Never Going Back Again

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Evangeline thinks she's normal.
Gregg's hiding something.
Evangeline and Gregg have been best friends since the day they met in McKinley Elementary School.
After a wild party at Evangeline's house, things being to change.
Evangeline and Gregg aren't the same anymore. Thing's being to switch around and mess with people.
Now, they'll never be able to go back and fix things.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Never Going Back Again

Submitted: January 14, 2012

Reads: 197

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



I watched my parents pull out of the drive.

"Be good while we're gone. No funny buissness, okay? No boys over, except Gregg, he's okay, he's a nice boy and we can trust him around you. Do you understand?" I remember my mother had told me

My parents would be gone fora month, and they trusted me all by myself.

Was I going to listen? No

I'm 16, I'm a teenager. I need freedom, and a boyfriend...both really bad.

I was going to throw a party!

I texted everyone I knew and told them to tell other people.

I had to get ready.

I needed help moving stuff, so as always, I told Gregg first.

He came quicker than I expected

Gregg knocked on the door.

"Come in dumbass! I told you that you could just walk in! I'm the only one here!"I yelled from upstairs

I heard the door open and close.

"Sorry, but I was raised to knock before I walked into someone's house." Gregg yelled

I smiled and shook my head at his sarcasm

I finished tying my hair back into a ponytail and skipped down the steps.

At the bottom step, I almost fell face first, but Gregg caught me.

He was smiling, as always

"And there's my clumsy best friend."he laughed

I blushed, and I blushed really hard.

I stared at him. Dark brown messy hair, greenish gray eyes, just flawless.

It's really hard for being that my best friend is the sexiest guy I've ever seen.

Yea, that doesn't sound weird at all...

Since we were best friends, I had to secretly have a really big crush on him. From time to time I would call him 'cute' or 'hot' or 'sexy' but only as a joke and he only knew it as a joke.

"How do I look?" he asked

"Hmmmm..." I said examining him.

He looked at me curiously.

"You look pretty hot."I joked

He laughed

"Never get tired of your sarcasim Evangeline."he laughed

We moved all of the furniture downstairs, except a couch, to the basement and hid all of the possible murder weapons.

People started to come around 10,and things started to get really crazy around 11.

Music was blasting, a lot of people were really drunk, and everything was just so wild.

I knew for a fact that Gregg was drunk, but not really drunk, just a little drunk.

I think I was a little too.

I was standing up against the wall, Gregg standing infront of me.

"Gregg,"I slurred

"You're really hot."he said

"I was gonna say that about you." I giggled

I just giggled a lot.

Then, we started kissing but the rest was just a blur...

When I woke up, I was laying on the floor in my living room.

I had a migraine, the slightest bit of light was piercing my eyes, little sounds were like fire alarms going off in my ears.

I stood up and looked around.

"Holy shit that's a big mess." I gasphed

That felt like I had just screamed it in my own face.

There was garbage everywhere, some puke in the corner, and it smelled a little.

I saw Gregg passed out over by the kitchen.

I picked up one of the empty cups on the floor and threw it at him.

He jumped and woke up.

"What the hell happened last night?"Gregg asked

I covered my ears.

"Stop yelling."I whispered

My stomach turned and I ran into the kitchen.

I threw up a lot in the garbage, well just about everywhere which caused Gregg to throw up.

I stumbled over to the phone.

I called my friend Zoe who I knew was at the party but wasn't drinking.

"Hello?"Zoe answered on the first ring.

I was trying to fight against my migraine.

"Zoe, what the hell happened last night?"I asked

"Oh my gosh, Ev! You're having a hangover, I told you not to drink."she said

"Tell me what happened last night."I demanded

"Check your page first..."she trailed

"You've never had a hangover before, have you? A pin drop could give me a worse headache. Just tell me what happened."I said

"Yea, sorry. Well see, you and Gregg were drunk."she said

"I know that dumb ass."I snapped

"Long story short, while I was partying and almost got with this really hot guy, you and Gregg were taking turns shoving your tongues down each others throats. You guys were like that for A LONG time too. A couple people had bets on how long you guys could go without air."she explained

"What?"I asked in shock


I cringed, fighting back the urdge to cry because that hurt my ears a lot.

"Holy shit."I said

"So what happened?"she asked

"What do you mean?"I asked

"Okay, I left around 4 and I want to know what happened after. Did you guys like hook up or something?"she said

"Just shut the hell up Zoe, you're pissing me off right now. I don't remember what happened, I was drunk!"i said

"Well don't come crying to me if you're pregnant."she said

"Zoe!No! I woke up on the floor in my living room, Gregg's probably passed out again somewhere."I said

"Like where, in your bed?"she asked sarcastically.

"I'm hanging up now. You're being a bitch."I said

"Ev!" was the last thing I heard from her before I hung up.

I went to the garbage and threw up a lot more.

I grabbed the garbage and brought it into the living room but Gregg grabbed it from me and started throwing up.

"Evangeline, what happened last night?"Gregg asked

I couldn't tell him, he'd freak out, never want to talk to me again, and just never want to see me ever again.

"Zoe said nothing really, she left around 4 so if anything happened, nobody knows."I said

"Great..."he said

"Now shut up, you're making my headache worse."I said

I laid down on the couch and fell asleep for a good four or five hours.

I woke up around 2 p.m.

Gregg was standing over top of me, but now everything was really dark. My headache was still bad.

"Hey, you need anything?"Gregg asked

"30 bottles of asprin, 6 big jugs of ginger ale, and a boyfriend."I said

I didn't get up, I just laid there, lazy as ever.

"Well Zoe came before. She duck taped the windows so not as much light would come in."he explained

"Wait, Zoe? What did she say?"I asked

"Something about somebody and a sleepover then she laughed."he said confused

"Yea, she needs a life."I said

"Come on, get up."he said

"No, I'm too lazy."I said

He picked me up.

"You're a nice friend."I said

He laughed a little.

"And you sound like you're still drunk."he said

"Thank god I'm not."I said

He carried me to my room.

The windows were blacked out with duck tape.

I knew Gregg wouldn't leave for a couple of reasons: 1.)he was too lazy 2.)he didn't have a ride and he wasn't big on walking 3.) he cared about me too much 4.)he really didn't care and niether did his dad, and there's plenty of other reasons.

He put me down and I laid on my bed.

I moved over and he sat down next to me.

"We have to figure out what happened last night."he said

"Well I don't want to know."I said

Gregg was hiding something. I knew he was, I never bothered to ask but it wasn't about last night

"Ev, I think it'd be best for both of us if we found out what happened last night. It's not good for either of us for us to keep it like this. We need to find out what happened. This could be hurting us..." he said

I knew it was hurting him, the thing that wasn't about last night.

I thought it was okay, he was keeping something from me so I could keep something from him.

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