The Shoot Up

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

Submitted: May 03, 2011

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Submitted: May 03, 2011



Kevin threw the door open to the new building and stumbled a bit. There were puddles of blood here and there from people that were shot but had escaped.

"Dear god." Kevin said, taking out his gun. He saw the elevator and limped to it.

He pressed the button then noticed that there was a sign on the elevator.

"Fucking out of service." Kevin mumbled. He turned on his heels and began limping to the stairs. He pushed the door opened and began walking up them, clutching the hand rail.


"Let them free, what did they do to you?" Amanda asked.

"Is there always a reason for a class to be held hostage? Sure, part of it is due to the teasing but we just decided to hold up this class." Owen said into the phone. David had gotten up and had walked over to Dwayne. Owen was keeping an eye on them.

"Do you think she got away?" Dwayne asked, talking about Leah.

"I don't think so." Kathy said.

"How about the other two girls?" Dwayne asked, cringing as Kathy and David picked Dwayne up and set him up on a table.

"Shut the fuck up!" Owen yelled.

"Let them go or you will die." Amanda said into the phone.

"I don't fucking think so. Call back in ten minutes." Owen said, hanging up the phone.

"What are you going to do to us?" Kathy pleaded.

Owen smiled.


Shannon had been taken out of the room and into another one to be 'searched.'

"This is fucking bull," Austin said, taking off his shirt. "I don't have any fucking guns."

"Just safety, sir." a stubby, fat man said, placing on a white glove.

"You have probably checked out bags, we don't have anything. When you do this, I am getting a fucking lawyer and suing your ass." Austin said, unbuttoning his suit pants.

"Sir, please." the man said.

"Fuck you." Austin said, dropping his pants.


"You can not be serious." Shannon cried out, taking off her shirt.

"Ma'am," a black female said, putting on a glove. "Please just get everything off."

"I am going to sue you and everyone here." Shannon said, taking of her pants.

"Please." the woman said.

Shannon took her bra off and dropped it to the floor.

"Oh god." Shannon said, turning around.


"Again, we are so sorry about what happened but it was just for cauti-"

"Fuck you, you'll be hearing from our lawyers." Austin said, interruping the stubby man and placing a finger in the guys face.

"Sir, there is no need to do that." the femal said.

"Shut up." Shannon said. A group of people were looking at the fight that was about to break out.

"Go back and wait for our call. By the way, we would like out bags back. Now." Austin said, stepping a inch away from the man.

The man stared, transfixed at this mans attitude.

"Right this way." the guy said, walking past Austin and Shannon.

"Ass." Shannon said, grabbing Austin's hand.


The phone rang and Owen answered it again.

"What?" he said into it.

"Let them go." Amanda said again.

"I don't think so." Owen said, hanging up the phone.


As Amanda called Owen again, Kevin had made it to the third floor. He had passed Leah and her dried brains. He had pushed open the door and had come into a hall of horror. There were four bodies lying around and blood on the walls.

"Where are you?" Kevin asked the air.


"If you call one more time, you will fucking die." Owen said, picking up the phone for the third time.

"You'll be the one dead. Let them free." Amanda said.

"NO!" Owen screamed.


"NO!" a voice screamed, making Kevin jolt.

The voice was coming from a room a few feet away.

"I have you now." Kevin said, cocking his gun.

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