Wings Of Glory

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Chapter 4-crying

Kayla staired at the letter with one sharp eyebrow raised. She knew better then to cry it would only draw attension to herself. She read the letter one more time to see if somehow she had made a mistake

Dear creep,

Hi kayla! I have been waching your sister beautiful is'nt she? Well to bad noone will ever see her beauty AGAIN! Sad is'nt it? dieing at age 12? you know her last sentence was to tell you 'Stay strong and i love you my lion'

Sincerly noone

That definnately struck a nerve. Lion was what her sister called Kayla because Kayla never cried, held her head high and always took up for others. Thats when a hand was placed on her shoulder. It was comfurting and welcomeing. She leaned her head on it.

"You k?" A voice said to her from behind her, She was startled at first but the voice had that 'its ok' touch to it.

"Yeah" She lied She lifted her head and softly and steadily got up from the cold damp grass. She looked down in horror. All her bruises were visable. the wet grass probly took it off she thought.

"No your not dont lie," The voice said, She looked at his face. It wasa a new one.long black hair swept over one eye. She looked at the other eye. It was bright blue.

"No I am not okay matter of fact," She snapped at him harshly. He held his hands up in surrender. A brave tear slipped down her cheeck. She hissed under her breath. The mystery boy wiped the tear away.

"I saw the letter" He whispered. Thats when she notised were she was. The woods were noone else was. For some reson she crumpled down and sobbed. He got down next to her and pulled her onto his lap and put his lips to the top of her head makeing 'shhh' noises like Kayla had done that morning to her sister. This thought only made her bawl more.

"I'm sorry I ussally never cry," She said regaining self control and standing up slowly as if unsure of her next move. Then she notised it. A pair of black wrings were on the guys back.

"what the hell are you?" She wasnt holding anything back! She always believed something like this would happen to her but she thought she'd be in the lunny bin first. A chuckle escaped his lips. It wasnt what she thought it would be. She tigured a  overpowering chuckle but his was alomst like a girls laugh. Kayla scrunched up her nose

"You laugh like a girl" She said then added "Now what the hell are you?" She asked

"Fine straight to the intoduction I got it!" He said teasingly "I am a angel that has fallen" He said matter-of-factly

"SO howed you uhh..." SHe scratched the back of her neck a loss for words

"Fallen? Get kicked out? Anything of that sort?" He said helpfully

"uhhh yeah," She said sighing

"Well I tryed being a rebel" He said

"and it worked" He added and winked at her. Thats it! She thought to herself. She slowly turned around befor running as fast as she could

"OH GOD LET THIS BE A DREAM!" She cried out to herself as she ran faster then ever. Running was never a problem. Dodging trees> YEP BIG PROBLEM! She finnally made it out and at home. For once she was glade she was in the hell hole she called home.



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