The Shoot Up

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Chapter 13 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 02, 2011



"Get out of here you fucking cunt." Zach said, throwing Max into the pool at the school.

They didn't know Max couldn't swim, so when he cried out for help, they ran. Before Max drowned, Owen saw him, ran towards the edge and jumped in. He grabbed Max and pulled him out.

"Thank you." Max said, coughing up water.

"Are you okay?" Peter said, sitting next to Max.

"Look at those two faggots." Peter yelled, laughing. He was with Taylor who was laughing as well.

"Come on, honey." Peter said, putting his arm around Taylor.

As they walked away, Owen helped max get up.

"I thought she was dating that kid Johnny." Max said, spitting out water.

"Whatever." Owen said. He held out his hand. "My names Owen."

"Max." Max said, shaking his hand.

"I fucking hate this world." Max said.

And that was the day they planned to shoot the school up next year.


As Taylor was being placed in an ambulance, Kevin began limping towards the entrance of the new building.

"What are you doing?" Amanda asked, walking up to Kevin.

"Im going up, no one else is fucking dying today." Kevin said as he kept walking.

"Good luck." Amanda said, hugging Kevin. "Please live." Amanda whispered.

"I will." he said.


"What guns are you talking about?" Austin asked, as he and Shannon were led into a all white room.

"You were on the phone. You told this female that there were guns." the guard said.

"Wh... oh! No, there's been a school shooting in Florida."

"Please stay here." the guard said, leaving the room and shutting the door.

"Fucking great." Austin mumbled, leaning on a wall.


"Does anyone else want to fucking move?" Owen screamed, waving the gun around. Dwayne was in the corner, his leg wraped in a ripped shirt sleeve. David was laying on the floor.

The phone in the class rang and everyone jumped. Owen slowly back up and towards the phone. He grabbed it and placed it to his ear.

"Hello?" he asked.

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