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Foots is a story about a teenager who is expert in Playing Football! and He plays in the T.A Championship.But do he won T.A Championship? and makes his team proud?

Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: October 19, 2012

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Submitted: October 19, 2012



The Roberns , It was the soccer team in which Alan was selected. Alan was so happy. He came out of the T.A stadium and sat in the car which was waiting for Alan to lift him till his home. Alan went home in hurry and searched on Internet about The Roberns , T.A championship team. He came to knew that Roberns is a new team. It is the part of T.A championship from last year . But The Glammoroids team is the champion of everytime.It won the championship for many times. Every team is scared of the Glammoroids. They had thier own technique of playing. No one knew what that technique really was. Alan also came toknew that there stood a team Velling gorns, which left playing in championship last year and Velling gorns was only out because of the Glammoroids because the Glammoroids were with the shaolin powers. The Glammoroids were the biggest enemy of Velling gorns and every championship the final was between these two teams and always won Velling gorns but then the Glammoroids rose and made the Velling gorns to be on the way to lose. They created disrespect and no peace between the Velling gorns players so the team broke and every player went away. THIS year some good even best players of the Velling gorns returned to thier team to rock on and play as warriors to defeat the Glammoroids...........
Next day..... Alan was playing soccer and practising for T.A championship. The Roberns team was chowked that how Alan could play this well in selection of players. There was a player in thier team last year , Sams, who always played well like Alan so they could remember Sams. Sams was not in the team now. Alan was in the park. Suddenly he saw Daniel coming from the way. Alan said: Hi dude! Daniel replied: Hi so are you playing in T.A championship?
Alan replied : yeah I am selected in the Roberns team! Daniel said: when is the T.A championship starting? Alan replied: After this weak! Daniel said you could be the one with T.A championship winners cup/awa rd! Alan said: Ok i have to practise! Daniel said: Good Luck! I ll be in the championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
next day,,,,, Alan went to the T.A championship practise camps. Alan saw that there were all the good players in his team. Alan first met George then Jack and then Lonz and all team. Everyone had a trick but Alan was all a trick! Alan practised very well! but 4 days were still left so Alan relaxed himself and went to practise everyday. Alan was now half ready!
2 days later, the whole city was covered with posters of the T.A championship and its teams.. Alan was all ready for it!
At last the day of the T.A Championship came... Alan was with the his team , ready to play. First match was between The Roberns and the Pretty Souls. The match begin... the roberns step towards the ground facing the pretty souls! At last the time started , the football was in the foots of the roberns player, Soliv. Soliv march towards the goal field passing the football to Enwaz. Enwaz had the football in his foots and then a player from the other team tackled and crouched and got the footfootball. Alan went to the player running and got the football again and passed to George. George pased the football back to Jack, Jack passed it to Gonz but the other player from Pretty Souls got the ball and kicked it as a long pass to the other player. The other player ran fastly towards the goal field and kicked the ball and it was a goal...........!!!
Pretty souls had led the ball in the goal. The comentator said: Nice! What a kick, unstoppable. The goal keeper of the Roberns passed the ball to Hong. Hong ran to the mid field and passed to Alan. Alan get the ball and went straight to the goal-field and kicked it but the ball went straight to goalkeeper's hand. Hong said: Good!
The match continued... The other team's player was running to mid-field with the ball and he passed o his nearer player but there goes George, he crouched and get the ball but the other player fell down! It was a foul! George was out for 1 minute. Alan said: Ok lets show them! It was a free kick for the Pretty souls. Thier player kicked the ball and the ball before bieng into the other player's property, was got by Enwaz. Enwaz passed it to Jack and Jack passed it to Alan. Alan ran towards the goal field vry fastly and kicked the ball in full power and the ball was crushed from the goalkeeper's hand and IT WAS A GOALLLLLLL! The comentator announced; There goes 1-1. What a dream start for The Roberns, they got it!!!!!!
Alan went running and sliped on the ground shouting high: Yeahh! George called: Thats It! George was now in the game. The score was (left side: The Roberns score) 1-1 (right side The other team's score) It was a half-time. Both teams left the ground. Alan drank water and get fresshed. The match continued, Soliv had the ball, he ran upto mid field and passed to George and George passed it to Alan. Alan passed the ball to Jack and Jack kicked it the ball went worryinglessly innnn! Again Goalll!!! The crowd rose and cheered: The Roberns,The Roberns,The RobernsThe Roberns!! Alanand his full team was very very happy. Alan hugged Jack happily. The match again continued and went on and on. The Pretty Souls was now afraid of The Roberns because they scared from Alan because Alan was very fast player. After so many tackles passes and unsuccesful goa kicks the time was up! The score was 2-1 so it meant that The Roberns wonnnnnnnnnnnnn the match. The whole team rise with happiness! The crowd shouted: The Roberns! Alan ! Alan! Alan! The RobernsThe RobernsThe RobernsThe Roberns. The coach of the tam was very happy because the The Roberns won. Alan jumped with happiness and ran near the crowd.
The next match was the same day between Velling Gorns and Sup Zippers! This match began when 30 minutes was passed after the Roberns match. When this match finished Alan came to knew that The Velling Gorns won the match. Alan was preparing for next match which was after one day, between The Roberns and Sup Zippers! be continued .............

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