The Girls Only Club

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Brenda=The smart one +Katie=The rebel +Hannah=The mean one +Brittany=The funny one +Sarah=The intimadeing onw==Craziest people youll ever meet!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Girls Only Club

Submitted: January 22, 2012

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Submitted: January 22, 2012



4 years old

Chapter 1-Meeting

Brittany staired at Hannah as she babbled on and on about boys and the color pink. Then you heard the teacher scold a girl

"Katie you do not paint and cut peoples hair!" The teacher scowled at the little girl who had scissors in the right hand and a paint brush in the left.

"Bot I tink she look perty!" Katie said smileing big. Thats when you saw it! Sarah was sitting there with a little pink mirrior in her hand sobing like a maniac. Katie had painted rainbow colors on her hair and had cut it randomly.

"SISSY what did that cwazy girly do to you?" Hannah said rushing to her twins side

"Hey you hush it or you next missy!" Katie snapped at Hannah

"These aw hoppy tears though!" Sarah said lifting her head up

"See! Me a good hair thingy!" Katie bragged. THe teacher looked like she was gonna faint

"Hey look guys the teacheer is sad!" Brittany said shushing them. The teacher laughed

"You girls are gonna be the end of me," The teacher laughed shakeing her head slightly befor takeing Katies 'Hair supplys' away from her.

The twins Hannah and Sarah laughed and Brittany just gave Katie a You-are-a-maniac look and huffed sighing.

"hey dont give me tat wook!" Katie said Then put her hand out

"Well I is Katie! WHo you?" Katie said

"We aw," Hannah started

"Hannah and Sarah we aw twins!" Sarah finnished

"I guess I'm next," Mumbled Brittany befor shakeing her head and saying

"I'm Brittany and you are crawzy!"

"Good! Now I wanna be friends so listen up! We are makeing a pact!" Katie said smileing

"Whats a pack?" Hannah said

"I dont know but I hear friends do it all the time!" Katie said

"So what is this pact?" Brittany said curiousely

"We make a pack that we stick together a noone will break are friendship! and boys can F themselfs!" Katie said. She did'nt know what f meant but her parents said is ALOT

"Dat is a bad word!" Brittany whined

Brenda finnally spoke up suprizeing them all

"I'm in and if you guys are'nt then...hmmm....THEN Katie I guess we friends!" Katie smiled at Brenda and hugged her tightly They all put there tiny hands on top of eachother and yelled "FRIENDSHIP FOREVER!

Who knew Katies trouble makeing would bring 5 girls together?

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