad na mag-pinsan sila, baka yun din ang masasagi sa isip ko.
"Yuck? Why?" I asked.
"Alam mo kasi, kahit hindi kami mag-pinsan, hindi ko parin siya magugustuhan. Gusto mo bang isa-isahin ko mga naging girlfriend niyan and kung paano sila nagkakilala and nag-break? Mabuti pa huwag na lang. Baka mag-ring na yung buzzer eh, hindi pa rin ako tapos. Pero, eto lang masasabi ko. Iisa lang ang reason kung bakit hinihiwalayan niya mga naging GF's niya." she said.
"Huh? Eh ano naman yung nag-iisang reason na yun? Tell me." I said.
"It's because of a girl na tinulungan niya nung bata pa siya. Hanggang ngayon nga napapanaginipan niya yung girl eh. Ewan ko ba dun. Parang natamaan siya dun sa girl na nakilala niya eh mga bata pa sila nun kaya hindi na niya makikilala yun ngayon." she said.
"Oh." I said. I was wondering who the girl might be. Hmmm... so mysterious.
"Ay!" she shouted.
"Oh, Bakit?" I asked. Haay! Kung makasigaw naman daw si ate, parang nakakita ng artista!
"Nakalimutan kong magpakilala." she said. "I'm Queenie S. Sy. 16 years old." she added.
"Oh, I'm Roxanne Lightwoods. Anne na lang itawag mo sa akin." I said. Well infairness, maganda siya. Bagay ang name niya sa itsura niya. Pwede siyang isabak sa mga beauty contest at maging Queen sa Prom. Pero, ang pagkakaalam ko, wala nang prom sa college. Well, just saying my thought.
"Ako, kahit ano, pwede mong itawag sa akin. Hindi naman ako maselan eh. Basta hindi panget, I'll accept it." she said.
"Ahm... siguro Queenie na lang. Maganda naman ang name mo eh." I said.
"Weh? Haha! Sige, sabi mo eh. Well, nice meeting you, Anne. Tabi tayo, gusto mo?" she asked.
"Oo naman!" I said. Then, tumabi nga siya at tuloy parin ang kwento niya sa akin.
After ng ilang klase, at last! Breaktime already. Grabe! My head hurts! Nahilo ako sa kakahanap ng mga klase ko. buti na lang, may mga classes ako na kasama ko si Queenie, kundi, so bored at lonely ako.

"Uy Anne! Dito!" Queenie said while waving her hand. Syempre pumunta naman ako dun. Then, napansin ko, hindi lang siya ang nakaupo dun. May mga ilang girls din.
"Hello again Queenie and hello din sa inyo." I greeted all of them. Mga tatlo sila. Mukhang masaya ang breaktime ko, may baging friends nanaman ako na makikilala. Thanks to Queenie. Gri-neet din naman ako nung tatlong girls.
"Oo nga pala. Kasama na sila sa grupo natin ah?" Queenie said. Grupo? Dalawa pa lang kaming magkakilala, grupo na agad yun? "I'll introduce each and everyone of you. Anne, meet Charrie, Lexa and Rainie, you three, meet Anne." Queenie added.
"Nice meeting you all." I said. Tumabi ako kay Queenie. "So, let's eat?" I added.
"Okay. Pero, Hinay-hinay lang. May paparating." Queenie said. And she's right. May mga limang kalalakihang papalapit sa amin. And one of them is...
"Couz, musta first day?" Virg said. ODK! Siya nanaman. This is the second time na we'll see each other. I remembered what he said kanina na ico-continue daw namin ang conversation namin. I guess this is the time.
"Okay naman couz. Eh ikaw? May bagong target ka nanaman ba? Haha!" Queenie said to Virg. Target?? So that means... Single pa siya!!! ODK talaga!!
"Target? Couz naman! Pass muna ako diyan! Ayokong ma-office ulit noh?! Ano ka!" Virg said. Ha? Ma-office? Bakit?
"Okay, okay. Joke lang! Haha! Ikaw naman hindi mabiro!" Queenie said.
"T-teka, ma-office? Bakit?" I said. Tapos tinignan ako ni Virg.
"Oh, Anne! Hindi kita napansin ah? Musta first day?" he said.
"Uhmm... okay lang. But you didn't answer my question. Target? Office? Bakit?" I said.
"Ah, eh..."
"Hay nako Roxanne, ako na lang magsasabi sayo mamaya." Queenie suddenly said.
"Oo, tama! Mabuti pa nga." Virg said. Hmmm... nakapagtataka talaga.
"O sige, maiwan na namin kayo."Virg said.
"Oo na, fine, fine! Bye!" Queenie said. Queenie naman eh! Sinira mo ang moment ko! Huhu!
"Queenie, cousin mo siya? Swerte mo naman!" Rainie said.
"Hoy! Hindi noh! Grabeng kulit nga nun eh. Tsaka baligtad! Malas ako kapag kasama ko yun noh!" Queenie said.
"Nako, okay lang yun sa'kin. Makasama ko lang siya." Lexa said.
"Sorry, pero out na ako diyan! Haha! Meron na ako eh. Di ko siya ipagpapalit!" Charrie said.
"Wow. Same tayo! What name niya?" Queenie said.

