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This is a story about a 16-year-old teenage boy named Avalon, who gets a record deal, begins production on his first debut CD, but also gets a job in fighting crime by night!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - "Avalon"

Submitted: April 11, 2007

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Submitted: April 11, 2007




Avalon Rayne Carlson was born at the Garfield Medical Center on January 1st, 1986 at 1:00AM in the morning to Dina and Lloyd Carlson as they welcomed their first born child into the world with a very dramatic entrance, which due to diaphragmatic hernia, his left lund did not develop, as he was also dying, and had to be rushed over to Children's Hospital in Los Angeles to have an artificial diaphragm put in on the left side of his chest. His right lung did not respond to respirator and oxygen, and the doctors at Children's Hospital had to send Avalon over to the Huntington Memorial Hospital to have another operation in order to hook his blood vessels up to a machine called, "ECMO". He stayed on ECMO for 7 days, and the doctors have said that it might affect the way that his brain functions as he grows up. Later on in the same month of that year, Avalon was sent from the Huntington Memorial Hospital back over to Children's Hospital to have a G-tube placed in for direct feeding to his stomach because he lost the reflex and ability of having to take food by mouth. In February of 1986, Avalon was discharged from Children's Hospital in order to receive 24 hours of nursing service and oxygen supply. In the summer of that year in the month of June, due to high level of carbon dioxide in his blood, he was placed in a thing called a, "Negative Ventilator", as he'd sleep to help get more oxygen, and he used the machine for up to approximately 2 years. Soon before anyone knew it, Avalon's artificial diaphragm did not expand wide enough and had pushed his stomach inward, and so the doctors had to perform an operation in order to put his stomach and small intestines into place. In August of 1986, the doctors performed surgery for the second time on Avalon, to put in a new artificial diaphragm, and as for the next few months, he was hospitalized twice for severe diarrhea and pneumonia. By the time that Avalon was 6 years old, he accidentally fell to the ground while riding a bike at school during recess, and an operation was performed on the joint of his right leg. In the summer of 1994, the doctors performed surgery to close the G-tube that he had, and was finally able to take food by mouth at last. In December of 2001, Avalon had to wear a corrective brace for his back for 1 year and 1 month in order to correct the growth of his spinal cord and vertebrae. After all the things that Avalon had to go through, he was strong enough to be able to live his life now in the world today as a normal human being, and as for his future, there is no telling what will be in store for him, which will be a major surprise as he grows up. This is the story of Avalon.

Chapter 1

Avalon loved to sing. He would sing almost anywhere he went!! He would sing while shopping with his mother at the market as she's buying groceries, which would cause a lot of people to stop in their tracks and look at him, hoping that he would shut up and be quiet, because not everyone wanted to hear a little boy sing his heart out as much as he did, and would also sing while he's in the car on the way to school as he's listening to the radio, and would even sing more loudly than he ever did before when his favorite song comes on!! He would even sing in the shower as well!! So it was no surprise to know that Avalon had the talent for singing, and as his mother would have it, she took him to a nearby recording studio to record demos of songs, and then later on, send them over to many different record companies, just to see if they would pick him up and offer him a record deal. Unfortunately, Avalon's mother tried 3 to 4 times, and there was no such luck, but there came a day when his mom tried for the 5th time, and by then, a record label company called Jive Mason Records decided to give Avalon a chance to show the record executives how talented he was in his singing, and they were instantly blown away by the unique sound of his voice!! Also, to add onto the excitement, he was offered a record deal that he knew that he just couldn't refuse!! Avalon signed the record contract right away, and was soon able to record his first debut CD!!

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