Wings Of Glory

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 05, 2012



Chapter 3-Meeting

When Kayla opened the front door she was ushered into the house by a dark shadow. Kayla confused as hell was pushed onto the couch.

"Scarlett! This is Kayla," She heard her master gush as if the girl was a celeberty. The girl didnt seem to notise the was Kayla was so rudely shoved

"Hi," Kayla muttered wigeling her fingers. Her master slapped her back HARD but if you were Scarlett you'de probly see it as a friendly gesture, but Scarlett cringed obiousely notiseing it was more then a friendly pat on the back.

Why dont you show Svarlett around," Her master said again. It wasnt a question more like a command but Kayla shrugged itt off as if it was just a pesky bird. Kayla started up the staires. She turned her head around and said

"You comeing?" Scarlett nodded hesitantly, She put a shakey hand on the back of her head and scratched befor finnaly standing up and getting off the leather plush couch. As Scarlett made her way across the room and to the stairs she whispered

"He hurts you doesnt her?"

"Not only he but she to" Kayla muttered softly. They made there way up the staires every once and awhile Scarlett would stair at the shawdows as if they were gonna jump oyt at her and goble her up. This thought made Kayla laugh.

"what?" Scarlett said humorlessly

"Oh nothing" She said all sweet like trying to sound suspicouse the girls broke into a fit of laughter as it were an inside joke they had. Kayla smiled she felt like she'd known Scarlett for a very long time.

"So how many more boreing staires untill we make it up?" Scarletytt said

"ALOT more" Kayla assured

"So I herd you had a sister?" Scarlett said. Kayla knew in the pit of her stomach she no longer had a sister but she felt like if she said it it would become true. so Kayla did what she always did when it came to addmitting she covered it up with a lie.

"Yeah shes either still at school or at a friends house," Kayla said smoothly

"Oh cool cant wait to meet her," Scarlett said.

"Yeah neither can I" Kayla mmbled. Finnally the reached the top of the stairs

"Finnally" Kayla groaned. "So what school do you go to?" Kayla asked

"Dalton high," Scarlett said. Shock erupted through Kayla

"I've never notised," Kayla hissed to herself

"none does" SCarlett said chuckleing softly to herself.

"OK well this is your room," Kayla said opening a cherry wood door that led to a rooom with blue walls, A brown dresser.A full body mirrior, A bathroom, A bed with Pink sheetes , and a plush carpet that had colorful pocka dots on it,

"What your room look like?" Scarlett asked. Kayla smiled she was allowed to decorate her room anyway she wanted so guest wouldnt get suspicouse.

"THis way!" Kayla said motioning for Scarlett to follow. Kayla opened her door. It was beautiful! It had One wall white and the other white on the white walls there was 1  chineas sighn on each wall. and on black there were white chinease sighns.

"shh I have to show you something," Kayla whispered walking tords her walk in closet. She opened it and there showed a full gorwn lion! (Another reson her sister called her lion)

Kayla smiled proudly then walked into her room as Scarlett took in the surrondings. A special photgrapgher set, A king size bed in the corner. A dresser and 2 full body mirriors. Kayla smiled to herself as Scarletts eyes romed over to her venus fly trap.

"Can I feed it?" Scarlett asked

"Sure just dont EVER feed it hamburger meat" Kayla said

"Why?" Scarlett promted

"Because it has fat and calcium," Kayla said but Scarlett still didnt understand

"Fat and calcium is bad for plants" Kayla said smileing brightly

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Scarlett said as if it were the most obiouse thing in the world

"I knew that" She said shrugging then started laughing with Kayla



a/n-SORRY! this was a boreing chapter but I need to introduce atleast 1 new character!

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