You Cant Break Me.

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The Misfits run the streets at night to terrorize whomever they set their eyes on. Five teenagers stuck in the fantasy world with no laws to abide by, their lives soon fall apart.

Misa, the leader of "The Misfits", is a 17 year old punk kid who hasn't quite got her life together. Grades dropping, appearance changing and behavior escalating her parents have given up on her. The Misa everyone new is gone, replaced with a girl holding on to a dark secret.

Now the police are after her, the people she hates the most. Running from the law, Misa fights for her freedom even if it means betraying her heart...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Misfits

Submitted: August 16, 2010

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Submitted: August 16, 2010



Misa barely noticed the surface of cement under her feet. She felt as though she was flying, sailing across each outstretched street, houses and cars set as small blurs crossing her line of vision. The streetlamps lights were like the soft haze of the sun before it is about fall into a deep sleep of night. The cool air sent a chill of excitement up the core of her back. She gave little notice in the people yelling at her from the sidewalk.

My gang? Where the hell are my friends? I can't hear their footsteps, but what should I expect. The only one who had any chance of keeping up would be Tim. Dammit I never quite think these plans through very well .

Her heart beating fast, blood pouring through Misa's veins. She quicken her pace from a run to a sprint . Her mind was reeling for the next move, but she couldn't stop nor did she want to. Soon it would be morning and they would be searching for her. House of the left...Brilliant. Misa made a leap for the wood fence. She nearly cleared it when her high top skates caught the top turning her face first toward the ground...Shit!

“Misa! Where are you? We have to go asap or were never going to make it back. Ren have you seen her?”
“Nope. Last time I saw her she jumped that fence and ate shit.”
“Well would you look over there please! God your a useless piece.”

Worry and frustration was written all over Jordanna's face. Her cousin was always the one to push the limits of both speed and gravity. It had been almost an hour since they separated.

Tim stood with ease and shifted his weight to face her. “No worries my girl, Misa will be here.” He placed his tan hand on the side of Jordanna's olive cheek making her blush. Beautiful emerald eyes gave her a careful glace over taking in her slim, long figure, beautiful grey eyes and straight medium length brown hair that had one single blue streak running down the left. Dazed, Jordie reached up to intertwine her fingers in his Shaggy Blonde hair...
“Found her!” Ren shouted as he made his way back. Breaking the embarrass, Jordanna wiped around to glare at her little cousin.

“Oh, don't look at me like that!” as she slumped over the fence.
Ouch! That was so ungraceful... What the hell? Misa pulled at the twig jammed into her hair. Great!
“Ren if you don't stop laughing I'm gonna come over there and kick your ass!”
“Hahaha yeah sure thing Sparks, I'll be waiting.”
That boy sure pisses me off! Sparks? Where the did he get that stupid nickname in the first place. Misa pulled herself over the fence...

“F you! When I get over there I'm going to break both of your skinny legs.”Misa bellowed as she threw her arms out to catch herself. Ren tousled his black hair to the side, blue eyes gleaming with enjoyment. He leaned over reaching out his hand, “Here let me help”. Misa reached and intertwined her hand with his, pale skin contrasting with her olive tones. He hoisted her up in one swift motion. Misa stood only 3 inches shorter than him.
“ Did you finally grow Ren?” she teased.
“Shut up!”

Next to him, Jordanna peered down at Misa a grin spread across her face, all worry saturated as a benefit contributed by Misa's embarrassment. Tim gave a small smile, blonde hair and green eyes glimmering, straight white teeth exposed.
“ So know that everyone is finished laughing at me we ready to go?”
“Logan hasn't come back yet.” Tim acknowledged.
“What! It's been almost an hour!”
“Probably got caught again.” Jordanna Sneered.
“ He was with you but you bolted ahead. Poor boy didn't have a chance to keep up.” Ren explained.
That wasn't my problem. Logan could take care of himself. Whether he was caught or not he could be very persuasive at the times, especially when it came to elderly or... of course... women.

“Whatever let's just go. I could careless what happens to him. Of all people he would be the one who deserved it.” Jordie spat, pushing her bangs out of her face.

Logan had moved from Halifax to Brookes two years ago. After he purposefully refused to be friends with everyone in their high school, Misa invited him to join “The Misfits”. Something about Misa warmed his heart enough to acknowledge her. Everyone accepted the white haired, golden eyed boy with open arms. Jordanna unfortunately had been the only protestor. Something about him threw her off. Even with his striking good looks that would make any girl pass out, he was sly, his personality a bit twisted.

Ignoring Jordie, Misa walked on. It was 4:30a.m, if their were to make city transit, they had to pick up the pace. Misa peered down at her hands noticing the purple and blue paint they used had smudged on her skin and clothing. She usually wasn't messy when it came to spray paint, but over the past few night she had been careless. To her, the chance of getting caught grew slimmer. For months they had been spray painting, breaking property, and trespassing. Had they given up?

Misa grew restless. The chilly air was seeping through her black sweatshirt and skinny jeans. She gave one last look at the dark night sky that lay above her. It was so clear, and the stars were gleaming with an indescribable brightness. The moon wasn't quite full. Soon the darkness would be erased by the haze of sunrise.
Something so beautiful can only last so long I guess...

“Well let's go. It's been a long night” Misa called out to her friends.
Brown eyes sparkling, Misa took off in a run. Her long brown hair sprawled out behind her, small compact body moving with such grace. She has never felt so free.

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