The Shoot Up

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Chapter 17 (v.1)

Submitted: May 03, 2011

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Submitted: May 03, 2011



Owen screamed as he fell to the ground. He was clutching at what was left of his balls. Kathy slowly got up as David ran over. Kevin was still out cold.

"Give me then gun!" David said, getting to Kathy. She handed it to him and they hugged.

"Go get help!" he yelled. Kathy jumped over Kevin's body and ran, blood dropping off her arm.

"Fuck you." Owen screamed, over and over.

"Fuck me? No, fuck you." David said, shooting Owen in the knees.

Two loud pops and Owen couldn't move anymore from the knees down.

"Dwayne, are you okay?" David asked, walking over to Dwayne.

"Yes I am, help me up." David grabbed Dwayne and helped him to his feet.

There were two shots and an eerie silence that followed. Dwayne tensed around David and slacked. Warm blood was on David's face and shirt. Dwayne fell to the floor as David let him go. David looked in his hand to see if he still had the gun, which he did.

"Don't ever forget backup." Owen said, smiling. He aimed at David as David lifted his gun and aimed it at Owen.


Kathy almost stopped to go back to the room when she heard two shots go off.

"Help!" she screamed as she bursted through the doors of the new building. Cops bombarded her and some ran past her.

Kathy fell to the floor, breathing hard.

"Are you okay?" Amanda asked, kneeling down beside Kathy as paramedics ran over.

"Im fucking shot, what do you think?"

"Is there anyone else in there?"

"Yes," Kathy said, being helped onto a gurny. "David, Dwayne, Owen and I think that guy is still alive."

"Kevin!" Amanda yelled, running towards the building. She threw the doors open and began running up the stairs along with other cops.


"Give it up." David said.

"Never." Owen said, pulling the trigger. David pulled the trigger as well.

Both bullets flew past each other and into the men.

David's bullet skimmed the side of Owen's neck. Blood flew everywhere as he dropped his gun.

Owen's bullet flew through the air and hit David in the neck as well. His body jerked and he fell to the floor. He tried crawling towards Owen, who was gasping for air. David had the gun in one hand and placed it against Owen's temple.

"Fu... fuck you." David said, soitting blood into Owen's face and pulling the trigger.

The final bullet had rung out.

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