Wings Of Glory

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: February 16, 2012

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Submitted: February 16, 2012



holding on to your last breath.

Kayla sucked in a breath befor banginh her head on something hard. She rubbed her head and lifted the top of whatever was one her. Her eyes adjusted to the light quickly mabe a little to quickly. Kayla swung a leg over the top small wall of the thing that had entraped her. She instantly gasped at the nun who was infront of her.

"Madam," The nun said unfazed at the current event. Kayla looked around. She gasped as shock took over every part of her body. She was in a funeral parolar. She looked down at herself. A black dress that went to her knees with black combat boots. Someone knew her style!

"Miss,Scarlett cry over you she very sad and worried!" The nun said smileing warmly at Kayla

"Di-did" Kayla closed hey eyes squeezing them shut tight

"Die? Well huney what do you think?" The nun said helpfully

"Ye-yes?" Kayla said hesitantly

"Mr,Demon say you need to meet him at Church on hill" The nun said smileing. Kayla knew what she was talking about but who was mr,Demon? suddenly meomieries hit her head. He must have been the one who hurt me! Kayla said in her head! HELL GIVE ME ANCERS ABOUT THAT KYLE KID AND ME MABE! She said makeing a long thought train cross her mind. The nun chuckled

"Are you gonna go yet?" The nun said softly.

"Oh yes yes indeed!" Kayla ancered befor running out the door.

"Were the hell am i?" She asked aloud to herself as she looked around and huffed.

the dress Kayla wakes up wearing

the boots shes wearing

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