Chapter 12:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Outside was a blood bath. None of them knew it had turned this bad, this quickly.

"Where are we supposed to go?" Jack asked.

"North. The man kept stuttering that word." John replied, ducking behind a car.

The others did the same.

"I know that on the other side of the island, they do helicopter tours. That is the only place that the people would actually be going to." John replied. 

A zombie was walking along the sidewalk, a grisly arm in his hand. 

"Duck." Brett said.

The group ducked behind the valet desk. As the zombie neared them, Brett jumped up and dug the knife into the zombies eye. With a sickening pop, its eye exploded as the knife dug itself into the zombies brain. As Brett yanked the knife away, the zombie fell to the floor, dead.

"Let us continue?" he asked.

The group stood and began walking towards the parking lot. 

When the group made it to the hotels white van, John pulled out a key. 

"How did you get that?" Jack asked, looking around to be cautious.

"Snagged it from the front desk when the lady had her back turned. Come on, you know im good at sneaking things." John said, unlocking the driver door. 

He got in and unlocked the rest of the doors. Putting the key in the hole, he turned the van on.

"Let's get to safety." he said as he put the van in drive and left.


Dayan and her group left as they saw the van drive away.

"I give whoever did this props." Breanna said, pointing at the zombie with its eye missing.

"Come on." Stuart said, pushing Jen in the wheel chair.

Stuart found the chair in the corner of the lobby with a dead body in it.

"Where are we supposed to go?" Jen asked.

"Let's go through the buildings. That would be the easiest way." Stuart replied.

"Let's start, than." Dayan said, walking down the sidewalk.


Phil and Mark had went in the elevator and down to the first floor. 

When the doors opened, neither of them wanted to get out. The hall was long and dark and ontop of that the lights were flickering in and out.

"Come on, I used to work at a hotel in Texas. These thigs will lead us out towards the water." Phil said, walking ahead, slowly.

As mark got out, the doors began to slide shut. He uttered a scream as the doors cconnected with a looud bang. Phil jumped around, ready to attack.

"Don't be a baby." Phil said.

As Phil turned, he saw a man at far away, looking at them.

"God no." Mark said, walking towards the elevator. 

He reached to press the button for the elevator to open, when his finger connected with a key hole.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me." Mark mumbled.

"Come on, we have a walk."  Phil said, walking ahead, raedy to attack the guy.

Submitted: July 31, 2011

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