Wings Of Glory

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Submitted: February 15, 2012



chapter4-a not so good wake up

Kayla woke up to a burning on her cheek. She looked up to see her masters shawdow. She had never seen her masters befor only her sister had. She knew there was more then 1 though. Kayla groaned not from pain though. Sure it hurt but she would live. Her master dissapeared. Scarlett came in bounceing around as if she were a bunny.

"Morning sunshine!" She cooed to Kayla

"Shoot me now," Kayla mounded. Scarlett cringed at the sight of the redmark. Her masters were good when guests were came untill after a day.Scarletts regained happyness and intwined her fingers together makeing a imaginary gun. She closed one eye and made pow pow noises

"Come on time for school," Scarlett said yanking on Kaylas arm. Kayla grouned and went to her closet. She pet her lions head and he purred loudly. SHe made her way to the end of the closet. She grabbed black shot shorts and a white v-neck she sighed and put on her black lace up boots that went to her knees.

"Nice boots," Scarlett chirped. i hate morning people! Kayla said in her head.

"Sorry to burst you bubble ms,poitive but i HATE mornings and i can only take so much from people," Kayla said gestureing torwd the door wich led to the stairs wich led to the study were her masters stayed mostly. Scarlett cringed

"why do they do.." SCarlett hesitaded befor gestureing to her face were a bruis was forming.

"They arent that bad," Kayla lied. She was getting better treatment because Scarlett.

"You wanna know somethi'n funny," Scarlett said

"Sure" Kayla said simply

:"Your nose twitches and your eyes turn orange when you lie," Scarlett said softly

"Lets just go to school" Kayla said despritlly wanting to chang the sunject

"Sure but you better eat at school you know breakfeast is the most important meal of the day" Scarlett said with a mom voice

"Yes mom!" Kayla said giggleing softly. They softly went down the stairs makeing sure they werent loud. It was humid outside and the grass was damp.They raced to school makeing many turns. Kayla won but didnt stop running. She ran right into a guy. Thats when HE talked

"Wow slow down hotrod," Kayla looked up at him and scrowled he was the guy from the woods.

"Yeah shes hot alright," Mj said sarcastickly behind Kayla. Kayla smiled

"I KNow i am right!" Kayla said. Tyler showed up beside Kayla smileing at her. He couldnt help it she was funny and his old best friend from befor middleschool. Just like always Teal showed up. He was Kayla and Tylers friend to befor middle school.

"Leave me alone" Kayla moaned befor storming off to homeroom were Kyle followed her. Kyle took a turn and they seperated. Noone was in the hallway anymore. All of a sudden she was pinned to the wall.

"They said you were powerful you just needed to be awakened" Someone said. Kayla moaned softly

"Lets see if they were right" The voice said again befor shoveing a hand into her chest and takeing out her heart.

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