Black Butler: Airport Fiasco

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Sebastian must fight for guardianship of Ciel after the pair attempt to leave modern England from Heath Row Airport.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Check-In Desk

Submitted: March 31, 2011

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Submitted: March 31, 2011



Black Butler
Airport Fiasco

By Axel Ingleson
Disclaimer: I do not own the Black Butler series. Just a copy of the first manga. I am not making any money from this fic.

Dedication: I would like to thank the late Douglas Adams for inspiring this story by writing “The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul“ (it was the first chapter that inspired me in the same way that Grand Hotel inspired him), and for the many smiles and chuckles he gave me through his Hitchhiker’s and Dirk Gently series.

-Chapter 01-
The Check-In Desk

Ciel and Sebastian stood in the queue in Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport. They were each carrying a rucksack. Sebastian had a pocketful of money, enough to buy two tickets for New York, USA. That was the place the two demons had decided to move to, now that they had run out of places to conceal their true natures in London.

“Next,” the check-in boy called to them.

Sebastian and Ciel stepped forward. “We would like two tickets for New York, please.”

“That will cost you £700.00 please,” the check-in boy told them. “And I need to see your identifications and passports, please.”

This brought Sebastian up short. He had the £700.00. He did not, however, have an ID or passport. Neither, for that matter, did Ciel. Sebastian had been around since the 1700s and had been born in Hell, so he wasn’t even a British citizen. Ciel had been born in Britain, but that had been in the 1800s, and all records showed him to be dead. This wasn’t going to be easy. Still, they had to try.

“Passport?” Sebastian inquired, politely.

“You don’t have a passport? I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.”

“How do I go about getting a passport?”

“You could talk to our customs official. She may be able to get you emergency passports if you can produce a copy of your birth certificates.”

“And if we don’t have birth certificates?”

“You’ll have to take the matter up with customs. Next.”

“Look,” Sebastian began. “I…”

The check-in boy ignored him and called out, “Next.”

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