Eyes of blue

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those eyes i look into every day arent real its impossible to have that shade of blue that perfect blue!!!!!!!!!

(at first it doesnt seem like a fantasy novel but after 1 or 2 chapters it is fantasy)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Eyes of blue

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



What Eric thinks of the mystery girl-

I stair not able to move my gaze from those imperdictable blue eyes they are like crystals but more beautiful they match well to her pale skin tone. Would she let me look at those eyes if i asked? I had a rep of being a heart breaking rebel. It's true i wont denny it but i wish it were'nt because i am afraid of what she'll think of me. Her gaze lands on mine her eyes lock on mine but she looks away. Was it that easy for her to just let go?

Every day she wore skin tight jeans and band t-shirts like asking alexandrea and slip knot. She has thick rimmed glasses and wears beanies. Everyone knows shes sweet and careing but none remembers her name. I think is starts with a K. Why cant I stop thinking about her? And whats this gross filling in my stomach is it somehow hate and envy and jelousy or love?

What Katherine a.k.a mystery girl thinks of Eric-

Why does he look at me with aw? It's awkward and embarresing for me I've never been looked at like that befor and i do not like it one bit! I have always hated everyones staires and glances. Thats why i never talk!. Once they hear my voice thats all they talk about! Some say it's gross some say it's beautiful. but you wanna know what i say? LAY OFF MY BaCK!

Eric is his name hes the star quarterback (I think) and hes a heartbreaking rebel. I mostly dont like it because my friend Jordan was getting beat up by his friend and he wouldnt do anything but laugh! He disgusts me! When i grabbed the guys fist and said "stop!" He didnt he just laughed. Jordan got the chance to run though. After that people started talking sometimes to me though calling me "savior" but i didnt do anything Jordan ran and i only grabbed a fist. Why couldnt people understand that!

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