Kakashi's Daughter, Sasuke's Lover? What?

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Kakashi took in an orphan girl a few years back, her name? Ayame Kawa. Now that she is Kakashi's legal daughter, her name is Ayame Kawa Hatake. A kind hearted girl who doesn't like to hurt anyone, no matter how bad they are.

Follow her life as she leaves the academy and slowly falls for the brooding Uchiha boy, who is the most unlikely of candidates to return her feelings.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Kakashi's Daughter, Sasuke's Lover? What?

Submitted: January 24, 2012

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Submitted: January 24, 2012



I cried silently in front of the K.I.A stone in the training grounds. I didn’t stop when I heard someone slowly approaching me, nobody should feel shame in crying over something, or someone, you loved dearly. The person stopped beside me.

"You have family on this stone too?" I stiffened, it was a male voice. I looked up at the man beside me; he had white hair, just like me. Most of his face was covered by a blue mask; I looked at the ground and nodded,

"My nii-san is on here. My only family. Now I've got n-no one..." I stuttered as I felt the tears return. My eyes went wide with surprise when I felt the man put his hand on my head, ruffling my hair.

"My father committed suicide when I was young. My mother died before that, I didn't have any siblings. I was all alone too, just like you are." I sniffed and felt a tear roll out of my eye,

"That's so... so... sad." I felt a lump form in my throat. A gasp left my lips as the man pulled me into him, it wasn't a hug, he just pulled me to his side. The man chuckled,

"You really are a selfless child aren't you? Crying over someone else’s problems, you’re the one with the dead clan" I looked at the ground, feeling slightly embarrassed, and also depressed at the mention of my family, "Well how 'bout it? Wanna be my family?" I was stunned for a moment,

"B-But I don't know anything about you." He chuckled and kneeled down in front of me,

"Ok. Tell me something about yourself." I looked at him confused,

"You go first." He nodded,

"My name is Kakashi Hatake. My likes and dislikes, hmmm, don't really feel like telling you that. My hobbies, don't really feel like telling you that either. Dreams for the future. Never really thought about it." I smirked at him in amusement,

"So it goes like this? My name is Ayame Kawa. My likes and dislikes. I don't really have any.” The man nodded, encouraging me to continue, “My hobbies, never really had one. My dreams for the future? To become the strongest ninja the world has ever seen." He nodded with a closed eye smile,

"Ok, so what do you say? Be my kid?" I laughed and nodded.

"Fine, but only because you seem nice."


"Ayame, get up. Time for the academy." I groaned,

"Not now Oto-san..." I mumbled,

"Don't make me use that jutsu." My eyes shot open and I sat up quickly,

"I'm up! I'm up!" Kakashi Hatake laughed; I pursed my lips out of annoyance. He sauntered out of my room while still laughing at my reaction, stupid Kakashi...

I relaxed and slumped slightly, I then smiled at the dream I had. Well, it was more like a flashback to when I was 8.

Kakashi had taken me in, after a while I started calling him Oto-san, which means dad in Japanese. A little after that I changed my last name to Hatake as well. I still kept the name Kawa though. My name is now Ayame Kawa Hatake, I’m legally classified as Kakashi's adopted daughter.

I groaned and got up from my bed, walked calmly towards the bathroom, and then proceeded to have a shower. After I was done, I calmly looked into the mirror and shrugged. I lazily put on my ninja outfit and walked out of my room.

When I entered the kitchen, I was met with the sight of Kakashi cooking. It was rather amusing actually, with his little apron on. It almost made me giggle.

"What are we having this morning?" I asked sitting down,

"Bacon and eggs." I licked my lips hungrily. When he was done, he placed the food on the table and I happily ate. "I've got the day off today. Why don't I walk you to school?" I nearly choked on my food,

"W-What?" He laughed,

"Come on, it hasn't been that long." I rolled my eyes,

"It's been..." I counted on my fingers, "3 years!" He looked at me surprised,

"Really? Oh, well I can walk you today." I nodded and continued eating, accepting that he actually lost track of the years. After I was done, I washed up the dishes and looked at the time, "You've still got 20 minutes, its ok." I nodded.

When it was finally time to leave, Kakashi had just gotten into the shower and no way was I going to miss out on my dad’s day off just because of school. I sighed and sat leaning against the wall. When Kakashi was finally done, school had started. I grabbed his hand and started running towards the academy,

"Geez, are you always this late?"

