Beautiful Maybe

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: May 02, 2013

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Submitted: May 02, 2013



Chapter 2


"Uhh! Stupid. Frikin. Book."

"You okay there Layla?" I turned towards the sound of my best friends voice.

"Yeah just keep dropping things today, it's starting to get on my nerves"

"Haha id say your talking to inanimate objects, that’s a little weird"

"Shut up Kaylee" I tried to look upset with her, but she has been my best friend for years, I couldn't help but smile at her.

"Aww but where's the fun in that?"

"There a lot of fun in that"

"I meant for me". I smiled at Kaylee, she has always known how to push my buttons at the same time.

"Haha! None!" I replied.

"Exactly! Why do you get to have all the fun and I don't?"

"Just cause you're not cool enough" Next thing I felt was a pain in my arm.


"Deserves you right. I'm cool, cooler then you that's for sure! I am frikin awe..." I tuned out to her ranting. Just as she knew how to push my button's, I knew exactly how to push hers. Just call her uncool, weird, or something along those lines and she will start naming off all the ways she is awesome, cool, gorgeous, and so on. another sharp pain pounded in my arm. "Owww! Why do you keep hitting me?!"

"Because your not paying attention to me!"

" That's because I know exactly what your saying without having to listen to you" I smiled at her waiting for the question I knew she would ask.

"Fine then, what did I say?"

"You said, and I quote. ' I am frikin awesome okay! No one looks this good, I am gorgeous! I'm a hot momma! so don't you for one second think I'm uncool! Why do you hang out with me if I'm so uncool, huh? Huh?' and end scene" I watched her face as I finished talking, she stood in front of me with her mouth slightly ajar.

"I'm right aren't I?"She didn’t answer me, instead she turned her head to look at the pictures in mt locker. I have 7 pictures in my locker, all of the people I care most about, my family friends and 2 pets, a cat and a dog. Yeah I know what you’re thinking, a cat and a dog are not human, but rest assured they think they are.

In the first picture my family and I are sitting in the kitchen, my mom at the stove, my father standing at the kitchen sink and my brother and I are sitting on stools next to the island. My mom has streak of spaghetti sauce on her cheek. She is holding the spoon for the sauce up and pointing it at my father with a very stern look on her face. My father, trying to hide his laughter, is holding a glass of water in his hands, trying to ward off my mothers attack, which in itself is rightly deserved since he’s the one who put sauce on her cheek. My brother and I are looking at the both of them with smiles on our face, watching with rapt attention to see what was going to happen.

I smile at the memory, that picture was taken a year and a half ago, when my dad was taking a vacation from work, it was the best week we ever spent together.

The next picture is of my brother Noah and I sitting on the deck out by our cottage. Both of us are looking out into the water holding fishing pole's.

The third picture is of Kaylee. She is sitting out back on my patio, facing the pool, as red as a tomato. She had the worst sunburn I have ever seen, she looked like a tomato for weeks. To make matters worse, she was just taking a bite of her hot dog when I snapped the shot, it was priceless.

The forth shot is of my other 2 best friends, who just happen to be brothers, Blake and Hunter. The photo was taken during the summer of this year. Blake, the oldest brother, decides it would be funny to put a pie in his brothers face. So he did, and Hunter ended up chasing him all around town. It was by far one of the best moments with them.

The fifth picture is of my two pets, my brothers dog Storm and my cat Melody. They are curled up on the rug in front of our fireplace. Their fur glowing in the fire light. Was such a beautiful image, I had to bring it with me. These are the only two I know that will love me forever, without turning their back's on me because of stupid things in life that tend to interfere.

The sixth picture is of my other best friend Tristan. He's sitting on the front steps of his house looking at me behind the camera, unsmiling just looking. I particularly like this photo, because he's not putting on a show, just being him.

The last photo in my locker is of the whole lot of us. My family, my best friends, and my pets. My father, mother, brother my brothers best friends Chase and Wyatt are in the back row. Blake, Hunter, Tristan, Kaylee and I are in the middle row, and Melody and Storm are in the front. Were all looking at the camera with dopey smiles on our faces. This was the last week of summer, and we had a BBQ to say goodbye to it. I keep it in my locker to remind myself that theirs only so much of this hell before we get our two months of freedom.

I shake my head to get rid of the memories. I bend down to pick up my book.

"So will we be on time for class today, or be late...again? Cuz if we don't get to class now were gonna be late."

