Chapter 1:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 245

At the end of June, my father became president of the country "Panvech". A dry yet shinseina area. His name well, he goes by "President" now but to me he's still father, Manny Tac is his real name. He's a slightly tall man with a buzz cut, blonde hair, and hazle eyes along with being a little short tempered . As for me well my name is Mana and yes I'm a girl. I'm just an average girl though, short black hair above my shoulders with light green eyes. Some say I have a short temper but like father like daughter I guess. 

I was sitting in my room when my mother came in. She was a slightly thin woman with light blonde hair, almost to the point of looking albino. "Do you have a moment?" she asked. I nodded. 

She came walking over to the bed and started to ask me things like "Are you okay?" or "Do you feel ill?".

I was starting to get annoyed so I shouted "Yes I'm Fine." She just stared at me in silence.After a few minutes of staring at each other, she broke the silence with a few words of my father the "President". 

"Now you know being the President carry risks" She said.

"Yeah and?" I replied. 

"There could be a situation where your father is put into danger and the same thing goes for us" She said.

I was happy for my father to become president and I mean that but after all these measurements taken, I don't like it after all. My father is always working, we live in the same house and we hardly ever see each other.

"Hello? earth to Mana" my mother waving her hand infront of my eyes.

Without realizing it I dozed off.

"I'm sorry I just spaced out" I said.

"That's just like you to, I guess you still have that big imagination from when you were young" she said smiling.

"How can she remember back then?" thinking to myself.

She wasn't even around that much. She was always working through the nights so she never saw me when I got back from school, let alone be there to tuck me in.

"Is something the matter?" she asked.

"No nothing,  anyway why'd you come in here?" I asked.

She smiled "Because we're having a small party tonight so I need you to pick out something nice to wear"

I hated parties no matter who was going or how much of a bigshot he or her was. I chose to be alone because I felt like no one could understand my emptiness inside. 

"No thanks" I replied fast.

"But why not?" she asked.

"You know how much I hate parties" shaking my head.

"Well if you don't go for me, you should go for your father" she implied while walking to the door.

I can't let my father down, even after he's worked so hard on becoming the president. Right before mother reached the door I replied.

"Fine I'll go, it's for him though" I said looking at her.

"Thanks Mana" she said in a sweet voice walking out of my room. 

I was exhausted even though all I did was have a small conversation with my mother. I stretched out on my bed and closed my eyes to relax and I started thinking to myself. 

"How could she invite me to a stupid party? She should know how much I dislike them" rubbing my forehead.

I thought this night was never going to end so I decided to get up and head up to the roof. It was always a nice sight to see when you were that high up off the ground. Looking down at people just to see them small as ants. All of a sudden I caught a glimpse of a dark figure from the corner of my eye. At the gate entrance that leads to the Presidential house was a average size yet broad shadow looking figure. 

"Hey who's down there" I shouted.

The shadow figure disappeared within a few seconds of me shouting. I never thought someone could have moved so fast within a matter of seconds. I didn't really think much of it, just thought was another reporter trying to get material to make a story. We get them a lot now because father became president. I made my way back to room and flopped down on my bed. Laying there I started to think and my imagination ran wild.

"Was that my imagination? Could it have been a stalker?" I was speechless.

As I was imagining things I started to doze off.

"Must've been nothing after all" I said yawning.

Right as I closed my eyes I remembered something I forgot almost instantly and said it right before I went to sleep.

"The Party" 

Submitted: December 08, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Austin Blair. All rights reserved.


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