The good thief chapter 2

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The story of Pavel Kuliv and the people around him continues in the second chapter.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The good thief chapter 2

Submitted: January 15, 2012

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Submitted: January 15, 2012



Mikael Ashvili was a young punk, nothing more. He had come to America when he was thirteen, ten years ago. He grew up hearing about Pavel Kuliv, he had achieved the status of the Vor V Zakone’s right hand man in five years, he’d killed eight men to get the title, some said the total body count he’d piled up was fourteen, eight in America, six in Russia. He had more tattoos than any other mother fucker around. Tattoos were like medals in the criminal underworld, each tattoo has its own meaning, the boss, the Vor V Zakone had tattoos of stars on his shoulders, showing he was just that, the king of thieves. “He’s a saint my friend, he paid for every one of us to get out, you believe that shit?” Mikael said to his friend, proud he had met a legend in the criminal underworld, known by the Russian, Irish, Italians, Blacks and Hispanics alike. He was simply a god among men on the wrong side of the law. “And he said we should talk to Minkov for work?” Oleg asked Mikael. Mikael was the leader out of the two, it could be said that Oleg aspired to be a criminal simply because of Mikael. “Imagine, no more beat up jobs for that retard Karkarov, we could be big time, we could actually be known as something more.” Mikael said, like an excited child. “We could make good money couldn’t we? I can actually start taking care of my mother.” Oleg added, he had been knocking heads with Mikael for five years; they were best friends since they got on that ship to New York from Moscow. The young thugs said cheers, drank their drinks and went on their way to see Minkov.

Minkov worked in an office, it would seem like he was an average conventional educated man, but if you looked at the pistol in his desk or the morbidly obese man carrying a knife sitting next to the door, you would have probably guessed he was in a different line of work. He was in charge of running the extortion rackets, giving young men on the streets jobs, such as breaking the bones of an old man because he refused to pay protection money. As Mikael and Oleg knocked on the door, Minkov’s bodyguard opened it slightly and stuck his fat face out. “Who the fuck are you two?” He said. Oleg looked to Mikael, and Mikael delivered the answer. “Mister Kuliv told me I should come here for work.” Immediately afterwards the door slammed shut in their faces. “Assholes.” Oleg said as the two started to walk away defeated. Suddenly the fat man opened the door, “Minkov wants to see you.” As he shouted the two walked back trying to keep cool. As they went in they saw Minkov, an athletic man his late fifties wearing an iron grey suit. “You have met Pavel Kuliv.” Minkov asked.  “Just me.” Replied Mikael. “In jail, he spent a night there, he paid for me and four others to get out.” Mikael continued. “Why were you in jail?” Minkov asked, obviously not caring. “Assault, I was doing a job for Karkarov, the loan shark.” Mikael replied, by now Minkov understood Oleg was simply there for show. “You were working for that idiot Karkarov?” Minkov said laughing, even the body guard chuckled. “He paid well.” Mikael replied. “I pay better.” Minkov said rubbing his forefinger and his thumb together, a mischievous glint in his cold eyes. “I believe you.” Mikael said. “Of course you do.” The body guard said smiling. Minkov stretched out his arm and handed Mikael a notebook and pen. “Write your name and contact information, when I call, don’t make any mentions of any type of crime, the damn pigs are on my ass. I’ll just tell you to meet me right here.” Minkov said to him. Mikael nodded in approval and wrote down his information and handed back the pen and notebook. “I’ll call you when I need you, for now, get the fuck out of here.” Minkov said, his voice booming, the monstrous body guard let out a deep laugh as Mikael and Oleg left the office.“He seemed like a dirt bag.” Oleg said as the two men got into their cheap second hand car.  “Well, we’re just starting out, you have to take shit for now to get to the top, then we show these assholes.” Mikael said, Oleg was a year older than him, but didn’t seem like it. “By the way, you should say something, or else those guys will think you’re a retard, you want that?” Mikael asked. “Don’t answer it was a rhetorical question.” He continued before Oleg could make an idiot of himself. “A what?” As soon as Oleg asked that he automatically made himself look like an idiot.

