More Than Bandmates

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Ashley's POV

Submitted: November 08, 2013

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Submitted: November 08, 2013



"Andy, are you done yet?! I need to shower too!" I called to him when he was in the bathroom. The one annoying thing he does is take forever in the shower. Andy walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist.
"Calm down." He laughed kissing me on the forehead. "Are you gonna help out with the band aid today?" he asked sitting on the bed and running a brush through his wet hair.
"Yeah, I guess." I walked into the bathroom and pulled out the first aid kit. Andy laid down on the bed and pulled his towel down, exposing the scabbed up scars. The scabs were starting to heal and most of them fell off during his shower. "Now comes the fun part."
"What do you mean fun part?" he asked leaning up.
"The scars are gonna be gone before the start of the next tour. Who are we touring with anyway?"
"Jon texted me yesterday." He stopped and tensed up when I started to rub the cold scar cream on him. "It's Of Mice and Men, Motionless in White again, blessthefall and some band called Get Scared." I stopped at the mentioning of the band Get Scared. Their guitarist Johnny and I had a bit of a history. I'm really hoping that he doesn't bring up any crap that will cause me and my baby any discourse, but then again, when I hope for things like that not to happen, they happen.
"Is there something wrong Ash?" Andy asked.
"No, nothing." I smiled up at him and continued to rub in the cream.
"Yeah, but anyway, when we go to practice today, we have to have a discussion as a band."
"Really? About what?" I asked wiping my hands on his towel.
"Can't tell you." He smiled walking back into the bathroom and shutting the door. He thinks he's funny.
"H-hey!" I yelled banging on the door. "Andy! Damn you!"

"OK guys, gather round." Andy smiled sitting on the floor in front of CC's drum riser. Everyone walked and sat around him. "I've got some stuff to say before we go on tour again. Now I know that, as men, we have certain… needs. So, like every other time we go on tour, we have to lay down some sex rules."
"Really Andy? You of all people laying down rules about sex?" Jinxx laughed. Andy kicked him lightly in the arm. With his legs being so long, he could kick any of us, except CC who was still sitting at his drum.
"Shut up Jinxx, no one asked you. Anyway, on to the new rules. No sex in the back room, no sex in the front room, no sex in the bunk room. No sex on the bus at all."
"That's not fair." I winked at Andy.
"No Ash. No more sex on the bus. However, Jon told me that given the distances between venues, we get more off days and hotel visits. That's why no more sex on the bus."
Everyone let out a collective groan then laughed.
"Yeah yeah, whatever. Anyway, we're bringing Motionless in White back on this tour along with Of Mice & Men, blessthefall and Get Scared. Now if you want to start up a relationship with any of these guys CC, please think before you act." My heart twisted at Andy saying 'Think before you act'. It brought up way too much about our talk. I wanted to hold him now.
"I promise." CC smiled, his voice still a little horse from the concert still.
"Great. Now onto something else. We can't let anyone outside of the band onto the bus. Ash finally got his replacement bass the other day, and I don't want another incident like with Ben."
"It's not that big a deal Andy." I sighed. I honestly wanted to forget all of that Ben stuff and pretend like it never happened. We weren't ever gonna tour with Asking Alexandria again anyway, so there was honestly no point in it.
"It's just a precaution. Anyway, the last thing is that we need to remember that we are a family. We're all brothers and we have to stick together and trust each other, no matter what may happen. Promise?" Andy raised his hand halfway, expecting the rest of us to copy him.
I slowly raised my hand. "I promise." The other guys added on, one by one, promising to stay by each other no matter what happened. We were a family, we needed to stick together. I was still nervous about touring with Get Scared, but I'm sure nothing would happen.
"When do we leave?" CC asked leaning on his drums. He was getting bored. His legs were shaking and he was just getting overall antsy about everything.
"In three days." Andy got up to stretch his arms, flashing me some of his stomach. His skin was a milky shade of white. I wanted to kiss it, but I would make the guys uncomfortable.
"Where's the first show?" Jinxx asked.
"Why are we starting in Houston?" Jake complained.
"I have no idea. Ask Jon." Andy yawned. "I think it's about time to wrap up this practice session. I wanna go to sleep. Let's go home Ash."
We all said our goodbyes as we made our way to our cars through darkness of the parking lot. Andy drove us home, talking about how excited he was to start off another tour so quickly. We made our way up to the apartment. He just kept talking and talking and talking. It was so cute.

"Shit! I lost my journal. Ashley, help me find it." He was tearing up the living room. We had twenty minutes to get to the bus which is half way across town. He's lucky that it's 4 in the morning and there's no traffic out.
"Andy, will you calm down please. Where was the last time you saw it?" I said catching one of the vases before it crashed to the ground. That's the last thing I need, having to clean up glass before we left.
"I was in the living room. That's when I saw it last. That's why I'm looking in here." He threw another pillow and it hit a framed picture of Jinxx and Sammi I had on the wall. I looked over at it shaking, luckily it didn't fall and the frame wasn't cracked.
"Andy, stop throwing pillows. It's sitting on the desk." I laughed picking up all the pillows on the floor. Andy stopped throwing stuff and grabbed his notebook, leaving me to pick up all the pillows he threw around the livingroom. "Can we leave now?" I asked after the couch was put back together.
"Yeah, I'm good." He smiled. I kinda wanted to punch him one good time in the arm, but I just kissed him instead. He was so damn cute, but sometimes he can be somewhat of an airhead.
It took us twenty five minutes to get to the bus lot. Jake and CC were already asleep in the bunk room. Jon was pissed that Andy and I were late and Jinxx was still saying goodbye to Sammi. When we finally started moving, we were half an hour off schedule.
"Ashley; kiss me." And said looking up at me. We were cuddled together in our bunk (formerly my bunk). I pressed my lips against his softly. He pressed harder as I opened my mouth, letting his tongue roam around, licking every corner of my mouth. I let a moan escape my mouth as Andy let his fingers wander up my shirt.
"Andy, stop. Remember the rules." It sucks that he has to stop, becuase it was really starting to feel good. Kissing him and having him touch me, but it was against the rules.
"Fine. Let's go to sleep then." He cuddled into me, wrapping his arms around my waist. His presence was warm. I loved it. I loved him. I just really hope that nothing else bad will happen to us.

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