I Am The Son Of The Reaper, And It Scares The Shit Out Of Me

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This is a story I have been working on for months now trying to put it all into a short story before realising it was ment to be a novel made up of many smaller stories each with it's own problem and reseloution with larger problems spanning multiple parts. It's done as if it's a jurnal written by the main character. This is part one there will be many more to come. This story revolves around death and killing so please please PLEASE don't read this if you can't handle gore there will be a lot there will also be sexual content in parts to come and a lot of swearing so ya don't read if you shouldn't. If you find anything in this story doesn't make sense or you didn't like it please leave it in the comments, but also if you did like it please again comment and tell me why thanks for your time and enjoy or don't its up to you.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I Am The Son Of The Reaper, And It Scares The Shit Out Of Me

Submitted: October 15, 2012

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Submitted: October 15, 2012



Death is something you learn to accept in this line of work. You could drive youself crazy if you didn't. The life of a mercenary is not one for the weak. Hired guns, paid bodys, just some of the names that have been given to our proffession. My name is James T Edmont. I was trained from the age of 13 to be a merc. My mother died during child birth so I never knew her. My father and uncle were on a merc team. My father was a demolitions expert and my unlce was an assassin who specialized in covert operations and close combat fighting. My father was killed in action when I was 10 years old and my uncle took me in. When I turned 13 he retired from the merc buisiness and started training me. Right away he noticed that I loved bladed weapons and trained me in close combat and covert ops. By 17 I was already on my first job. It was a protection job in Guatamala City. When asked to take the job my uncle said he would send a team in his absence because he was retired. He called some men he worked with and looked at me. "James these men will be under your leadership. You must show no weakness and be confident. I have worked with them quite often and they are a good group of guys. Show me what you have learned." There was no smile on his face when he said this though there was a glint of pride in his eyes. I knew that he had full confidence in me completeing the mission given to me.

2 days later I met my team. There was 2 snipers, 2 special operatives, and 4 gunners. I would not be working closely with the snipers and special operatives but I was introduced to Piear a french sniper and Ghost a special operative. They would work under me but as my second in comand so as to not have to wait for orders if things went wrong in the field. The 4 gunners, however, I would be with the whole time. I spent 1 day with each of them to learn about them. Tex was a medium build, great with a pistol and would only use a .45 colt with top break reloading mechanism. Pacman was a larger man, he didn't have a prefered weapon he was good with most guns, he picks up and uses the guns of his enemies. Otto was a medium build, he was best with sub-machine guns, he uses a Heckler-Koch HK MP7A1. Last but not least is Hagus, he is a very large built man who specializes in large machine guns, he sports an M134 minigun. In all they were a great team. We trained together for 3 weeks going through situations that may arrise in Guatemala City. Finally the day had arrived, the day I was both excited and fearful of. Leaving for the mission. We went by transport truck as it was easiest to hide our equipment. Everyone had their own way of coping with the situation. Call it preperation, meditation or simply distraction but no one spoke on the way there. Some listened to music or sat in silence, I shuffled my deck of cards. I got it from my father when I was very young maybe 5 or 6, I can't remember exactly it was a long time ago. It wasn't a special deck, it didn't have interesting pictures but I loved it all the same. For some reason I always felt calmer when shuffling that deck. I never played a game of any sort, I just shuffled.

We finally arrived and met the man we where there to protect. It was the american ambassador there on a diplomatic visit. It was a convoy of 4 armoured jeeps and an armoured car, a Lincoln if I remember correctly. Well it doesn't really matter anyways we had lead truck. The car was right behind us and the other 3 where placed behind the car. Piear was running the rooftops along our root, which was very winding with many turns for 2 important reasons. First so that we would easily notice if someone was fallowing us, second is so that Piear could stay silent in his movements and still keep up. He would have direct contact with the second sniper waiting in a small helicopter in case we needed any backup. Ghost was with the other spec-op somewhere near though we had no clue they went radio silence so must be somewhere with a crowd. So it's me and the 4 gunners in the lead jeep all have our weapons out and safetys off. I was nervous I assume everyone else was as well but there was something else I was feeling and I didn't understand it completely I still don't even now. It was almost like excitement but not quite the same. At the halfway mark I thought that maybe I was feeling these things for nothing because nothing had happened yet. I should have known better. Just 10 minutes from the destination we see an accident between 2 cars the driver of Armour 2 asked if we wanted to plow through but Tex said he would go see the 2 men outside the cars and fix things with discussion first. We stopped and 2 of the jeeps came from behind and parked on either side of the Lincon. Tex walked to the 2 men and started to talk with them. They where both yelling and pointing at the same time I couldn't understand a thing it sounded like spanish but I had no clue. Tex was trying to get them to calm down as he was walking towards them. 1 of them turned far enough to us that I say an odd shape in his coat. I got on the radio to Piear and told him to watch the guy closest to us. Piear radios back saying that he already had his scope on him, before complaining he was getting hungry and wanted this to be over and something about stupid drivers and then something in french. I just ignored him and pulled my Desert Eagle and knife. When Tex was 4 feet away both men reached into there coats and started to pull fully automatic weapons out. Tex was fast but Piear was faster, before the first man had his out all the way he had a bullet in his head making the second hesitate giving Tex his chance. His revolver was out and he put a bullet in the second guy before Piear stole that kill too. I got on the radio and told the 3 jeeps and Lincon to go ahead in position 2 and to push through and not stop for anything. The jeep on the left of the car left first, but the car was close behind with the last to jeeps fallowing behind the car. It seems I was right in sending them away because not 2 seconds after we where swarmed by armed rebels. One of them yelled something in spanish, so I had Tex translate. He tells us that the man is the leader and is looking for our leader. A smile breaks across my face as I prepare to step out, but I hide it. I slowly open the door, put my hands up and step out of the drivers side of the jeep. I slowly put my knife and gun on the ground and step away from them. "If you can speak english please do, that man over there is the only one who can speak spanish." I yelled to the rebel leader nodding towards Tex.