“Zapravila I needed to talk to you.” Vor Betchov said to the large man sitting before him. “You know about this Evsei Schmon problem, do you not?” He asked. Zapravila nodded his head. “I know of your anger with him, the anger that boils in your blood, an anger which will only cool down when you have spilled his blood.” Betchov continued. Zapravila’s eyes sparkled. “You’ve murdered on my orders before, do it again, fulfil the contract.” Betchov said, lighting his cigarette. Zapravila’s heart beat furiously, his blood boiled, he was eager to fulfil the contract.

He had to follow Evsei Schmon for a week, every time he did a contract he made sure to stalk his prey first.

“Zapravila, where were you?” His wife shouted at him, the only person Zapravila could truly fear was his wife, she could steal more from him with a divorce settlement than the greatest thief in the world, and he couldn’t kill her either, because he loved her. “I’ve been working.” Zapravila said taking off his jacket. “I haven’t seen you in six days, where the hell were you?” She shouted again, this time it was harder to ignore her. “Where is my boy?” He asked her, still trying to block off her screaming. She paused, her mood suddenly changed. “He’s upstairs, he was worried about you.” She said, “I’m sorry I was gone for so long, like I said I’ve been working, it’s important.” He said as he walked up the stairs to see his son. “Dad?” His son said greeting him with a question.  “Hello my boy, how are you.” He asked the eight year old. “Where were you? I was need help with my homework.” His son said. Zapravila couldn’t have helped him anyways, judging from the fact he’d never spent a second of his life in the class room. “You will have to ask your mother about that.” He said. His son ran into his arms as he opened them, the day after he would kill a man.

“Do you think it was wise to give Zapravila the contract?” Pavel Kuliv asked Betchov. “Zapravila one of the best killers I’ve seen, I’m sure of my decision.” Betchov said to him as he rolled his cigarette, Pavel Kuliv lit it. “I know that, but it’s his anger against Evsei, it will cloud his judgement.” Kuliv told him. “I’m confident in his abilities.” Betchov said, trying to end the conversation, because he knew Kuliv was right. “Look, I would have just preferred if you told me about the hit beforehand.” Kuliv said, snuffing out his cigarette, deciding he didn’t want it anymore.

Zapravila loaded his pistol outside of Evsei’s house, it was the best area to commit the murder, it was on the top of a hill with not many houses close so he didn’t have to use a silencer. He tucked the pistol in the crotch of his trousers and did a slow jog around to the back yard, he climbed over the fence quietly and tread slowly around the pool. He got out a bobby pin, and after ten minutes he had the back door open. He slowly took out the pistol and walked towards the sound of running water in the kitchen. He had been waiting for this moment for so long, his lust for blood would finally be gone. The fire in his eyes was burning. He cocked the pistol, and as he entered the kitchen it was empty. Suddenly something slammed into him from the side, it was a trap, Evsei Schmon had seen him. He was only in his pyjama’s but he was going to fight no matter what. Zapravila was slammed onto a table, Evsei on top of him wrestling for the pistol. He kneed Zapravila into the gut but Zapravila didn’t falter, He twisted the pistol to point at Evsei’s head, as he squeezed the trigger Evsei jerked his head to the side, the bullet shooting his ear off. Evsei’s shout seemed to echo in the room, but he didn’t move, his blood dripping on to Zapravila, Evsei sunk his teeth into Zapravila’s neck, another shout which wouldn’t be heard because the house was in isolation. Zapravila frantically moved his neck, Evsei’s teeth didn’t seem like they would let go till one of them was dead, and it wasn’t going to be him. Zapravila slammed his boot into Evsei’s groin, causing him to stagger across the room. Zapravila kept his hand down on his neck, the blood dribbling on to his shirt and jacket. “Motherfucker.” He said before shooting Evsei in the chest. Zapravila stared at the body, then fell on the floor feeling dizzy. He heard steps in coming towards him. “Who is it?” Zapravila said, too weak to shout.“Don’t shoot.” He heard a gentle voice coming into the room, belonging to a young woman. She was a witness, he had no choice. “I’m sorry.” He said before he shot her in the head. He watched the two dead bodies for a few minutes then proceeded to walk to his car, and tell his boss that he had completed the hit.

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