Chapter 3: Terror in the Office

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Everyone in the room was looking up at the lights. The bodyguard went rushing over to my father and dragged him over to the desk and told him to stay down. He was infront of the desk sitting down. I'm pretty sure he put him on the inside of the desk closes to the door away from the window. Father was more safe there then near the window. The guard looked at us and sort of yelled.
"Get over here now" while putting his hand up to his ear where his communication device was.
My mother and I both rushed over to the desk where father was. Mother was terrified and father well he looked as calm as ever. He told the two guards out front to lock the door and guard it then he came back in with us. The bodyguard was just standing infront of us with his hand on his communication device. 
"Nobody's responding, there must be a jammer" He said as he turned around pulling out his handgun.
"What do we do?" Father asked as calm as ever.
Mother on the other hand was terrified. I could see it in her face expression. The bodyguard walked over to us and just kept silent after that, except for the fact that he started pacing back and forth. He was probably trying to figure out what was going on. Some time has passed by and it was pretty quiet which was peaceful to me. Mother had her head down while father was there comforting her. You'd figure with all the people we had at the party there would be some noise or something though.
"Hey guard, you get anything yet?" I asked.
He looked at me with a frustrated face "No nothing".
After he answered me my mind just kind of went blank. Suddenly we all heard a loud noise such as a bang. My parents, the guard, and I all looked over toward the door. After staring at the door for so long I noticed a red thick but slick liquid started sliding out from underneath and through the door's crack.
"This can't be good" The guard said frantically.
"That looks like blood" Father added.
"All of you get under the desk" Ordered the guard.
We all crawled to and under the desk as fast as we could without making a sound. My heart was starting to beat faster after every second's passed. The guard stayed with us with his handgun drawn along with being somewhat calm. I think he was getting more nervous every second. After a few minutes have passed, we heard the door slam open. Footsteps were heard walking around the room and then they came near the desk. 
"Shhh..." The guard whispered.
Mother and Father were holding each other tightly. I was up against the desk leaning on my back. Other footsteps were heard coming from the entry way of the door. They got closer and closer as we listened. 
"They must be accomplices" The guard whispered. 
I was quiet, I was always the kind of person to keep to myself so this isn't really a problem for me. My mother on the other hand was freaking out, she was shaking and had a few tears go down her face. She kept quiet though so that's all that mattered. The footsteps came near the desk along with the other figure. We heard the two figures talking but they talked in a different manner compared to us. I couldn't understand them at all, I bet any of us couldn't. Finally we heard one of them draw something, sounded like the sound from when the guard drew his handgun. We heard a step then a sharp object came through the desk and nicked father in the shoulder.
"Damn" Father yelled.
Mother screamed at the top of her lungs. One of the figure's grabbed the desk with one hand and flipped it. I didn't know a person could have that much strength. We all backed away with the guard shouting.
"Get back now" while pulling up his handgun.
While the guard pulled up his handgun when we backed up near the window I finally got a good glimpse of what the two figures looked like.

Submitted: December 17, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Austin Blair. All rights reserved.


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