Chapter 2:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 2

By the time Rainne finally made it home, it was nearly midnight. That meant the babysitter was annoyed she was late and Jamie was already fast asleep. No goodnight hug for her tonight. She grudgingly paid the fifteen-year-old drama queen a ridiculously high amount of money and sent her on her way home.

With a sigh, she removed her snow-covered boots and jacket, leaving them by the door, and trudged up the staircase to check on Jamie. Creaking open his door, she leaned in and saw him curled in a little ball in his racecar shaped bed. She tiptoed over and sat on the edge, making extra sure to be careful so she didn’t wake him up.

As she gently stroked his hair back from his face, her mind began to drift. With a smile, she thought back to the conversation she had with Ian at work.

When she had realized it was Ian sitting there, she had been annoyed for a second, but then she decided to just ignore it. It wasn’t like he had followed her here. He had two friends with him. “Yeah,” she had said in a conspiratorial tone of voice, “Who would’ve thought I would see you mere hours from when I last did? And in a place like this where I never come! What are the odds?”

He had simply grinned before clearing his throat and saying, “You know, this means you haven’t just met me now. How about that coffee?” He had a mock hopeful expression carefully placed across his face, and he pulled his lips out in a pout.

With a scoff she had replied, “Not likely.” Before turning to the two girls he was at the table with and saying, “Now, can I start you lovely ladies off with some drinks?”

The rest of the night had gone on in much the same fashion. Every time she approached their table, Ian either flirted shamelessly with her, or asked her out again, while the two girls just looked on with amused expressions. Much as she might like Ian, she was not ready to be dating.

Jamie stirred in his sleep, bringing Rainne back to the present. One of his eyes opened sleepily, and a goofy grin slipped on his face when he saw her there. “Mommy!” He said happily. He leaned up and wrapped his still slightly chubby arms around her securely, resting his little head against her collarbone.

“Hey there bud,” she said quietly, “Sorry I woke you.”

He shook his head against her neck and answered stubbornly, “No wake. I was wake. I wait for you, Mommy.” Her heart swelled. What a cutie he was. No matter how bad a day she had had, or what kind of mood she was in, he never failed to cheer her up immensely. She was so glad she had him in her life. He was just a little piece of her old life, one of the few pieces she allowed into her new life.

Rainne felt a tear slip down her cheek as her son held her. Normally he would have stopped hugging her by now, but he must have sensed that she needed this hug to last just a bit longer, because he held on firmly. When he finally did pull away he looked curiously at he single tear that had traced it’s way down her cheek. He gently wiped it away and gave her a delicate kiss on that cheek. “Mommy?” he asked quietly, “Can I sleep with you tonight?”

Bless him. He didn’t really want to sleep with her, but he could tell she wanted him to. For an almost four year old, he sure was perceptive! She nodded her head and picked him up slowly, making sure to grab his stuffed frog along the way. He couldn’t sleep without that frog. It had been hers for years, and she had decided to give it to Jamie when he was born. He had been seemingly attached to it ever since.

The two slowly trudged down the hallway to “Mommy’s” room. With a sigh, Rainne set the already sound asleep Jamie on the bed and got changed into her pajamas before crawling in bed next to him. His arms snaked up and around her neck and he settled into her side. Rainne settled in too, and was quickly asleep, completely content.





The sun streamed in through the window and warmed Rainne’s face magnificently. A yawn escaped her and she stretched slowly in bed. What a feeling waking up was. She felt completely content. She could lie here all day long. She slowly peeled back her eyelids and was surprised to see Jamie’s emerald green eyes staring right back at her from the other side of the bed. With a gasp, she jerked backwards and nearly fell off the bed. She hadn’t woken up to emerald green eyes staring at her in years. It was still a bit of a shock every time Jamie looked at her. His green eyes were just so similar to another pair she had once known.
“Mommy,” he said once she had regained a bit of composure. “I have to go pee pee.” She chuckled. They had started potty training a few months ago, and he was getting the hang of it fast. Smart boy.

“Okay,” she said, “Let’s go.” She picked him up and walked to the bathroom.

After he went to the bathroom, Rainne walked him into the kitchen and sat him down at the counter. “What’ll it be today, Bud?” she said with a grin. “Pancakes?” He shook his head. “Waffles?” Again, no. “Cereal?” she said hopefully. Again, he shook his head no. “Well what do you want then?” she finally said exasperated. Much as she loved him, he could be difficult sometimes.

He thought about it for a moment. His face was all scrunched up in thought before it finally cleared. “I want Sylva’s.” he said determined. Rainne sighed. Sylvia’s was a local diner that Jamie loved. They had these chocolate chip pancakes that Rainne would never allow him to eat at home, so he loved theirs. Once Jamie decided he wanted to go to Sylvia’s, there was no deterring him.
She sighed before saying, “Okay, Kid. Grab your coat.” The biggest smile she had ever seen slipped on his face and he gave her legs a big hug before doing so. Once he was ready, she grabbed his hand, and they walked out the door, locking it on their way. Sylvia’s was just down the street, and as Rainne hated cars, they just walked.

More snow had fallen overnight, and it blanketed the sidewalk in little piles. Jamie insisted on stomping on each one with an excited yell. Rainne smiled at his silliness.

By the time they finally made it to Sylvia’s, Rainne was quite cold. They walked to their usual seats at the bar, and sat down quietly, taking off their coats. A slightly rotund woman wearing an apron and a huge smile approached them. “Well hello you two,” she said kindly. “I don’t normally have the pleasure of seeing my little darlings during the week. What’s the special occasion?”

Rainne grinned at the woman before answering. “Hey there, Sylvia.” she said, “Nothing much is going on. I have the day off and I promised Jamie we’d spend all day together, so he decided to start our day off by coming here. You know he can’t get enough of your chocolate chip pancakes.”

Sylvia’s grinned and turned to Jamie. “Is that so?” she said with a smile. When he nodded eagerly she said, “But I thought you were only allowed to have chocolate chips in your pancakes once a week?” Jamie’s face fell. “Maybe I’ll just have to make you some… eggs!” He frowned before turning to Rainne with a pleading expression on his face.

She laughed before saying, “I guess we can make an exception - just this once. We wouldn’t want you eating eggs!”

His grin returned in full force before he turned to Sylvia and said, “Sylva, can I has some chocolate pancakes?” When Rainne gave him a stern look he turned guiltily to Sylvia and added, “Please?”

Sylvia chuckled before saying, “Of course my dear!” then she turned to Rainne and added, “I’ll bring you your regular also, darling.”

She smiled and thanked her. Rainne and Jamie came here every Saturday morning. Rainne never worked the early shift Saturday, so she spent all day with Jamie until she had to go into work at four, when Sarah would look after him for the rest of the day. It had become a tradition to start their day off by coming here.

Normally, she would never allow them to come here during the week, but today was a special occasion, even if Jamie didn’t know it. A wry smile made its way onto her lips, trying to hide the emotions she was feeling from Jamie. He seemed to notice anyways, because he slipped his little hand in her big one and squeezed reassuringly.

While they were waiting for their food to arrive, Rainne caught Sylvia sneaking peeks at her several times. She had a feeling she knew why, but she wasn’t going to ask Sylvia about it for fear of unwanted subjects coming up.

Sylvia, however, seemed determined to bring them up. When she brought their food to them, she set it down and then rested her arm lightly on Rainne’s. “Honey,” she said quietly, while Jamie dug into his pancakes excitedly. “Today makes four years, doesn’t it?” Rainne swallowed mechanically before looking her in the eye. She nodded slightly and then smiled to let her know that she was okay. She had Jamie.




Submitted: July 05, 2015

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