Who Knows About Us?

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Fight Between

Submitted: December 12, 2012

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Submitted: December 12, 2012



I walked into my bathroom and looked at the wounds left from the men earlier who tried to assault a young woman.

“Geez…” I said to myself.

I cleaned my wounds on my stomach and legs and wrapped them with gauze then a cloth wrap. I looked at my shoulder in the mirror. I hardly wanted to mess with it. It hurt like crazy. It had cut deep almost reaching the bone. I wrapped it more carefully.

“There.” I said when I had finished. I knew that the gash on my shoulder would leave a scare but it was better than dying.

I walked into the living area and Shrill, the crow of smoke, stared at the corner of the room.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, He spread his wings and cawed. “Hey, calm down wi-” I was pulled back by strong hands and my arms were pinned to my sides. Shrill cawed and charged at the person behind me. The man threw out his hand and Shrill was thrown back into the wall and faded into black smoke that lingered where he disappeared.

A minute or two later, after I stared at where my crow had disappeared hoping he would reform there. I knew he wouldn’t but I had my hopes.

I struggled to get away from the person holding me and he just gripped me harder.

“Stay still.” I knew this voice. It was Eric. Had he followed me all the way from the warehouse after I ran? Of course he did, how else would he have found this place?

“Get off me!” I yelled. Pulling at his grip hurt, I knew that my shoulder wouldn’t hold much longer before it split again.

“You’re gonna hurt yourself.” He said quietly.

“What did you do to Shrill?!?” I yelled. Shrill was extremely important to me. He had saved me from that darkness but what had this guy done to him to make him fade, without regenerating.

“He didn’t belong here so I sent him back.”

“Back to where?” Eric was too calm.

“To the Void. The very same place he would eventually drag you.”

“The Void?” I had heard of it, people in a coma who had depression before or anyone in depression really went in to a world fighting to get back where dreams became reality in their mind. They were always in fear because these dreams created monsters and made them think they were weak and helpless. Once the creators of darkness that had seeped into their subconscious, they were then dragged into an endless pit of darkness and fear. Their souls burned in agony until someone broke into it and showed them in the pit of darkness there had to be light. But however helped that person died soon after by an unknown disease.

“I know you’ve heard of it.” I heard a click and something cold fell on my neck. He released me and I jumped away from him and looked at the chain locked around my neck.

“What did you do?” I asked trying to find the clasp to it.

“If you have that on you’ll be fine for the next two months but you still have to come to the school.” He said. The chain glimmered in the dim light of my apartment.

“Fine? What do you mean?!? Fine?!?!” I asked.

“I’ll explain when we get back.” He said.

“I’m not going back to that warehouse thing!” I said firmly.

“You don’t have a choice right now.” He said. He looked worried. “You’re pushing your luck here. If you want to stay alive you have to come back with me. You’ll be killed if you don’t.” I was startled and getting scared. He took a step forward and I took a step toward the door. “Giselle!” I bolted. “Wait!” I ran out my front door. He grabbed my bad arm.

“Let go!” I yelled.

“Giselle, listen to me!”

“No!!!” I cried out. “Let go! Let go!” I yelled I felt hot tears run down my face. “That hurts!!! LET GO OF ME!!!!” I broke his grip and ran. I didn’t know what to do.

I ran through alleys. Across streets. I wanted to get away from him, but I couldn’t go much further. I felt my body slowing. With the last of my energy, I ran to mom’s alley. The place she had died. I panted and leaned against the wall. Next to the marks I had made in the wall. Seven, I counted. I pulled out my pocket knife to cut the eighth in. It was still early to do it though. I touched my knife to the wall and it went black before I felt the ground.

I ran. As fast as I could go. I was scared and sad. I heard someone crying. Out of the bright light I saw a figure dressed in all black. A young boy. As I got closer I saw it was Eric, and I was thrown from my body. I watched as a younger me ran into Eric’s arms. I was confused.

“Eric!” I cried, I couldn’t comprehend what was going on. Was this a dream?

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He knelt down and hugged me.

“Mom- Mommy’s gone!” I cried. I stared with wide eyes.

What was going on?

Why was Eric with me when my mother died?

How did he know me?


“Hey sis, I think she’s realized.”

“Awwww, but I wanted to mess with her, before they got their hands on her.”

“Calm down you two.” The three sisters turned to their mother. “We’ll get her eventually.” She smiled. “Arisen, Degas, Warane, did you get into that school?”

“Yeah we got the letters yesterday.” Arisen answered.

“Why do we have to go there in the first place.” Warane asked.

“That’s where she’s going.” The fourth and oldest sister answered. “How come I wasn’t allowed to apply, Mom?”

“Don’t call me ‘mom’ outside.”

“Sorry, Ms. Sekinsana.” She answered, rolling her eyes.

“You’d be too noticeable as you hold the power of fire,Jazine.”

“Fine but can’t I still touch her? I don’t wanna be left out.”

Sekinsana rolled her eyes and looked down at the alley way as Eric carried Giselle out of the alley and towards the warehouse.

“It’ll all work out in the end.”

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