World Of The Undead

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Submitted: August 14, 2010

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Submitted: August 14, 2010



August 2nd... 2010...

This was the day, the whole world turned to shit. The FOX cooperation was working on a new shot to cure Cancer... boy, did they fuck up. Don’t get me wrong, the shot cured cancer, but a week later... it wouldn’t help you anymore. Anyone could take the shot. As soon as it was in your system, you'd never get cancer. Sure there were side effects, puking and sore bones. But a week after the fluid was in you... no one was prepared for it. Zombies... or whatever these things were. They were like them. You were bit, you turn into one. Just like the old zombie movies. The first shots took place in New York. The lines for these shots took hours. Once you got one, you'd go on with your normal life... for a week. The first person to get the shot, ever, was a kid named Nate Promkul. He was 19 and was on the verge of death from cancer. He was pale white and was bald. He got the shot while he was asleep and the next day, his hair started to grow back. He felt better. This one how it began. They monitored him for a day and were about to let him go home when he started puking violently. They kept him in the hospital to do scans. One night, a doctor dropped his pen. He bent down to reach it and when he got up and looked at Nate, Nate's eye's were blood red. Nate Launched at the doctor and ripped a chunk of flesh out of his neck. The doctor stumbled around the room as blood sprayed out of his neck. A nurse was walking buy and looked in the room. The doctors hand smashed onto the frame, leaving a bloody hand print. The nurse screamed as she opened the door. She looked at the doctors body on the floor and then at Nate. Nate still had the chunk of flesh in his mouth, blood was coming down the corners of his mouth. As the nurse screamed, the doctor suddenly jerked and made the nurse fall to the floor. Nate launched himself off the bed and onto the nurse, ripping her throat out. The doctor crawled over to the nurse and began feasting on her also. Nate stood up and so did the doctor. They were walking around the room. The nurses eye's shot open and she stood up also. The door was open. They walked out of the room as a women with a baby in her arms was being pushed passed the room by her husband. They stopped dead in their tracks as they saw the nurse, the doctor and Nate staring over to them. The wife screamed, making the baby cry. The husband started to run, with the wheelchair in his hands. The people ran after them, leaving a trail of blood as they ran. The father slipped, releasing the chair. The wife and baby screamed as they collided with a wall. The wheelchair flipped and the baby skidded across the floor. The father whipped around and looked up as Nate stood over him.

"Get him." Nate said, smiling. His blood stained teeth bared as he smiled. The nurse jumped onto the father. His shrieks floating down the hall. Doctors and patients ran to see what was happening. The nurse got up and started attacking people. The father got up and stared blankly into space.

"Owwww." He heard a voice say, he looked to his left and saw his wife sprawled on the floor. He walked over to her and stared.

"Honey... please, the baby." She said, pointing to a body moving and crying. The father walked over to the baby and lifted it up.

"Honey?" The wife said. The father snarled and sank his teeth into the babies Adam's apple. The baby cried no more. The wife was screaming at the husband until some random patient took his I.V. pole and broke it. Causing a pointy end. He lifted up the pole and dug it into the wife's head. She screamed no more. The father walked over to a biohazard bucket and opened the top. Needles were jutting out, every which way. He took the babies corpse and dropped it into the bucket. He put the top back on and walked to the hall. Screams were erupting around the hotel, as more and more were infected. Nate was standing in the middle, smiling....

In California the first shot was injected into a mother of four kids. California didn't get a call, telling them not to issue the shot until three days later. In California, 5,581 were shot the first day. 6,792 the second and 8,724 the third. No one knew what was going to happen. Around the world, peopling were getting the shots. This was a terrible beginning.

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