School Shooting

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When two teen shooters decide to hold up a class full of kids, the kids decide to ban together and fight to live so they can go back to their homes and live a long life.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - School Shooting

Submitted: August 14, 2010

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Submitted: August 14, 2010



"Hey man, whats up?" That was the first thing I heard when I got to school, on bring your child to work day. Before I replied to whoever said my name I went up the front steps, as I went up, I bumped into a kid. He looked at me for a few minutes, turned, then walked away. I looked to who said the words when I first got here and yelled, "Nothing, pissed off 'cause my dad's goddamn job doesn't let teens go to his job!" I told Mike.

Mike was eighteen, same as me. he was average height, little on the heavy side. All the girls fell for him. Maybe that's because he was in the most popular band in our school. His band took up the same music as the Red Hot Chili Peppers did. He was the singer and the lead guitarist.

"Bro, we're eighteen. We ain't kids no more!"

"Thank you! Thank you for agreeing with me!" I told him, shutting the door to my car. I walked over to him and we did the 'bro' hi-five.

"So how was your weekend, man?" He asked me.

"Boring..... As..... Fuck! Dude, I no-lifed Call Of Duty and leveled up like ten times." I told his, embarrassed.

"Yo, Austin, how do I say this nicely..... YOU NEED A GIRLFRIEND!" As he said this he hit me over the head, but in a joking way.

"Yeah I know" I replied, fixing my hair with a comb I pulled out of my jeans pocket. "Um... why do you have a comb in you pocket?" He asked me.

"Oh, its for when dumb-asses like you mess up my gorgeous hair." I fixed my hair and put the comb back in my pocket. I should have seen this coming 'cause as soon as I did, he takes both hands, dropping his bag, and shakes them violently through my hair.

"Ass!" I yell at him, as he laughs.

"Sorry, but you head it coming." He said back to me.

"Anyways... ass-hole, I was thinking of asking that girl, Amanda, out."

"The one with the big tits?"

"Yes, the one with the big tits. Do you think I should?"

"Its up to you, make it quick, 'cause here she comes." Mike points behind me and I see her. Time slows down, like in those shitty teen movies, but this time it actually slowed for me. She stands at five foot five, short but cute. her dark brown hair going passed her shoulders, and her hips moving back and forth.

"Oh... My... God!" I say under my breath.

"Just ask her out, before someone else does." Mike tells me, as he nudges my side.

"Okay, here I go." I walk over to Amanda.

"Uh... hi, Amanda."

"Hey, Austin." Her angelic voice going through my ears and moving around my brain. I fill with joy.

"Um... Amanda? I was wondering if maybe you'd like to... go on... a... date... with me? Tomorrow, cause its Friday. I can pick you up, or we can meet at the theater if you want. Which ever one's better for you cause im fine with either. But if you don’t want to I understand-" "Austin"

"... Yes?"

"Id love to go on a date with you. Believe it or not, I’ve been waiting for a while for you to ask me out." She told me.

"R-really?" I stutter.

"Yeah, pick me up at my house after school. Toodles." Amanda, kisses my check and walks away, as Mike comes over.

"I told you, man! Now come on, lets get to class." I don’t reply, im still shocked she said "Yes", after about a minute of zoning out, I come back into reality.

"-on dude, we're gonna be late" Mike says, pushing me to my first class... little did we know what shit was about to go down...

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