Magi Hunter

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Magi

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013



I leapt from the bed. Sweating heavily, I start to cough heavily and nearly vomited. After a few moments my body began to calm itself. The room I was currently in was a magician's trainee room belonging to the Empire of Ascenon's order of the Blue Dragons. After I was orphaned in an attempt to get revenge I joined the Empire's military. After they had found my "talent" in magic they sent me to this training camp. The sweating seems to have stopped, I took off my shirt and scanned the room. The room was small although not cramped. There is a mirror near the right corner of the room and the bed is on the corner to the left. I stood up and walked toward the mirror and stared.

My hands glided across my chest. A scar the shape of the lightning bolt stretched from the upper area of the chest down to the lower stomach area. Merely touching the wound caused my mind to flash back. Four years since the incident dubbed "The Slaughter Of Shadow" occurred, which then lead to the beginning of the war of Magi. The memories of the slaughter still haunt my dreams although the details of it are suppressed. The incident happened while I was around the age of 15. Magi from the order of Shadow Sun attack the village of Ender. The reason for doing so was due to some villager discovered an magical artifact that was an important lost symbol to the Shadow Sun. Without even demanding for the return of their Artifact the magi launched a full assault on the village.

Slaughtering the village; I clench my left fist; anger swelling up. Killing my family, friends, and lover over a stupid Artifact! I slam my left into the wall in an attempt to calm myself. Magic disgust me, it corrupts, it tears love ones apart, it kills ruthlessly for no reason. My hatred for magic will never end. Although I hate it, magic is a valuable tool that will help achieve my vengeance. The image of the man with the scar who murdered my parents flashes before my eyes.

"I will not allow myself to die till the day I find that Magician who killed my parents!  I will kill him with the same magic he used on them" I repeated with a malice voice barely suppressing my anger so that it wont turn into a shout., it was the vow i made that day. The scar man who left this scar on my body. He took pity on me thinking I would bleed out and die on that slaughter field. But I survived, I'm no longer that weak little child. Its nothing like it was back then, the deaths of my family, the burden,my vow, I will become strong even if i have to sell my soul to a devil. Till the day scar man dies.Walking back to my bed I collapsed into the bed and slept.





(Will add more tonight or tomorrow just wanted some opinions of what i have so far. If you notice any grammar mistakes or spelling typos or anything like that would you please point it out so I can revise it easier.)

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Magi Hunter

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