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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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It wasn't until he came to the top of a small dip in the path that he saw the set of identical flashing red lights. Unable to take his eyes off of the enormity ahead of him, Wallace continued to drive up the never ending straightaway until finally, he was able to park his cruiser between the other two, which he instantly noticed had already been vacated.

Taking a deep breath, Wallace stepped out of the car. And after checking his 9mm, cautiously began walking towards the wide open front door of the mansion.

A monstrous Queen Anne Victorian of natural brownstone loomed over him; like a large winged predator silently stalking its prey. Towers on either side poked through the cloudless sky that was now flaming bright under the fullness of the moon. Automatically giving the place a spooky appearance, he decided.

Once he was at the top of the wooden steps, the glow of light blazing from the foyer allowed him to see to the left of him, where there was an entrance of what he assumed was a lengthy, wrap-around porch. From what he could see, it was scarcely decorated with only a small round table and two chairs. To the right of him, one of two massive towers huddled nearby, where he noticed vacant windows black as tar stared back at him. He stepped into the waiting foyer and instantly stopped dead in his tracks.

For a brief moment, Wallace had forgotten why he was there. He couldn't help but look around in astonishment at the self indulgence before him.

The foyer was large by any standard and was meticulously decorated. If you like being in a rain forest! He thought. A simple antique table took up space on the far left wall, and was perfectly arranged with several assortments of green foliage, while two tree-size plants bearing enormous leaves took up space in either corner. Above the attractive greenhouse a portrait of a simple landscape hung perfectly centered. Probably an original. Wallace concluded, taking his eyes from the canvas.

On the opposite side of the room in the farthest corner, a three tiered stone fountain purred silently while spurts of water erupted from the upper level causing a waterfall, repeatedly flowing into the bottom bowl where several fancy goldfish leisurely swam. Underneath was another assortment of greenery also perfectly arranged. Immediately before the stone fountain there was an open archway welcoming you into a circular library. High above in the center of it all hung a beautiful Maria Theresa' crystal and rose chandelier. Each of the single tiered lights burst with sparkle and glistened like newly polished jewels basking in the sun.

He immediately recognized the two officers walking the length of the hallway towards him and proceeded to meet them halfway, where he extended an open hand.

"What do we have gentlemen?" He simply asked.

"Two bodies on the second floor...a man and a woman." Officer Tony Miller was the first to answer. "Looks like it could be domestic." he continued, trying to sound unnerved.

Officer Miller, Wallace knew, was a rookie. And from the look of despair that was evident across his face it was easy to guess that this was his first real crime scene.

"Where?...How bad...?" Wallace's voice had a note of concern in it.

He looked away from Miller and into the face of Officer Dennis Kane; a bizarre, too-polite five year veteran and a damn good cop. It was quite obvious he expected the answer to come from him.

"In bed." Kane answered. "Its pretty bad sir. The female victim has an obvious gunshot wound to the head."

"Please tell me you didn't destroy any evidence!"

"Oh no sir!" Kane panicked. "We didn't even step into the bedroom sir. But even from across the room it seems to be a gunshot..."

"And the male?" Wallace interrupted. "And quit with the sir would ya?"

"He's pretty bad off sir. Sorry." Shaking his head in disbelief and shock he continued. "We were on our way to call in the proper authorities when we saw you coming down the hall."

"Let's go take a look." Wallace said taking a step forward.

It was impossible not to notice the flood of nausea wash over Miller's face. His already pale skin was now a sick shade of green. His moist flesh looked clammy and cool to the touch.

"Miller, why don't you go outside and call the Medical Examiner." Wallace suggested, suddenly feeling sorry for him.

After they watched Miller walk out through the front door and down the steps, Wallace followed Kane back down the hallway and up the steep Mahogany staircase.

"Did you search the rest of the house?" Wallace questioned.

"Not exactly sir."

"No offense, but haven't you noticed the size of this place? It would take longer than the fifteen minutes we've been here to search the entire house."

"Yeah I noticed." He said it low enough not to be heard.

"We discovered the bodies in the first door we opened sir, and then immediately came back downstairs. That's when we saw you." He concluded.

When they finally reached the top of the stairs and were a few feet into the mile long hallway, Officer Kane opened the first door on his left where his arm swiftly covered his nose and mouth in a desperate attempt to block out the recent stench of death.

"In there sir." He said into his bare arm, moving out of the way.

Wallace stepped into the open doorway, and at once stood frozen in his tracks.

The bedroom was much larger than any he had ever seen before. And on the other side of the room he could clearly see the two bodies.

Kane was right. The female victim clearly had a gunshot wound to the head. She was seated in an upright position with her back pinned against the headboard. An entrance wound, the size of a dime was clearly embedded into the center of her forehead. The exit wound he knew was much larger.

Blood and brain matter spattered the walls behind her.

"Dear God!"

"I told you it was bad sir." Kane said from outside the doorway.

"Yeah...It's bad all right." Wallace took one more look at both victims and turned from the doorway.

"Someone sure wanted him dead!" He said.

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