Well, three of us (Rainie, Lexa and me) eh, wala pang boyfriend. Ewan ko lang kung what reason nila, pero ako, I'm waiting for the "RIGHT ONE". Siyempre, naninigurado na ako. Ayokong masaktan noh?! Hehe!
"Uy, ano na? Hindi ba tayo kakain?" Lexa asked.
"Oo na, eto na po. Share-share tayo para madami! Haha! Oh, Anne? Natulala ka na?" Queenie asked. I need to talk to Queenie to clarify things about Virg. Something smells fishy around here.
"Wala toh, sige, kain na kayo." I said. After 45 minutes...

*Buzzer Rings*

"Kitakits later! Bye! Mwaah!" Queenie said. Beso-beso mode! Then, kanya-kanyang class na ulit kami. Si Lexa, kasama ko sa class ko after breaktime.

*Values Class*
"Anne, paano ka nakilala ng pinsan ni Queenie?" Lexa asked.
"Interested ka ba sa kanya?" I suddenly asked. What the...?! Bakit ko nasabi yun?
"Hindi naman. Bad mood? Is there something bothering you?" Lexa asked. Hmm... friend ko naman siya kaya sasabihin ko na.
"Uhmm... Hindi kasi ako mapakali about dun sa conversation nina Queenie at Virg kanina. Para bang... may tinatago sila?" I said. Mukhang nagbago lahat dahil sa nangyari kanina.
"Anne, don't take this too seriously. Nagbibiruan lang yung magpinsan. Tsaka sasabihin naman sa'yo ni Queenie mamaya diba? Kaya hintayin mo na lang yun." Lexa said.
"Sabagay, baka aminin naman ni Queenie yung totoo." I said. I'm still hoping na malaman ko yung totoong meaning nun.

*Last Class (9:00 PM, Dismissal)*
"Yes! Natapos din! Grabe ah?! First day pa lang pero pagod na agad ako. Ikaw ba Lexa?" I asked.
"Medyo, pero masaya naman. Oh! Ayun na sina Queenie! Pssst!" Lexa said.
"Oh! Lexa, Anne!" Queenie said habang papunta sa amin. Tatanungin ko na din siya about dun sa kanina.
"Uhm...Queenie, about dun sa sasabihin mo?" I asked.
"Ah, yun ba? Halika." Queenie said while dragging me somewhere.
"T-teka, bakit nilayo mo pa ako?" I asked Queenie. But she didn't answer. Tuloy parin ang pag-lakad namin. Then, we stopped at the side of the school.
"Ssh... wag kang maingay. Baka may makakita sa atin." Queenie said.

Then, may nakita akong dalawang grupong nag-aaway. At yung isang member ng grupo is Virg.

