The Blood Darers

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Two ninjas try to save some childeren but they got lead by a force of enemies. Many soildiers tried to kill them.they got arrested and was thrown in a sea where they reached a village of bloodd!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Blood Darers

Submitted: February 03, 2013

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Submitted: February 03, 2013



The Blood Darers
Chapter 1
It was a shiny day, when the cruelest ruler was ruling all over the island of Cromes. The island was just the size of a normal city, It wasn’t very big. Two mighty ninjas was passing from a garbaged street. One was Avon and the other was John. They were brothers and orphans also. They was wearing a ninja suit but they had no mask on thier faces. The island was just the size of a normal city, It wasn’t very big. Suddenly Avon saw the two cruel soldiers of the king who was disturbing two orphan childs .Avon uttered "Oh God! The soldiers are disturbing and robbing people again". John looked at the soldiers. He became angry. He said " Im gonna finish this dirt out of streets. Avon said" I m feeling to do so". Both ninjas jumped and ran towards the soldiers to save the childs and the woman. John Jumped and kicked the wall and flew towards the soldier by roling in air and kicking the head of first soldier. Avon ran forward and punched the other soldier rapidly. The soldiers fell down. They stood up and ran away. Avon and John got together standing in a curved position. The woman thanked Avon and John and tried to gift them some gold but Avon said:"That was our responsibility, We are not gonna take this, we are ninjas”. Both of them continued to walk on the street. John said” These soldiers are evils”. Avon said"They beat people, they rob people even sometimes they kill”. “This is all because of that denim ruler” John said. Suddenly they heard some voices like AHHHHHAAHHHHAHHHH. John and Avon turned back looking at the noisy place. The voice was coming from a roof of a house. They looked there. Suddenly many soldiers jumped down from the roof of that house. They all were holding big swords and was shouting furiously. They actually came to arrest and kill John and Avon for beating the soldiers. Avon shouted"They will kill us! RUNNN!. John and Avon both started running fastly towards thier orphanage house. The soldiers all chased them by running. John shouted “We are gonna get killed............................!. Avon said by speeding up"Use your technique of jump strike, I think we need to fight, we cant get rid of these soldiers!”. John said"Okey dockey”. Avon jumped and kicked the wall just besides him, he lifted his foot on the window bar and then jumped to the other wall getting much higher and with a cool grip he opened his elbows wide and the rolled over the roof of the small house. John did the same right with Avon. The soldiers also jumped on the roof. John took out his sword and started jumping from roofs to roofs with Avon. Both ninjas were expert. They hurried forward and turned back on a dirty big roof. John said” I’m gonna do it”. Avon said"YEP!” Avon jumped forward, rolled over and kicked a soldier and at the same moment John punched Two soldiers and knocked them by peeling off thier heads. John did his taijitsu war by punching the soldiers rapidly. Suddenly many soldiers jumped on from the back and kicked John from the back. Avon looked back and tried to hold John but Avon just got a beautiful punch on his mouth and fell down. John also fell down. The soldiers carried them up and put them in ropes. The soldiers took them to the King’s castle. They were tied in a big hall and they opened thier eyes. The king walked around in front of them. John said"what’s happening!” The king said loudly” You guys attacked my soldiers! I am gonna punish you severely!”. The king shouted"Beat them!!!!!!!!” 5 soldiers came in front of them with bats and sticks to beat Avon and John!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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