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Two people, both with things going wrong in their lives, but when they meet each other is that when their problems finally come to a stop, or does it just get worse?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Horrible Truth

Submitted: May 06, 2013

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Submitted: May 06, 2013





There she lied, as pale as a ghost, her face so tight you could see her bones. I tried for her, to stay strong, so she could see that I was fine. I watched the clock tick slowly by; every minute was precious and meaningful. Everyone around me was using up the time wisely, but I couldn’t. I wasn’t one for showing my emotions, if I was upset I’d never tell anyone, until it built up inside me, and then I’d do something that was stupid. 



Chapter one – The horrible truth

Jeremiah’s point of view

Sunday afternoon, the mouth-watering smell of roast cooking in the oven. I enjoyed cooking, one of my many talents.

“Jeremiah, where are you?” The shrieking shout from my mother made me jump; at least she remembered my name this time. My mum, Elizabeth, grew up in a wealthy family. She lived in a mansion with three brothers and two sisters. She used to tell me and my brother, Thomas, lots of stories of her childhood, it always sounded so lovely and cosy with her parents.

It’s funny how things can dramatically change. My auntie, Anne, passed away a year ago after having a heart attack. It hit us quite hard, but especially for my mum. Since it had happened my mother had been in and out of a dementia clinic, we don’t know what brought it on, but apparently she had it before, but as it was so small at the time we never realised.

“Jeremiah! Where’s your father got to?”  I knelt at the side of her, and carefully took her hand. I took a deep breath, and lied through my teeth. I had to; it was the only way to deal with it, to keep her happy.

“He went to the shop to get some more milk, remember?” She smiled widely, and nodded her head, “ah yes, of course.” She leant back, and carried on watching the television. My father, Harry, he left my mum when I was ten years old, I never really understood why, my mum would always say it was just too complicated. It has been seven years since then, but the memory of my father always stuck in her head, she still loved him, but would never admit it.

The dinner was ready, I served it up on the three plates and we all sat in the living room and watched the television together. Even though mum was ill, these were the memories that should be cherished, it was peaceful and we were all happy, on the outside at least. It wasn’t always bad; I and Thomas were two very lucky people. When we were younger we went on many holidays, one of my favourites had been Florida, going to Disney land, with our parents seeing our faces light up with excitement. We had a great childhood, even with dad leaving us; we had the best memories with our mum. With all the caring I did, I still had a lot of time for myself to enjoy. I went to college and studied Journalism as my dream job was to write in newspapers, or magazines, it doesn’t sound so much as a ‘dream’ job, but for me it was what I always wanted to do. Thomas was still at secondary school nearing to his GCSE’s, he’s always wanted to be an actor, to follow the footsteps of Tom Cruise; his favourite films were the Mission Impossible films. My mum had a carer to take care of her throughout the day time in the week, and sometimes they’d take the night shifts so I can go out with my mates and have a good time. 

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