"Yeah, let's go" I say as I straighten up. I grab the rest of my books, close my locker and lock it. We then turned and walked down the hall towards English class. We started talking about class's the students and our teachers. Kaylee particularly likes to talk about a boy in her math class that she thinks is cute.

"He talked to me yesterday!"

'Really? What did he say?" I asked.

"He asked me if he could borrow a pencil because he forgot his" She said with a weird look on her face, it was a cross between love struck and in dream land.

"So, He asked to borrow...a pencil? He only has to ask you to borrow a pencil and you act like this? Man you got it baaaaaad!"

"Shut-up" She replied," He's is so cute and adorable, it's just when he talks it's like I can hear a chorus of angels" She says with a sigh.

"Ya, I’m sure that’s exactly it how it sounds" I say with a tinge of sarcasm. Kaylee has always been sort of boy crazy. She is even worse when she has a crush on the guy, it's almost like WWI, stay out of her way and no one gets hurt. She's not actually that bad, but she definitely likes getting attention. I heard the bell go off, so we ran the rest of the way to class. The school we go to is fairly large in size. With over 5000 students and 100 teachers and faculty. This is a school you could get lost in, which on most days is definitely a good thing.

We got to class as soon as the teacher was taking attendance.

"Layla Mcer"

"Here" I say as I sit in my seat. The teacher glances up to make sure that I’m actually there, the look of surprise tells me that she knew I wasn' t sitting there earlier. I smile to myself as she continues, good timing if I do say so myself.

"Caleb Winter...Caleb Winter" The teacher glances up searching for the boy whose named she had just called, spotting him in the row next to mine she continues to call his name until she loses her patience. She yells at him then walks over and yanks his earphones out of his ears. He just looks up at our teacher Ms. Dean, with a blank look on his face.

"This is you're final warning Mr. Winter, if you do not stop listening to your blasted music then I will be forced to take it away, do we have an understanding?" The teacher continued to stare at Caleb, who in return did the same, the teacher with a look of authority, and Caleb with just a look of nothingness. The teacher walked back to the front of the room, finished taking attendance and began the lesson.


The bell rang signalling the end of English class. We gathered our things and were getting up from our desks when Mrs. Dean calls to us.

" We will be starting a new assignment on Monday. It will be in partners, and I will be choosing the partners. anyone have a problem with that?" She surveyed the students, most had sullen looks upon their faces. Most of us had a friend in the class who would have wanted to partner up with but unfortunately Mrs. Dean was the type of teacher who wanted things her way, and nothing could change her mind.

"I didn't think so, I will see you all Monday morning:" So we were all dismissed. I walked out into the hall and waited for Kaylee to come out into the hall. I peered into the class room and noticed her talking to Aaron her newest crush. I smiled to myself and turned to look down the hall way while I waited for her. I saw Caleb walk down the hall towards his locker I assumed. The hall ways grew quiet when he walked down them, everyone stayed out of his way, and nobody talked to him. It was kinda sad, he showed up here last year in grade 11. We know nothing about him, where he used to live, where he lives now, who his parents are, his interest, we don't even know what he sounds like! The whole year and a half he's been living here we haven't heard a peep out of him. It's like he's just trying to go by unnoticed, which is fairly hard for a guy that's probably about 6"5, well muscled, strong jaw line, and blue eyes. He wears jeans and a sweater everyday, always in black. Definitely a knock out, and I'm not the only girl at school who notices, almost every girl turns their head to watch him as he walks down the hall way. "Maybe that's why he has no friends" I think "he has almost every girl in the school looking wistfully after him, which makes all the guys angry, which makes them dislike him, which makes him not get along with anybody. Plus he's just down right intimidating"

I hear my name being called just before something, or someone collides into me almost sending me sprawling to the ground. I recover my balance and glare at my attacker.

"You really need to stop tackling me in the hall, simply calling my name would suffice" I say with a warning look at Blake."I did call your name, but you were in la la land." He replied.

"You can't tackle me 2 seconds after you call my name, I wasn't that far into ' la la land' to notice that" I remarked. He looked at me with a huge grin on his face. That was Blake for you always the pest, but you couldn't help but love him.

"Bugging Layla again Blake? Why can't you just leave the poor girl alone?" I hear Hunter say before I actually see him.

"Hey Layla" He continued. Hunter was the more reserved of the brothers. He talked very softly when you first get to know him, but when you really get to know him, he's actually quite loud. Although he is still polite as ever, he's just not what you would expect when you know his brother.