"Are you always rushing like this?" He countered casually,

"I wouldn't have to rush if you weren't always late."

"You could've left without me."

"Touché." He chuckled as we both jumped on a roof,

"How ‘bout a race?" Kakashi asked as we jumped from roof to roof. I nodded a 'yes'. "I'll count down. Ready. Set... GO!" We both sprinted off at full speed, obliviously Kakashi was in front. I took a sharp right, deciding to even up the playing field and take a short cut. I arrived at the academy a few seconds before Kakashi, "Cheater." He accused playfully,

"Wouldn't have to cheat if you weren’t to fast." I pointed out panting. He smiled under his mask,

"Why thank you."

"Any time, now can I get to class?" I poked his stomach, "And you're coming with me to explain why I'm late." He nodded and led me inside.

I groaned when Kakashi just randomly barged into my classroom. Iruka looked peeved until he saw that it was, in fact, Kakashi. I sighed and emerged out from behind him,

"Hey Iruka. Sorry we're late. We both saw a black at cross our paths so we had to take the long way."

"Bull cr-" Kakashi slapped his palm over my mouth; I flailed around, trying my best to pry off his hand. He finally removed his hand and I gasped for air,

"Oops. Sorry,” He so didn’t mean that… “Anyway, I've got the day off, so I'm going to put this good weather to use and do something productive, other than sit here in this room and learn the basics of becoming a genin." As Kakashi left, I mumbled something under my breath. When I was finished, I walked up the isle to try and find a spare seat. I finally found one next to Kiba and Shikamaru. Kiba smiled as I sat down, showing off his large canines.

"A black cat crossed your path so you had to take the long way? Really Ayame?"

"Actually the complete opposite. Oto-san took a shower at the last minute so I waited then we raced on the way here and I took a short cut. No black cats or long ways involved." I smiled kindly as Kiba sweat dropped. He laughed nervously as Shikamaru groaned,

"Can you guys keep it down? I'm trying to sle-" He was interrupted when a ninja burst through the door,

"Sir, its Naruto! He's painted the stone faces!" I inwardly groaned,

"I'll be right back class." Iruka assured before he ran from the classroom.

I sighed and rested my head on my arms. Before I knew it, I was woken by the sound of loud protests and fighting. I raised my head and saw the Iruka had Naruto tied up in a rope. I held back my laughter as Iruka gave him a lecture,

"Because of Naruto we are all going to revise the transformation jutsu." Everyone groaned except for me, there are things in life you just don't want to do. After Kiba was me, everyone else had transformed into Iruka. Predictable. I walked casually up to stand in front of Iruka.

"Ok. Ayame Kawa Hatake." I nodded and did a hand sign and with a puff of smoke I transformed into one of Kakashi's ninja hounds. Pakuun's his name. Iruka just laughed,

"Transformed into a ninja hound. Excellent." I transformed back into myself and walk back to my seat. Next was Naruto. I groaned. Here we go. I noticed that he summoned an unnecessary amount of chakra and, to make matters worse, he transformed into a naked woman. I groaned and put my head on the desk. I jumped when Iruka yelled my name,

"-Ayame Kawa Hatake."

"What? Sorry I zoned out for a bit." He sighed,

"You’re up for testing." I sighed and lazily stood up. I walked into the back room; there were a number of headbands all out in a row.

"Ok, Ayame, make a shadow clone please." I rolled my eyes, a cinch. I did some hand signs and up popped another me. Mitzuki smiled and threw me a headband. I smiled,

"Arigato Mitzuki-san." I thanked happily,

"Nai mondai *No problem*." I nodded and skipped out of the building only to find a smiling Kakashi waiting for me. I squealed and jumped on his back. He laughed and everyone looked at us like we were crazy.

"I gotta work tomorrow." I nodded,

"Are you being a sensei?" He shook his head, "Oh..." He shrugged,

"Doesn't matter. It only means I'll be in the village more. If I was a sensei then I would be away all the time." I nodded.

"Fair enough. NOW GIDDY UP OTO-SAN!!!!!" Now everyone looked at us like we should be locked up, Kakashi laughed and took off. No doubt, Kakashi is the best father ever.

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