Mark and Bruce

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Mark and Bruce is a novel based on the story of a young boy who sets into a school which is extraordinary big and famous. He will have a new friend and will reveal secrets of the school. But his main wish is something else.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Mark and Bruce

Submitted: June 19, 2013

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Submitted: June 19, 2013



Chapter 1
The Alvaros
The skateboard lifted up in the bright shiny day and landed on the wet footpath with a skater on it, Mark Alvaro. Mark was a young boy, 11 years old. He was skating in the beautiful rays of the glowing sun towards his home. He sped up on the path. It was winter but the weather was not much cold. There were very less clouds in the sky. Mark skated forward passing the pedestrians. He reached home.
 He had two brothers and one sister. They lived in Bristol, England; with their parents.The sister was named Mary, she was the eldest of all. She was nineteen years old and studied in a medical university outside Bristol in Nottingham. She lived in a hostel and she would come on holidays to visit her family. 
The eldest of three brothers was Alan, eighteen years old. He studied in a Fashion designing university. He loved technology and computers. He was a good painter and a designer. Broad was the second eldest brother. He studied in a college. He was a different guy. He had his own habits and he accepted no one to be there ordering him to do things. He hated to show off and wanted to be a decent guy.
At the last was the young Mark. He was a nice guy. He had short spiky hairs and a white face. He liked to wear blue cloths. He had just passed the examination of 5th class and was going to study in 6th class. He had left his school now and had took admission in the city’s most wonderful school, Selwerns High School and College. His school was going to start after a two whole weeks. It was March so the schools were closed because of the winter holidays. 
Mark loved to write and make stories. He had written many short stories. He was a writer. His old friends never appreciated him for this so he never discussed it with them.
Mark’s parents were Mr. and Mrs. Alvaro. The were kind and loving. They were rich and unlike other rich people they were donors and behaved well with the servants and poors. Mr. Alvaro was a buisnessman who lived in Norway. He used to come to London twice a year to visit his family. He wanted his sons to get the best education. 
Mark was in his bedroom watching television. He was laying on his bed. Suddenly shut the television with the remote. He was thinking about his old school friends because wasn’t sure that he will find a good friend n the new school soon. Secondly he was a little sad about going to Selwerns because Selwerns was a boarding school. Mark’s father had already talked to the school headmaster, which means Mak have already taken admission in Selwerns.
Mark had to live in it. Mark had never been to a boarding school before but he knew the regulations and timetables of the school. He just relaxed himself saying to his mind"Dont worry Mark, you will be alright” and he started thinking about the present time. There was still a lot of time left in the beginning of his new school term.
He went downstairs in the sitting room. Mark’s father was sitting there on a sofa with the rest of the family ,watching television. Mark went to them and sat on the sofa. Mr. Alvaro said “we have decided Mark that we’ll go to a picnic.We cant spend these holidays at home.”
“Thats a wonderful idea! But where we will go?” Mark asked. Broad said “We are yet deciding that.” Alan said “I think that ‘The Fun Woods park’ would be better.” "Well I think we should go to a place where we can stay as freely as we are in our home!" Mr.Alvaro said. "Where?" Mark asked. Mr. Alvaro replied "To your uncle's farm!" 
Broad asked" Where is it?"Mr. Alvaro said "You dont worry about that!" All of them agreed to go to their uncle's farmland which was near the city. Mary was not there because she had gone to Nottingham to study. But as every school, university and college did, she was given winter holidays. She returned home and all of them went to their uncle just the next morning.
They have packed their clothes and other things to go. They left at 8:00 am and arrived at the farm on 12:25 pm. They were in their car. Mark could see the big farm while sitting in the car. Ther was a garage in the front. Mr. Alvaro parked the car outside the garage. They all got out of it. A middle-aged adult was standing there with his young son.
He was Mr. Araland but everyone used to call him Aden. He was two years shorter than Mr. Alvaro. He was a funny man who knew a lot about farming. He said, as Mr. Alvaro walked to him with a smile, "Good noon brother, Its been years you have come to my farm. All of them met Mr. Aden and his young son, Steve. The farm was very big and had a house beside it.
That house was of Mr. Aden. All of them went into it and enjoyed. The two elder brothers used to enjoy by seeing the farms, driving the tractors and riding a horse. Mark was small for these things instead he used to feed the chickens, observe with piggies and many more. 
One day, Alan and Broad were standing besides a horse looking at it. Mark also came there. Alan said" Do you wanna ride this horse Mark?" Mark replied "Yeah,  I know how to ride it. I read about it on internet. Broad laughed and said "Dont try those internet formulas on these horses. You will get your bones broken." Suddenly Mr. Aden walked in. He said "I also learnt to ride a horse when I was of Mark's age.
Mark asked "Really?" Mr. Aden said in a kind way by bending down to Mark "Yes my boy,And if you know how to than you could also do it." Mark said "Yes I
know uncle Aden." "Than I can put you on the horse if you say? Afterall these are my special horses they wont panic or try to run very fast because I have trained them." Mark said " I am ready. Please put me on the horse." Mr. Aden lifted up Mark saying"as you wish" 
Mark was now sittin on a beautiful brown horse. Mr. Aden said " Hold tight" and slapped the horse's body slowly. The horse began to run. Mark was scared first but then as the horse sped up in the clear path Mark felt happy. The air was passing through his spiky hairs with a fast speed. His face totally bright and glad.
The horse ran for about a minute by taking a round the place and then himself came back to Mr. Aden. Mark enjoyed his ride. Mr. Aden said as he lifted down Mark "Well done you boy." Alan and Broad were shocked to see that how was Mark able to do it. After that Mark rode the horse several times.
When two days were left in the end of holidays
, Mark returned home. His new school was going to start. He knew that how popuar the school and he also knew that he will enjoy his adventures in the new school.

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