Who Knows About Us?

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Question of the Past

Submitted: December 30, 2012

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Submitted: December 30, 2012



The room was huge. A chandelier hung 20 or 25 feet above us and I spotted two separate sets of stairs leading to a second level on each side.  Under them was another area on one side was a kitchen and on the other there was a flat screen TV, two sofas, and a couple little coffee tables.

“My room is on that side.” Lenora said pointing to the right. “Yours will be over there.” She pointed to the left side. “Feel free to use the kitchen and the shared living area until your rooms are set up.”

“Rooms?!” I said. I looked back up at the left side of the room as Lenora walked up her staircase.

I walked up to my side, and opened my door. I gasped. I looked around the lit up room. It had a huge bed and a side table on either side. A dresser sat in another section of the wall and two doors on the right and one on the left.  I closed the door behind me and walked over to the first door on the right. It was bright and empty. I walked in and realized it was a gigantic walk in closet. On one side there was a bunch of small boxes I suspected were for organizing shoes. On the other was a bunch of hangers for clothes. I stepped back out and moved to the second door. I opened the door and looked around the bathroom. It was also very large. The bath looked like it was a small hot-tub and there was a separate shower. I walked out closing the door behind me. I walked over to the other side and opened the door. Another open room sat cleared out in front of me. It had a couple boxes in the corner and furniture covered in tarps but nothing special. A sofa sat against the wall with a tarp covering it. I pulled it off; the sofa was black and purple. On the arms it had detailed embroidery of hummingbirds dancing around little flowers. I looked around at the other furniture. I pulled off and folded the tarps one by one. Each of the pieces of furniture had the same colors but different designs. They all looked so realistic.

“What are you guys doing here?” Hearing Lenora brought me back. I went to the top of the stairs to see who was there.

“How come you have such a large room?” Mahly asked. She, Sakura, and Komako stood holding boxes.

“I got here first after our little week break.” She said with a wave of her hand.

“You never left did you?” Komako asked as if she knew the answer.


“Thought so…” She shook her head.

“AH- Hey Giselle we brought you stuff!!!” Sakura called. She lifted her box above her head to show.

“Um… Alright come on up.” I lead them into the little living area of my room. The girls put the stuff down and each sat in a chair.

“Chester, Aya, and Jasper told us to bring it to you.” Komako said. “I’m not sure what’s inside but their yours.”

“Thanks.” I opened up the first box and the item lying on the top was a picture frame, face down. I picked it up and turned it over. It was mom. I smiled a little bit.

“Oh- You’re pretty pretty when you smile.” Mahly said. I looked up.

“I thought you just had that one empty look.” Sakura joked.

“Be nice you two.” Komako said.

I smiled. I looked back at the stuff a couple other pictures and stuff but one picture shocked me. I picked it up again and looked. I saw myself as a little girl between two people, the one on the left was little girl with black hair and a few red streaks in her hair dancing around. On the other side there was a boy older and taller than me with jet black hair with a couple small whit streaks and pale blue eyes.  I looked about five or six years old that means… if Mahly was there and Eric too then… I really did know them back then.

I dropped the picture and stared at it from a distance. It looked like Eric and Mahly, but why? I didn’t understand. Those memories! Maybe they were mine; maybe they were just locked away…

“Mahly? What’s that picture from?” I asked intent on getting an answer.

“Oh you don’t remember?” She said a little surprised. “It’s from when we were all kids!”

“How did I know you?” I asked still surprised. “Where’s all this from?”

“Eric asked us to hold some of this stuff till you moved in. So we did, and you moved in, and we gave it to you. Hehe pauses… their funny…” Sakura said.

“Stop it.” Komako said.

“You’re no fun.” Sakura hugged her legs and pouted.

“There, there…” Mahly said patting her back.

I moved on, and pulled out a bag. It was all black. I opened it, the others all stared. A completely black sheath and katana. I pulled out the silver blade, it was amazing. The others stared at it to.  After a while I re-sheathed it and set it aside and finished unpacking and putting stuff away. The others left after it was done also.


I lay down on my new bed. This is going to be home huh? I thought. I wondered what this might bring for me. Hope it’s better than before. I laughed to myself and went to sleep.


The next morning I found Lenora sitting on the sofa watching TV with a coffee mug in her hands. It felt like I slept with a rock as a pillow. I walked over to the kitchen and looked through the cabinets for something to eat. I settled with cereal and milk. Lenora came over and refilled her cup.

“So,” she started, “How was your first night in your new apartment?” she asked.

“Like my pillows were rocks…” I answered. She laughed to herself.

“Really? That seems to be everyone’s problem for the first couple days.”

“It wasn’t like that in the hospital room.” I said.

“Speaking of which you have been called down there so they can change your bandages and check up on that nasty gash on your shoulder.” She said gesturing as I took a bite. I looked over my injured shoulder. I had forgotten I had put on a cami, my whole back was visible. I looked at my shoulder that had scabbed itself. I sighed.

“Probably should get that done.”

“I don’t mean to pry either but what’s with the parallels on your stomach?” She asked, looked down at the noticeable bandages under my camisole. How did she know they were parallel? I thought.

“The guys who tried to assault the woman had too much fun beating up a teenager.” I answered taking another bite.

“Uh-huh. Well idiots like that exist.”

“Yep.” A pause, I guess this is how most conversations are going to be. I sighed after I put the dishes in the dish washer.  I walked up to my room to look for cloths. I walked through the walk in closet that Mahly, Sakura and Komako helped me set up yesterday. It had nicer cloths and cloths I could get messy and everything in between. Since it was still summer and they kept things warm in the whole building, I grabbed shorts and a tank top with a half sleeve jacket. I decided to take my sword along so I slipped it into an over the shoulder sheath and walked out of my room to find Lenora letting Eric into the living area.

“Hey Giselle, your escort is here.” She turned to her stair case and headed up as I walked out with the guardian I was stuck with for an indefinite time.


What now…?

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