Wings Of Glory

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Hurt

Submitted: February 04, 2012

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Submitted: February 04, 2012



Chapter 1-hurt

Kayla wanted to look up but could'nt her head hurt to much to even move a muscle. The laugh was evil and witch-like A cackle of sort. Kayla was crumpled into a ball in the corner cradleing her younger sister in her arms rocking her slowly as the cackle just got louder. Kayla made a Relaxing 'shh' noise and put her lips ontop of her head. Her sister stiffled a sob trying to keep the sob in but failing epicly by comeing out as some sort of mix up embetween a cough and gasp. Kayla whispered reashering words like

"Noone will EVER touch you like that again," "I'm the only one here with you right here," or "Over my dead bofy with they ever touch you! Nope not even then or god so help them!"

"Kayla?" Her sister asked

"Hmm" Kayla replied smileing softly to herself happy her sister was talking again

"Are you trying to convinse yourself or me?" Her sister squeked. Kayla hesitated befor ancering

"I honestly dont know....both I guess," Kayla said softly

"Stop talking!" A voice snapped. Both girls stayed quiet not dareing to argue. No they had learned better from Kaylas actions. Kayla had tried everything Backtalking, fighting, running ,breaking things, and even running! Kayla had been brutily hurt and was beaten more then her little sister had ever been hurt. Mostly because Kayla would beg to be beaten instead and to please spare her sister for She had done wrong. Kayla took the pain mostly never crying. Crying got you double NO triple! The beatings!

"stop crying!" The voice snapped at Kaylas sister but only Kayla could make her stop

"Stop being ugly" Kayla whispered so only her sister could hear her. Manageing a small giggle her sister lifted her head and peaked her sisters cheek. Kayla managed a smile.

"You brats get over here," A voice screeched at them. Kayla slowly stood up. She held her sister by the waist helping her walk better. They walked torwards the voice were cloths were thrown at them even metal tubes of makeup. Kayla slowly picked up a black lonng sleaved shirt, Cuprees, and purple hightops.

Kaylas sister put on a white shirt that showed her shoulder, Red skinny jeans, and gladiator sandals. They both put on makeup to cover there scars and bruises.

They started to walk to school bags over are left shoulder.

Snickers and veniumess comments directed at them didnt stop them though.

"I'ma go meet up with my friends!" Kaylas sister said gingerly giveing a nod and wave befor walking off to the middleschool. That was the last time Kayla saw her sister again.


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