"What the...?! What are they doing? Tsaka bakit may patay na lalaki? Tsaka, bakit nandyan si Virg?!" I said. Nako! Promise, wala ito sa iniisip kong koreanovelas! This is my own story line now! ODK!
"Anne, please hinaan mo naman ang voice mo! Baka mabuking tayo nito, at ma-office nanaman si Virg!" Queenie said.
"So, this is what you're trying to tell me?" I asked.
"Yuph. Pero ikaw pa lang ang nakakaalam nito. I trust you Anne. Huwag mo itong sabihin sa iba." Queenie said. I saw her seriousness while she's saying it.
"Pero first time pa lang tayo... I mean ngayon pa lang tayo nagkakilala, may trust ka na sa'kin?" I asked her. Grabe toh ah?! I'm really scared!
"Ewan ko ba, pero I think you'll change him. I was looking at you two while you're talking to each other, and I fel that he likes you. Anne, please help me out here? Madami siyang problems kaya naging ganito siya. Sa mga susunod na araw ko na ikwe-kwento sa'yo yung mga iba, kaya please help?" Queenie said.
"Please!" Queenie said. ODK! What's happening here? Ang bilis ng mga pangyayari! Hindi ko alam, pero nawala na ang pagka-gusto ko kay Virg. Pero tutulungan ko ba si Queenie?
"H-hindi ko alam Queenie. Masyadong magulo. Pwede bang bukas na lang ullit tayo mag-usap? Masyadong mabilis ang mga pangyayari ngayong araw na 'toh." I said.
"Okay, fine. Pero I'm hoping you'll say yes, huh? Anne?" Queenie said.
"I don't know. Teka, paano si Virg? Tsaka yung lalaking nakahiga?" I asked.
"That man is not dead. Hindi naman pumapatay ng tao couz ko noh? Hindi lang nun nakayanan suntok ni Virg. Oh, now you know kung bakit napag-usapan namin yun kanina. Uhm...may isa pa akong favor." Queenie said. Haaay...Ano nanaman toh?
"Sabi ko kasi kay Virg, ibang reason ang sasabihin ko sa'yo. Kaya hindi niya alam pinagsasasabi ko sa'yo. Gets?" Queenie said.
"Aah... sige, sige, wala akong babanggitin." I said.
"Sige na, let's go, baka hinihintay na tayo nina Lexa, Rainie at Charrie." she said.
"Okay, pero..."
"Tara na, sila nang bahala diyan. Walang makakalam nitong ginawa nila." she said.
"Frat ba yun or what?" I asked.
"Unfortunately, hindi ko din alam. Pero, I'm amazed because they can be super secretive. Minsan may mga times na puro duguan na sila, pero hindi pa rin to nalalaman ng iba." Queenie said.
"Pero, paano sila nao-office?" I asked.
"May mha sira ulo kasing hindi matanggap ang pagka-defeat nila, kaya minsan, nagra-rambulan sila sa loob ng campus. Pero ibang reason ang sinasabi nila sa mga superiors." she said.
"Oh, it's cleas now. Pero I'm a little bit scared for Virg. Mamaya, may magtangkang patayin siya or what dahil dun." I said.
"Alam mo, bukas na lang natin pag-usapan toh, okay?" Queenie said.
"Okay, okay. So curious lang ako about this whole thing." I said.
"Oh, nakita na tayo nina Rainie. Tara na!" she said.
"Okay." I said. Kahit malinaw na sa'kin ang lahat, hindi parin naaalis ang takot ko kasi masyado na akong pinagkatiwalaan ni Queenie. Paano kung madulas ako? Sasabihin ba niya kay Virg na abangan ako sa harap ng university? Haaay...Roxanne! Ano bang iniisip mo! It's almost 9:30 PM at dun pa lang kami nagsi-uwian dahil nag-bonding pa kami. Hanggang sa maka-uwi na ako, hindi parin maalis sa isip ko yung nakita ko kanina.

~End Of Part One~

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