"Where is your leader, the one known as James, Son of the Reaper?" I could see the surprise on Tex's face knowing that none of the four men had heard of that name. My fathers name was Balthasar Theador Grimm, in the beggining of his career he was known as Balthasar the Grimm but as his career went on his love of killing and bloodlust gained him a new name, The Grim Reaper. Most in the proffession thought he was the living embodyment of death itself. I smiled inwardly knowing that none of men under my comand had any idea who I really was.

"I am James. What do you want from me?" I asked the man. He nodded to 2 men by his side they started walking over to me guns pointed directly at me. They only to a few steps before a bullet hit the ground right in front of them. "I wouldn't make any sudden moves. I don't want to have to kill you all but I will if I have to. Now again I ask what do you want of me, and I'd answer quick before I get annoyed." I tell him completely straight faced.

"Those to men are going to check you for weapons and then me and you will have a little talk." I gave Piear the signal to stand down. Apparently he didn't like this because he planted a shot between my feet so I gave him the finger. What a mature team we are. " Your men will not be harmed but I must ask that they leave their weapons there as well seeing as you have 28 other men with guns besides them." I respond. He says something to them in spanish and they put their guns on the ground and continue walking towards me. The check my torso legs arms my back, just like any other frisking. They finish up and have found nothing obviously. 1 of them turns to the man I was speaking to and nods they both turn and walk away. The leader begins to explain " I will leave my gun here and bring one man to stand halfway between you and my group and I will come to you and we will talk, do you agree to these terms?" At this point I was thinking what would be easiest to get this job done and after a few seconds of deliberation knew what I would do. I answered him "I agree with your terms. Lets get this party started shall we." He half smiled and as he said handed his gun to a man beside him and started forward fallowed by the man who was standing behind him. The man stopped halfway between myself and the large group of men with guns, but the leader continued towards me. He finally reached me and looked me straight in the eye. " I am here to tell you our goal here today. What we have been told to do." he started. "I assumed you where here to take out the Ambassador." I returned slightly confussed. He just started to laugh quietly before continueing " No sometimes the one who keeps our rebellion armed and fed, the one who pays all the bills will ask us to do a job for him this just happens to be one of them."

"And that would be doing what?" I ask. He smiles and pulls a pistol from the inside of his jacket and points it directly at my head. I hold my right hand up to keep Piear from shooting him, as I tilt my head forward looking down at the ground. "Killing you young man. Any last requests before I blow your brains out?" He asks.

"Atleast your kind enough to offer me a last request. If you have any I'd like a shot of whiskey or rum, thats all I ask." I say as I lift my head a smile on my face.

"I have some whiskey in a flask. My father always says told me to give aid to a dead man." The man standing apart from the larger group says as he pulls a flask from his inside jacket pocket I look to him and he at this point is 10 feet from me. " How about that mister, what do you say?"

"Fine I suppose it can't hurt anyone." He says and as he turns and starts to say something to the man behind him the man takes one step before a bullet goes through his head the leader barely has time to turn back to me before my hidden wrist blade is realeased and I reach forward sliceing quickly through his throat his blood splashing across my face. It's warm and smells of copper. Before any of the men behind him have a chance to react Hagus jumps from the jeep his mini-gun fireing into the large group taking out most of them. With only 10 of them left I run to my knife, pick it up as I'm running and charge headlong into the group slashing and cutting well the rest of my team climbs out of the the jeep unable to do anything, just looking on in awe as I easily take out the last 10 of the rebels. After only a few seconds I alone stand in the group of bodies that was the rebel force. I am covered in blood none of it mine. Looking back at my team I can tell there is something not human about me that almost scares them. We all get back into the jeep and head to the safe point to meet with the ambassador. The job is finished and we all get back into the the transport and head home. All of the team sits as far from me as they can. Before long Tex comes to me and asks me if I am alright. I look at him for a moment and tell him I am fine. A few minutes of silence passes before I ask him wh7y everyone seems so nervouse now. He replies without looking at me " Because after you took out the last of the rebels we saw something in you unnatural almost demonic. You looked like a demon and had an evil smile on your face, like you enjoyed having their blood soak your clothing. It scared the shit out of all of us. We all felt at that moment like there was a blade pressed against our throats and even the slightest movement and we would be killed there and then." Looking back at it later he was right. I did enjoy it all, the feeling of my blade slicing through flesh, the smell of there fear, the warmth of their blood covering my body, and most of all seeing the look in their eyes. An intense fear, not of death but of me and what I was. That was the first time I became that way and those feelings got stronger as my career as a merc continued. The only reason I am writing my life story now is I am most likely going to die tomarrow night and I want people to know the truth and know why I chose the path I did

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