More Than Bandmates

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Andy's POV

Submitted: November 08, 2013

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Submitted: November 08, 2013



Ash and I didn't hesitate to strip each other of our clothing. He really wanted this. He attacked my lips hungrily and pushed me down onto the black and red bed. He let his lips wander all around my body, leaving trails of heat wherever his lips landed. I didn't want him to stop. It felt so good. I let a whimper escape my lips when he kissed my inner thigh.
"You're so beautiful Andy." He whispered against the skin of my legs. I was begging for his touch.
"Ash, get inside me, now." I demanded. I wanted him to fuck the living shit out of me. He always fucks me hard, but when I get hurt he wants to beat himself up over it. He slid his dick into my ass slowly. We've had sex enough for it to not hurt when he slid in.
Ash started moving, thrusting into me hard. He knew how I liked it. He started to speed up. I tightened my muscles, Ash let out a growl.
"Does that feel good?" I moaned out, doing it again.
"Mm." He bit his bottom lip. "Yeah it does." It felt good for me too. The pain, god! Ash started moving faster and faster.
"What do you want?" he teased.
"T-touch me- ah!" I yelled. He knew where that spot was the entire time, I knew it. He wrapped his cold hands around my dick, making me gasp.
"Feel good?" he asked moving his hand; I could feel it warm up as it became somewhat of a blur. I was biting on my lip ring, rolling my hips on him. I was lost in a world of sheer pleasure. I was on a natural high and it felt so good. Sex with Ash was the best thing I could wish for.
Before I could even formulate a coherent sentence, I came in Ash's hand. He kept moving it while he reached his climax. He let me go of my dick and fell back on the bed with him still inside of me. I kept rolling my hips.
"A-Andy, I don't think I can handle to go again." He moaned.
"C'mon. Please?" I kissed him. He bit down on my lip ring, making me moan into his mouth.
"No." He pulled out. I felt a cold absence. "Like I said, I don't think I could do that again for at least a few more hours." I kissed him again, letting my tong wander around his mouth. He had been chewing gum before when we were in the car; the sweet taste of it still lingered in his mouth. Ash broke away in order to catch his breath. "Andy what the hell has gotten into you today?"
"Your dick," I chuckled. "And I want it to get in me again."
"Andy, you're becoming a sex addict." Ash sighed running a hand through my hair.
"No I'm not." I pouted.
"Yes you are. That's all you ever really want to do is just sex this and sex that. I understand the sexual frustrations and the tensions, but that's enough. No more. Not until I want to. Got it?" This isn't fair. Not one bit, but I had a feeling why he doesn't want to have sex with me anymore.
"Fine." I huffed climbing off of Ash and getting out of the bed and grabbing all of my cloths. I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. This is why he doesn't want you Andy. Look at yourself! You've gotten fat. Now he only wants to have sex with you when he's desperate. That's the only reason why he's keeping you around.
I rubbed my stomach a little and grabbed onto the skin. If only there was some way to cut off the fat. I reached into the drawer and opened up a little black box. Written on the top of the box in my handwriting was 'Think before you act'. I thought about it for a few seconds, and that was good enough. I opened the box and there, nice and shiny as the day I left it, was my silver razor, the edge as sharp as I remember. My skin burned for the feeling. Slowly I pressed the blade into the skin of my stomach. It burned as I dragged it down towards my hip. I let out a little hiss then stopped.
Of course I felt ashamed of what I did. I stopped all this years ago. I pulled out a big band aid from the medicine cabinet and placed it over the cut, then quickly slipped on my boxers and t-shirt. I walked out of the bathroom. Ash was gone. Of course he was. He decided to leave me at my apartment, alone. I climbed into the bed and hugged my knees. I felt numb, and I couldn't help but want to just jump out of my bedroom window.
"Hey Andy, what do you want from your apartment? I kinda like this bookshelf." Ash called from the living room. I felt a tear roll down my face as I got up from the bed, wiping it away. I walked up to Ashley and pressed my lips to his, he kissed me back with a great bit of force. He gripped onto my hip, pressing his thumb onto my still fresh cut. I let out a little hiss, damn this burned.
"Babe, are you OK?" Ash asked letting me go.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little sore is all. Now what were you saying about the shelf?" I asked looking at it. It was an old black wooden shelf that I found next to a dumpster. I didn't really like it, but I needed it at the time and never threw it out or replaced it.
"It would look good in the living room. What do you think?" He asked.
"I don't think so.I hate that stupid thing. Let's just go buy a new one." I sat on the couch and pulled my knees up to my chest.
"Well fine. We can stop by Wal-Mart on our way home." He paused and looked at me. "Are you alright Andy?" he asked sitting next to me on the couch.
"I told you I'm fine."
"Is it because of the whole no sex thing?" He asked. I shook my head no. "Andy, you know it's OK to talk to me." He kissed me on the cheek, then walked into the room to put his pants and shirt back on.
"You hate me now, right?" I mumbled.
"Nothing. I said I want to go home now."
"OK. We can go now and come back tomorrow to get stuff, OK?"
"Mmm." I mumbled in response, getting up to go get my pants. I put the rest of my cloths on in the bathroom. I sat and looked at myself in the mirror. I still didn't understand why Ashley found me attractive. I opened up my bathroom drawer and looked at the little black box. The surface of my skin begged for the burning sensation that the razor brought.
"C'mon Andy, let's go!" Ash called from the front room.
"Coming!" I yelled back. I picked up the box and stuffed it in my pocket before running to go meet Ash. We sat in silence on the drive home. Ash reached over and grabbed my hand a couple times. I didn't hold his hand back; I just let his sit on top of mine. When we finally got back to the apartment, I sat on the couch again while he went to go cook dinner.
I was going to be used. That's all this is going to turn out. Ash suckered me into this relationship, thinking I could have him whenever I wanted; pretended he loved me, gave me things I wanted, and now he's going to just use me. Like trash, or a whore. That's it. He was right. Whenever he called me a whore, that's all I was. That's all I'll ever be.
A tear escaped my eyes along with a few silent sobs. I didn't think Ash would have been able to hear anything; especially not over the sounds of his cooking noises. I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand. My eyeliner was running. There was a box of tissue on the coffee table. I wiped away all of my makeup, including what was left of my foundation and lipstick.
"Andy, dinner." Ash called from the kitchen. I got up and slumped over to the dining room table. I took small bites out of my food. Ash watched me eat, it was a little weird. "Andy, is there something wrong? You haven't been yourself since we got home."
"I'm fine; just tired. I'm gonna go to bed." I said softly, getting up from the table and walking into the bathroom. Turning on the water to the shower, I slowly took off all of my clothing and the giant band aid over the cut I made. It was a bright shade of red in contrast to my pasty white skin. The blood around it had started to dry up. I stepped into the warm water, then immediately sunk to my knees. I was blinded by my tears. To think that the man I loved so much had the capacity to betray my trust like this. It hurt.
I finally crawled into bed. Ash didn't get in for another ten minutes. He wrapped his arms around me, but I pushed them off.
"Don't touch me. Please." I mumbled.
"As you wish, my queen."

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