Who Knows About Us?

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Fight between Brothers

Submitted: December 13, 2012

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Submitted: December 13, 2012



“You’re more trouble than you’d think.” Eric said as we walked to wherever the meeting was.

“Same goes for you.” I looked straight ahead but I felt him glance down at me.

He sighed and we continued to the second floor gym where we saw Zero, Sakura, Mahly, and two other girls with Sobi and two other guys watching Terence and Jasper fight.

“Who did what this time?” Eric asked. As if it was an everyday thing.

“T called Jay weak.” Mahly said smiling. I looked at the new faces. One girl was sitting down she had light brown hair that fell to the middle of her back that had few streaks of blue and purple, I recognized her from that night Eric brought me here and got himself scolded. The boy standing behind her had pale blond hair that fell over one of his silver-gray eyes. They both wore gold chain bracelets.

The other pair was a strange one. They were quietly arguing with each other. The girl had red eyes and light blond hair. She looked like a rebel and she looked like she just wanted to go somewhere else by the way she stood. The boy had pale green eyes and flame red hair that was brighter then Terence’s. They both wore gold crosses on silver chains.

I turned back to Terence and Jasper when I heard a huge crash and saw Terence had been thrown into a wall. Jasper was coming in to punch him but Terence moved to the side just enough not to get his face smashed in. Terence then kicked Jasper in the stomach and threw him back. Jasper landed on his back and rolled out of the way of Terence’s feet.  He then swung his feet around him and knocked Terence to the floor then slamming both feet into his side throwing him into the railing that kept people on the second floor. I gasped as Terence dogged a dagger thrown by Jasper. He swung himself onto the railing balanced himself then ran along it as Jasper ran along on the floor. They turned to each other and threw punches and blocked them at the same time. They must really have a grudge to be fighting like that, I thought. I watched the two go back and forth like that for 5 or 10 minutes I lost track.

“Will they ever stop?” The girl who was arguing with the bright red head asked Zero.

“When I tell them to they will.” She answered shrugging.

That was helpful I thought I sighed.

“They fight all the time for fun, it’s how those brothers act around each other.” Eric said when he came over to me.

“Brothers?” I said. “Those two?” I looked back at the pair who had been fighting for the longest time on a completely equal level.

“Go Terence!!” I heard Mahly call she laughed cheering and clapping. She turned back to Sakura and listened to her talk about the latest video game she got and started playing.

“I’ll stop them before they kill each other.” Zero said carelessly.

“I told you so.” The blonde said she turned towards the red head and pointed at him. “Pay up.” She walked over, hand out. He shrugged and handed her a bill from his pocket.

Zero sighed and turned back to the fight. As did I.

They threw each other corners of the gym and slid to a stop. Terence pulled out a silver dagger and held it pointing away from his body in front of him. Jasper pulled out a black dagger and held it like a sword out in front.

“Blake, get ready.” Zero commanded not taking her eyes off the boys.

“Sure.” The red head stepped forward. He posed his fingers to snap.

The boys charged. I didn’t hear anything; it was as if the world slowed down. Zero shouted a command and Blake snapped his fingers sending a wall of fire, causing an explosive sound, between the brothers. I stared in awe at the power. He turned his back as Jasper and Terence put there daggers away and walked over to their ‘partners’. Mahly looked up at Terence as he messed up her hair like a puppy. Jasper just said something quietly to Zero and she nodded.

“Let’s get started.” She said coming over to the circle of chairs.

I watched as all the partners came and either stood or sat in the chairs. The one pair where both stayed standing was Blake and the blonde.

“Giselle.” Eric said quietly as he gestured to a chair. I took a seat and he stood behind me.

“We’ll start by introducing each other.” Zero said from her seat. “I am Ayama Zero. The leader of this group and the hand to hand combat teacher as well as the steel combat teacher.”

“Steal combat?” I asked

“Swords.” Jasper answered. “I am Jasper Knight. Ayama’s Guardian.”

The next pair was Mahly and Terence. “I’m Mahlyenki Dyavol, please call me Mahly. I’m the small weapons combat teacher.” She’s a teacher?!?! I thought.

“I’m Terence Taylor. Mahly’s Guardian.” Terence said calmly.

“I’m Sakura Oda, The art teacher and a ninja!” She jumped up on top of the chair.

“Sit, Sakura.” I looked at the one standing behind her. “I’m Sobi Atoshi. I’m Sakura’s Guardian.”

“And my model!!!” Sakura added in excitedly.

It was my turn. “Giselle Nadori.” That was over quick.

“Eric Hatiyer. Giselle’s Guardian.” It felt weird having him say that and right behind me too.

The next pair was a light brown haired girl with a few streaks of blue and purple and a light blonde. “I’m Komako Artemis. I’m the Archery Teacher as well as the Shape shifting teacher.”

“I’m Serian Depraku. Komako’s Guardian.”

I looked at the odd pair on the outer edge who were going to introduce each other. The guy with fire red hair who had created fire out of nowhere by snapping and a girl with red eyes and light blonde hair.

“Hey there, I’m Lenore Dellanova and this is Blake Wells-” The girl says.

“Obviously the best one in this group.” Lenore glares at Blake. I stifled a laugh in my throat.

She rolls her eyes. “And we’re the campus police. I’m sure you already know that know illegal substances are allowed in the school, just like other schools.”

“Unless you have some to share.” Blake laughed, before Lenora stabbed him in the side with her elbow.

“Anyway. If you need help just give a shout and we’ll be there in a short time.”

“Unless we’re busy.”

“What would we be busy with?”

“Ya’ know. Buying stuff, selling stuff.” I watched as Lenora took her fist to the top of his head.

“What have you been up to?” She asked him.

“Ah~ the usual.” He replied shrugging. She slapped him in the back of the head.

“Well stop doing ‘the usual’ and start acting your age.”

“I am and stop hitting me!”

“Um, are you a couple or something?”

They both glared at me. “No way, not even if the world was ending would I date that.” They said at the exact same time pointing at each other. They were in denial. I thought to myself.

“Now that that’s done.” Ayama said. Staring at the two.

What a strange group? Then again I was no different.

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