"Hey Hunter! and yes, he is bugging me...again. and will he ever stop, ha! Fat chance!" Hunter and I look at each other with shakes of our heads.

'Hey! It's just a element to being best friends with Blake Raven, if you don't want our friendship then...tough cuz you get it anyways!" We all start to laugh when Kaylee walks out.

"Hey Kaylee!" Blake and Hunter said in unison, which made me laugh more. These two always end up making me smile, regardless of my mood.

"Nothin" she said with a sigh. The brother's turn and look at me with raised eyebrows, they clearly wanted to know what the sigh was about. I mouthed the words ' new boy crush' which elicited eye rolls from the both of them. Which made me laugh some more. These guys always thought that Kaylee's obsession with boys was a little eccentric.

"What?!" Kaylee said when she heard my giggle, which made Blake, Hunter and I all start laughing again.

"What are you all laughing about this time? I can hear you all the way down the hall." I turned to see that Tristan had joined our little circle.

"Nothin" the three of us said in unison again, which made us smile, trying not to laugh again. Kaylee stiffened up upon seeing Tristan. Kaylee and Tristan have a... difficult time getting along, we have no idea whats up between them but whatever it is, it can't be good.

"Hey Tristan!" I say with a smile, "what's new?"

"Not much, just got to school" Tristan has morning spare, unlike the rest of us, the unfortunate ones. He smiles when we all glare at him.

"What? It's not my fault the secretary likes me better!"

"She doesn't like you better because of your stunning personality if that's what your implying" replied Hunter.

"It's most likely because of you're tendency to suck up to teachers, a lot" Blake interjected.

"Hey! Woah! Is this gang up on Tristan day or something??"

"Something like that" i replied.Tristan crosses his arms and glares at us, we all know he's joking around with us, so we smile back. Soon enough Tristan gets dragged away from us by another bunch of friends. Blake see's a few of his buddies down the hall, so he races to meet them, although he's out of sight we hear a shout of surprise then a round of laughter. Kaylee, Hunter and I all smile in response.

" Sooo Kay, what was all that about? I saw you talkng to you're new love intrest" I stick my tounge out at her so she will know im teasing. She throws a quick glance toward Hunter who is staring intently down the hall.

" ohhh i don't know, he seems like a nice guy"

"Did he give you back your pencil?" I ask innocently, which is returned with a glare. We both start laughing about our little joke when Hunter breaks in.

" What are you two laughing about!? Did i miss something?" Kaylee and I just smirk and start walking to our next class. Kaylee, like i said before, is a little boy crazy. I can never truly tell when she's actually interested in a guy. One second it will be the forward on the soccer team, or the captain of the basketball team, next week it could be the most popular boy in school! Who knows! A while back, when the Raven brother's became friends with Kaylee and I, Kaylee formed a little bit of a...crush on Hunter. Well why wouldn't she? He's adorably shy, with an amazing smile, and he has the strangest eye colour i have ever seen, but it is a very beautiful shade of greeny brown. So it's to be expected that she would form a little bit of a crush on him. But here's the starnge thing about these brother's, well, there's quiet a few things but one of them is there relationship status. Sure they have friendships but neither of them have a girlfriend. It isn't for lack of intrest in the boys, because any girl in the school would love to date one of these guys. It's lack of intrest in any girl that is the problem. I know that Kaylee likes another guy right now but im sure that if Hunter were to all of a sudden ask her out, she would jump, and i mean jump at the chance. Im not saying she's a bad person, not at all. im just saying that i think she needs to pick a guy to like, and like that guy. Not just like any guy that's nice to you, or shows the tiniest bit of intrest in you. That's all im saying. The sound of Hunter's voice breask me out of my musings.

"Earth to Layla, hello you in there?"

"Sorry" I say with a smile. " I was in La La Land"

"I'd say, well, welcome back to the land of the living, would you care to partake in actual reality today? or would you prefer to spend the rest of you're day in you're own personal fantasy?"

"Oh shutup!" I say as i smack his arm.

"Hey! No need for violence!" he says indignantly. I look up at him with a smile, which he returns. The thing about Hunter is that he can tease me, and i know that he's teasing. We get along well with eachother, and joke around with ease, i believe that is how our friendship works. We don't take what each of us say to seriously.

We all walk into our next classroom, Hunter and I sit together in the second last row, Kaylee sits two rows in front of us. As we settle in to class I lay my head on my desk hoping that math will go by quickly...yeah right. 


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