The Shoot Up

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

Submitted: May 02, 2011

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Submitted: May 02, 2011



Camera's shoot their views to the room that was being lit by a powerfull light as the gun shots rang out. People screamed and cops tried to calm them down.

"What the fuck!" Kevin screamed, jumping up.

As the gunshots rang out, Amanda's phone rang. She answered it.

"Hello? No, honey, I have to go! Shots just rang out! You are getting on the plane? Okay I love you! Apparently there were guns in one of their bags. Got to go, love you! Goodbye!" Amanda screamed the 'Goodbye' and hung up the phone.

Parents screamed and tried to surge forward but were blocked by a line of cops.


"She said guns were in the bag." Austin said, hanging up his phone.

Shannon and Ausitn were on the plane, sitting in the back. Austin powered off his phone and placed it in his pocket.

"Oh no." Shannon said.

Neither of them saw the man in the row ahead of them get up and walk to one of the stewardess'. A few minuets later the guy sat back down. A moment after that, two females came over with a security guard.

"Im going to have to ask you two to get up and come with me." the guard said. He was a tall black man built like a wall.

People were turning in their seats to see what the problem was.

"Why?" Austin asked.

"Get up and come with me." the guard snapped.

Austin and Shannon got up and were taken off of the plane.


"Fuck you." David said, pulling the trigger.


The chamber was empty.

"Shit." David said, as Owen's eyes shot open.

Owen lifted his foot and it slammed into David's croch.

"Fuck!" David yelled, falling to the floor, clutching his package.

Owen jumped up, grabbed Max's gun and aimed it at everyone still there.

"'Anyone fucking move! Do it, I fucking dare you!" Owen screamed. His nose was bleeding.

Max was laying in a pool of blood. His face was pale.

"Kill me. Fucking kill me." Max said, looking at Owen. Owen looked back as he knelt down near Max.

"I'll see you again soon." Owen said, pulling the trigger as he aimed the gun at Max's head. Blood burst out and hit him and the floor. Max's legs kicked once and his body went still.

The bag that had the ammo was right next to Owen. He grabbed it and turned to face the others.

"If any of you try anything, you'll fucking die." Owen said, walking towards the door. He pushed it open and stood outside.

"Shit. Oh fucking shit. Dammit!" he screamed, grabbing hair. He opened the bag and took out ammo. He placed new rounds intop the gun and cocked it. Before he turned to go back into the room, he saw a trail of blood leading towards the stairs.

Owen began following the trail... slowly.


"We can get someone out of the window." Peter said.

"Then fucking hurry!" David said, trying to stand up.

"How?" Breanna asked.

"The window! Get to it, Breanna." Peter replied.

Peter, Breanna and Kathy ran to the window and opened it.

"Who's going?" Breanna asked.

"You. Let's hurry!" Peter yelled.


"Fucking elevator!" Leah cried, as she hit each stair.

The door on the floor above her hit the wall and she heard footsteps descend the stairs.

"Where are you, you whore?" Owen yelled out.

"Shit." Leah said, trying to crawl faster.


They began putting Breanna out of the window.


"Look!" a woman screamed. Kevin and Amanda looked towards the room and saw a female dangling out of the window.

"Get a net or something! Fucking hurry!" Amanda screamed, running towards the window.


"There you are." Owen said, kneeling by a panting Leah.

"Pl... please." Leah uttered.

Before Owen could aim the gun at Leah's head he heard a woman scream 'Look!'

"You'll always end up dying." Owen said, aiming the gun at Leah and shooting her in the back of the head.

He turned and began walking up the stairs.


Breanna was hanging out of the window when she saw that four cops walked over, they were holding a sheet they got from the cafe.

We need you to let go of him! We will catch you!" Amanda cried to her.

"Breanna, I am going to let you go. Are you ready?" Peter asked.

"Yes." Breanna screeched, as she dangled.



"I lo-"

Before Peter could finish, two shots rang out. Peter slacked, his hands tensed and then he let her go. Taylor was almost pulled out along with her but she let go just in time. Breanna began falling. Peter was shot in the back, twice. He fell down dead. Taylor whipped around and saw Peter standing there, gun raised. He pulled the trigger.

Breanna hit the sheet and lived. They had gotten her off of the sheet as they saw Taylor falling. They got her in time as she hit the blanket.

"We have two ali-"

Before Amanda finished, she saw that taylor was shot in the stomach.

"Get an ambulance here right fucking now!" she screamed.

Taylor was gasping for air.

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