Beautiful Maybe

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Beautiful Maybe

Submitted: May 01, 2013

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Submitted: May 01, 2013



Chapter 1


"I kept running, my legs were aching and my lungs felt like they were about to burst, but I couldn’t stop. They were after me. I could feel their cold breath on my back, the whispered sound of their feet pounding after mine. I took a short cut to the left. It was dark in the bush, I wasn’t quite sure where I was but I kept moving for fear of them catching me. Who knows what they’d do to me if I was caught. I burst through the forest and I came to a path, I choked back a sob. A path, a marvellous root free path, I stood still for that moment just looking at the trail that could possibly give me freedom from my pursuers. I heard the pounding of feet again, and I began to run. I raced down the path hoping for freedom, if I was lucky, I began to pray to myself but I stopped. God couldn’t help me, no one could. I continued down the trail my legs feeling like rubber. I came to an abrupt halt when there in front of me was a crossroad. They say in books and movies that you will come to a crossroads in your life, and u will have to choose which path to travel down, I never thought that it would literally happen. I hadn’t much time to think. I looked up toward the sky, considering asking God for help once again. I quickly looked down, God couldn’t help me, he abandoned me long ago, God didn’t care what happened to me, he was just a figment of imagination for people who couldn’t do things for themselves. Someone for the weak. I took off down the path that had been well used, hoping against hope it was the right one. I began to run once more, my lungs protesting with each step. I felt something closing in around me, a body crashed into me. Arms wrapped around me tightening as we crashed. I barely had time to scream, then all at once everything went black."

I woke dazed with my head spinning. I was laying on the floor in my room, my blankets tangled around me. Why was I on the floor? A knock sounded at my door followed by my brother coming in.

"You know the whole point in knocking is to wait for a response, not to knock and barge in anyways. You might as well not knock!"

I scowled at my older brother. He was only a year older then me, but you would never have guessed that by the way he acts, you'd think he was 7 the way he carries on."Your lucky that I even knocked, and you would have to told me to get lost anyways"

" I would not!"

"Oh! I'm sorry" He didn't, in anyway, look apologetic" Let me rephrase that, you would have screamed at me to buzz off closely followed by a sharp object getting thrown in my general direction. Which of course you would never hit me because well, you throw like a girl"

His smirk was extremely irritating to me at the moment. I could feel my anger bubbling up inside of me. I stopped myself from proving him right by reaching for my pillow. He however noticed my glance and his smile widened . Uh! If I hadn't so badly wanted to prove him wrong I would have thrown something at him. Instead I took a deep breath counted to 10 and let it out slowly. I looked towards my "big" brother and raised my eyebrows.

"Go away Noah"

" Ha! yeah because I always do what you want me too" His eyes held a look only older brothers possessed, the arrogant 'im older and have more experience then you' look. I knew he would go away faster if I just listened, I relented.

"Gah! Fine what do you want?"

" I was wondering, would you mind walking the dog tonight? I want to go out to eat with friends tonight but mom and dad said no, unless you walk Storm for me" I was about to tell him that in no way was I going to do something so he could go hang out with his friends, not after him being so...aggravating and annoying. But, a thought occurred to me and I stopped myself.

" Fine " I said. He was about to say something but I held up my hand "But..."

"But?...But what? There are no buts!"

" Yes there is" I replied. Being the only other sibling living at home did have its advantages.

" You have to do my half of the dishes for the weekend" I looked at my brother from where I was sitting on the floor. I saw that he was about to protest but I cut him off before he had the chance.

" Take it or leave it Noah. If you really want to go then I suggest you take it" He scowled at me, which I returned with a smirk. I could see his indecision, he was putty in my hands. And that's another benefit of being the younger sister, I could play him like a harp...or maybe that was just wishful thinking? I saw the resignation on his face which made my smirk grow into a full blown smile, I had won and he knew it.

"Fine whatever, I`ll do your dishes"

" Pleasure doing business with you. Now get out" I could see that he wanted to say something, a remark of some kind but he saw something on my face that made him realize that I had the power to make sure he didn't get to go hang out with his friend. He gave a sigh of defeat and left my room closing the door behind him

I smiled and got up off the floor. It was Friday last day of school before the weekend, and I didn't need to be late for class again. Having detentions on Fridays are not the best way to end your day. I grabbed my shampoo and ran to the bathroom. Not much time before I had to leave to be on time. I jumped into the shower letting the hot water soak my head, letting my thoughts drift to my dream. I wasn't completely sure if a dream could feel so real.


Morning’s in my house are always hectic. This person running this way, another person running the other. Its chaotic, but there is something mesmerizing about it. Everyone knows where they are going, and what they have to do when they get there. For my mom she makes lunches, has a shower, gets dressed, and goes to work with a goodbye kiss for all of us. Same thing for my dad just not the making lunches part.

"Layla, were you even listening?" The sound of my mothers voice broke me out of my reverie, "Uhm" I replied unintelligibly..

"I said, what are your plans after school?" I was about to tell her nothing much but my brother gave me a look,

"Oh I'm taking Storm out tonight"

"Ah so your brother managed to get you to do his dirty work huh" she turned to look at my brother, who in turn had the decency to smile sheepishly, or as sheepishly as a 6 foot7 guy can look.

"Oh don’t worry about that mom, me and Noah here came to an...arrangement of sorts" At my brothers scowl my mother turned her attention back to me. She noticed my grin and came to a conclusion

" Ah so what are you having him to do?"

" My half of the dishes for the weekend" I couldn’t help smiling, as I noticed either could my mother.

"That’s my girl!" I looked towards my brother who was no longer listening, or at least was pretending not too.

"Good morning everyone" my dad said as he walked into the kitchen. He gave me a kiss on my head my brother a pat on the back and my mom a kiss on the cheek. This is one of the nice relaxing mornings we don’t have very often, almost non existent really. So I decided to leave before it all to quickly vanished.

"Kay well I'm gonna head to school, don’t need to be late"

"Did you eat breakfast?" I looked towards my mother’s questioning look.

"Uhh, no I’ll just grab something at lunch" The look my mom gave me made me reach for a banana as I walked over too the front doors.

"Thank you Layla" my mom called after me.

"Ya ya" I mumbled as I walked away

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