Chapter 14:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The group had gotten into an insurance store. One way in, one way out. Stuart and the group had set Jen in a back room with cameras and a desk. On the wall behind the desk was a safe. Stuart and Dayan had dragged a few bodies that were scattered around, out into the road. They saw Phil and Mark emerge from a man whole but didn't say anything, they didn't want to alert the dead. Stuart got back in and shut the doors and locked them.


"Come here." Breanna said to Dayan, pulling her out of the back room and into the main room.

"What?" Dayan asked.

"We need to get rid of Jen." Breanna replied.

"What the hell do you mean? She is one of us."

"I know she is. The thing is, she is holding us back. We could get to where the ships or whatever is rescuing people, faster without her." 

"We are not leaving her back." Dayan said, walking towards the back room again.

"Wait!" Breanna said.

Dayan turned slowly and faced Breanna. 

"What?" Dayan asked.

"Come with me, we can go alone and leave Stuart to watch over Jen."

"Fuck you." Dayan said, walking towards the back room. 

When Dayan got in, she saw Stuart and Jen were watching the video feed.

"What was she saying?" Jen asked as the lights flickered and died.

"You have got to be fucking me." Stuart groaned.

There was a shot that startled all three of them.

"Shit!" Dayan yelped. 

"What was that?" Stuart asked as Dayan ran to look at what happened.

"Where is Breanna?" she asked, running back in.

"I saw she was going towards the bathrooms.

Stuart ran passed Dayan and towards the bathrooms in the back hall on the left. Dayan was running after him. 

When Dayan saw Stuart, he was slamming his body into the door to break the lock. 

Stuart broke the lock and the door flew open. He looked in and stumbled back, hitting the opposite wall. A picture fell and shattered as it hit the floor. Stuart doubled over and puked. Dayan ran up towards the doors as the power came back on. When she looked into the bathroom, she saw a body slumped on the toilet seat. Blood and brains were on the back wall. Part of Breanna's skull was slumped in where the bullet exited. Her left eye had exploded from the pressure of the bullet entering her cranium. The revolver was on the floor, also bloody. Dayan jumped in, grabbed the gun as she almost slipped on the blood and jumped back out, shutting the door. 

Stuart was just standing up, wiping his mouth as Dayan came out.

"Shit the power is back on." Dayan said.

"How's that b- shit, Jen!" Stuart replied, running. 

As the two got into the back room, they saw Jen, white as a ghost. 

"I cant believe she did that." Jen mumbled. 

Stuart walked over to her and shut the video feeds.

One of the video feeds was in the hall way but it could see part of the bathroom. 

"Im sorry you had to see that." Stuart said, covering Jen's eyes and hugging her. 

Jen was sobbing into Stuart's left arm.

"I know you never want to see that again." Dayan said, walking over to them.

"After my dad did that, it hurt me. And Breanna just did it. Just... oh God." She broke into tears again.


A couple hours later, the sun had dissapeared and there was nothing but lights in the building and the fires outside.

Jen was asleep in the corner. She was curled up into a ball. Dayan and Stuart were in the sitting in chairs, looking out of the window. Once in a while a zombie would pass without noticing them.

"How do you think she is taking it?" Dayan asked.

"Not well. You go, get some sleep. I'll wake you both up in the morning." Stuart replied.

Dayan stood up, kissed him on the forehead and went into the back room.


At three in the morning, Stuart was dead tired and nodding in and out of sleep. He thought he heard a door handle jiggle from the back but he brushed it off as part of his dream. 

At three-thirty, Breanna had opened the door of the bathroom and was stumbling around. She inhaled and her nose was filled with the scent of Stuart. She turned and began stumbling towards him. 

At three-thirty-one, there was a sound of a gun going off. Stuart jumped up and turned, coming face to face with Breanna. Behind Breanna was Dayan, with a gun in her hand. There was another shot and a spray of blood hit Stuart in the face. Breanna fell to her knees as Dayan pulled the trigger once again. Breanna was trying to get up as Stuart stumbled back, almost tripping over a chair. Dayan used the last two bullets in the gun and killed Breanna.

"What was that?" Jen screamed.

"Nothing!" Dayan replied, breathing fast. 

She tossed the gun away and ran towards Stuart.


Breanna was taken back into the bathroom, with the help of Stuart and Dayan.

"How did she come back alive?" Stuart asked, wiping his hands on his jeans. 

"When we were taking her back in, I saw a bite mark on her thigh." 

"Let's just go to Jen." Stuart replied.


The sun had risen again and the three were getting ready to go.

"Are you ready?" Stuart asked the girls.

"Yes." they both replied.

Stuart began pushing Jen towards the front doors.


Submitted: August 21, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Aussieb. All rights reserved.


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Your story is ah-mazing..plz continue

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