More Than Bandmates

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Ashley's POV

Submitted: November 08, 2013

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Submitted: November 08, 2013



I didn't want to see him again. His chilling eyes stared through my soul. I felt dirty just being in the same room as him, let alone touring with him. Andy and I were sitting outside our bus. He was smoking, and I just stood there, thinking about him; Johnny Braddock. I didn't want Andy to find out what we had done together.
Andy stretched and put out his cigarette. "I'm getting back on the bus." He sighed.
"Alright. I'll be in in a few. I wanna stay out for a little while longer." I smiled to him. He kissed me on the cheek, then climbed back on our bus. I let out a good sigh and closed my eyes for a while, trying to calm myself down.
"Well well. If it isn't the great Ashley Purdy." I heard his voice next to me. I didn't want to acknowledge his presence, or he wouldn't go away. I felt him jab me in the side.
"Hello? Are you listening?" He chuckled.
"Fuck off Johnny." I sighed.
"Oh, are you mad at me?" He was such an asshole.
"Do you remember the last time we were together, or do I have to remind you?" I was getting pissed. I cracked my knuckles and faced him.
"The only thing I remember is you being on your knees and begging me for more." He winked. "If you want to remind me of that, then I'll gladly take you to my bus."
"No thank you."
"Nice little boyfriend you've got though." He looked over at the bus. I looked up, the curtains were closed on all the windows. None of the guys could see out of them. "It would suck if he found out about us. Wouldn't you think?"
"You wouldn't dare." The fury started to rise in me. I didn't want Andy to find out that this ass hole and I used to date.
"I would. I'll tell him that I was the first man you fucked. That you kept coming back for more, even after we were done. That you told me that you loved me. That you and I were going to get-"
"Shut up! You can't tell Andy any of that! You just can't." I felt weak, because it was all true. I knew Johnny way to well, I knew what he was capable of and I knew that he would do it. "What do I have to do to keep you quiet?" Johnny let a devilish grin cross his face.
"Well, you obviously know the answer to that." He chuckled. I didn't want to do it. It would only make things worse between Andy and I. After all of this shit has happened. It's like our relationship is cursed. Some God somewhere is making it harder and harder for us to be together.
I tried to focus back on Johnny, he had moved closer, grabbing my wrist and dragged me back to his bus. There was no one on it, just the two of us. He locked the door and dragged me into the back lounge. They had a bed in the back of their bus that had been pushed into the corner. It was covered in black and blood red silk sheets.
Johnny pushed me down onto the bed. "Strip." Just as forceful as I remember. I slipped off my shoes, shirt and pajama pants. "Underwear too." I let out a groan and hesitated to pull down my underwear. I didn't want to do this. I shouldn't be doing this. If it weren't to protect Andy, I would just turn around right now and not worry about what would happen. But I can't let him find out. I'd do anything to keep Johnny quiet.
"Lay down." I climbed into the bed and laid there while Johnny stripped off all of his clothing and climbed on top of me. Each touch of his hands made me feel dirty. Each kiss that he placed on my body made want to die. Johnny tried kissing me on the lips, but I pushed him away.
"Why not?" he asked.
"Because, they're for him only."
"Whatever. Open your legs." He said slapping me on my left leg. I did as I was told. Johnny shoved his dick into me (fuck this hurt!) without warning. I let out half of a scream before he clapped his hand around my mouth. "Shut up." I stopped screaming. Slowly he started moving. He let out a moan while I just started to cry. I didn't want to cheat on Andy like this, but I was doing the best I could to keep Johnny quiet about the plans we had made before we broke up. I mistaken my lust that I had for love and made some stupid mistakes. I had told Johnny I loved him, when I was just in lust for him, and asked him to marry me.
Only now do I realize that all of this is a giant mistake. If he ever did tell Andy, then I could just explain to him what it all meant, but now it's really too late, because here I am, completely naked in some strange tour bus with the blue eyed blond man inside of me.
"Start moaning." He commanded. If I didn't listen to what he said, not only would he probably hit me, something he's done before, then he would probably tell Andy what we were doing. I faked a couple of moans, until he hit my spot, then I let out a real moan. I cursed under my breath, he kept hitting it, and I didn't want him to stop.
"Faster." I let out. No Ashley, get a grip of yourself. It may feel good for now, but this feeling will pass, then the guilt sets in, but damn did this feel good. Johnny started thrusting faster and faster. He gripped his hands around my neck then started choking me. It felt good, the way he fucked me, it was unbelievably good, but Andy was always better. Andy treated me with care, making sure I wasn't hurt and that I was being taken care of too. Johnny treated me like an animal, like I'm scum, thrusting without caring what happened. He didn't care if I were hurt and he knew I liked it that way.
"F-fuck. I'm gonna c-cum." He moaned out, thrusting into me. I was lost in a world of pleasure and hate. I didn't want to moan as loud as I was. I didn't want this to feel this good, but my body knows what it wants. Johnny hit my spot two more times before I came over the both of us, curling my toes and clenching my muscles. I snaked my hands around my dick and just kept pumping myself, trying to make it last. It felt so good.
Johnny pulled his dick out of me right before he came. "Suck it." He said putting it in my face. I opened my mouth and took in his entire length, deep throating it and trying to get him off as quickly as possible. When he came, he forced my head down. "Swallow." I didn't want to, but of course, I had no choice. I swallowed, all of it, before my head was ripped away from him.
"I'll expect you to show up on every off day and rest stop until the end of the tour. You do that, and I won't tell your boyfriend what we used to be and what we do when we're alone. Got it?" He had me by my hair, I was in pain. "I said got it?!" He yelled shaking my head.
"Y-yes." I croaked out.
"Good. Now get off my bus you filthy slut." He let me go, watching me get dressed again and running off of his bus. I went into the truck stop bathroom and forced myself to throw up all of Johnny's cum. It was gross. When I stepped out, a man that was washing his hands looked at me.
"Are you alright son?" He asked. I looked at him one good time, old and chubby man with an interesting handlebar mustache wearing a blue mechanic suit and a trucker cap that was from Flying J's.
"Yeah. I'm fine." I said softly.
"OK then." He said as I was walking out of the bathroom. I walked back onto the bus, Jinxx was asleep on the couch, Jake and CC playing video games.
"Hey Ash. Where have you been?" CC asked glancing up at me.
"Nowhere." I looked away from them as I basically ran into the bunk room. I pulled back the curtain to mine and Andy's bunk. He was sleeping facing the wall. I couldn't lay with him, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I was exactly what Johnny called me. A filthy slut. I didn't deserve Andy's love after what I've done. What I've agreed to keep doing. It made me sick to my stomach.
I went into our small bathroom and threw up again. I looked at myself in the mirror. The spots where Johnny had been choking me were red and had started to leave a bruise. I grabbed CC's makeup bag from under the counter. We were basically the same color, and I only had foundation that was lighter than my actual skin color. He wouldn't mind if I borrowed some, right? I covered the marks all around as best as I could, trying to make sure that there weren't any spots that were too obvious as makeup. It actually blended in perfectly. As long as no one touched it, I would be OK.
I made my way into the back room and closed the door, sitting on the floor in front of it. I couldn't let anyone see me. I reached up and locked the door. I wouldn't let anyone in here. I was going to wallow in my self pity. There was a bottle of whiskey sitting on the table. I think Jon might have left it there. It didn't matter. I grabbed it and took a long drink, feeling it burn on the way down. This is what I deserve. To wallow and die slowly. I'm nothing but trash.

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