Who Knows About Us?

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Meeting Sakura and Mahly

Submitted: December 12, 2012

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Submitted: December 12, 2012



“Eric! Eric!” I called out.
“Why are you covered in mud?” He asked looking down at me.
“Cause I couldn’t leave him alone.”
“Who is that?”
“I named his Blueberry!” I held out a little baby bluebird.
“Good job.” He took the little bird and held it up It opened its wings and flapped as took tried to take off. “If you hadn’t grabbed him he wouldn’t fly anymore.”
“Nope. A bunch of mean boy’s were gonna kill it.”
“Well you did a good thing.” The little bird took off.
“Look, Eric, he’s flying!!” I smiled so brightly when he flew off his hand and soared calling to the other birds. “I wanna fly to!!”
He laughed. “You will one day won’t you?”
“Yep! I’m gonna keep going.”
“Never let it go!”
“NEVER!!!!” I yelled as he picked me up above his head. We both laughed.

I smiled watching the younger me laughing with him. The world spun around, I looked at a me a little older than the last. It was darker and I was crying this time.
“Eric. Eric!” I was scratched up and blood fell down my arms and legs. “Where did you go?!” I cried.
He came running into the alley way where I had curled up and hidden myself from the world.
“What happened to you?” He asked looking over me, hesitant to touch my bloody arms.
“People say your not real!” His eyes got wide. “I told them you are! Because you are real!” I cried. I wiped my eyes smearing blood on my face. “Shrill even said you’re not real. They kept saying that.” He grabbed my arm gently. “Prove it to them! Show them you’re real!!”
“I’m sorry.” He said quietly. “Giselle, I have to leave for a while.”
“What? Why?” I stared at him in shock.
“I just do. So do me a favor, and stay safe.” He put his hand over my eyes. “You’ll remember soon enough.”
“No I don’t want to-” I watched myself slump down and fall on my side. What had he done?
“I’m sorry.” He walked out of the alley way and disappeared.

I woke up in a cold sweat in a bright room. It wasn’t sun bright or a lamp in the corner. It was as if I was in a hospital. I felt the cold chain shift around my neck. The room was light blue and white. I looked around. It looked like a hospital but no windows, not even on the door. I looked at the chairs only to find Eric in one of them asleep. I looked at him. Had that really been him in my dreams? I decided to just forget about them. They were only dreams, right?
I turned my focus back on other things and realized I felt no pain. I looked at myself. New bandages, no pain, no blood coming out of my body.
“I have to get out of here.” I said to myself. I climbed out of the hospital bed and walked out of the door.
I closed the door quietly and turned looking up and down the hallway. It was completely clear. I walked down the hall looking for someone so I could find a way out of this place. I saw a nurse a bit of a ways down and ran over to her
“Excuse me?” She turned to me. She had brown hair with a blue layer underneath. Her eyes were blue with pink flowers for pupils.
“Can I help you?” She said happily.
“I’m looking for a way to get back?” I said.
She looked confused. “Back?” She tilted her head and the flowers in her eyes spun.
That shocked me. “You know outside.”
“Oh, um you have to-”
“Is there a problem?” I turned and there stood Terence the tall red head with black tips on his hair and the little girl with red streaks. She smiled at me.
“Flora, we’ll take it from here!” She looked back at me. "I'm Mahly." She smiled.
From behind her and Terence stepped a girl who looked 21 and a taller boy who had dirty blond hair, dark eyes and glasses. The girl had light pinkish-purple hair and violet eyes. She smiled at me.
“Hiya!” She said. “I’m Sakura Oda, this is Sobi…. I’m the art teacher and…” she posed “I’m a Ninja!!!” The blond boy rolled his eyes. Terence smiled and Mahly laughed.
“Do you know what hospital this is?” I asked them.
They looked at each other. Mahly and Sakura start laughing.
“You’re in the school infirmary wing.” Sobi said.
This was a wing of the school. “Wait, wait. What school?” I asked
“Half Risen.” Terence said. “Didn’t Eric tell you?”
“Silly.” Mahly said. “She’s been out for almost a week now.”
“Right.” He said.
“You’re so cute!!” She jumped on him hanging from his back looking over his shoulder.
“Where is Eric?” Sakura asked.
“How should I know?” I shrugged. I felt a surge run through my shoulder.
“He was in your room while you were asleep cause you lost so much blood.” Terence said. “You should go back before he realizes you’re gone.”
“Too late.” I turned around and Eric stood right there. “Glad you’re awake but how about telling me before you leave the room after passing out for a week?” He sounded annoyed.
“There you are Ericster man!!” Mahly called.
“Stop calling me that already.” He said.
“Why? You let me call you that before!” She pouted.
“When we were kids.”
Mahly perked up. “I’m still a kid!!” She said happily.
“Would you cut it out?!” He said. Mahly jumped off of Terence’s back.
“Can I call you Ericster too?” Sakura chimed in cheerfully.
“Both of you stop it.”
“Never!!!!” They said together laughing.
The three of them started arguing.
“Eric really cares about you.” Terence said coming to stand next to me while Sobi tried to calm everyone down.
“Really? He doesn’t act like it.” I answered holding my now throbbing shoulder.
Terence shrugged. “He shows it in a different way. Besides he did make you forget him once. He came back depressed.”
“Really now?” I watched them as Eric got really annoyed. I couldn’t help but laugh at the childish behaviors. “Mahly said she was still just a kid. How old is she?”
“13.” He answered without hesitation “but she’s easily as strong as Komako, Zero’s sister as they call each other.”
“Wow.” This place was really surprising.
“There’s a meeting late make sure you’re there. Tell Eric he’ll know when and where.”
“Mahly lets go.” She stopped in the middle of a sentence.
“Ok.” She ran over and latched onto Terence, “See ya Ericster man.”
“You too Sakura. Let’s go.”
With that they left. I wonder what kind of meeting it will be with those two characters….

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