More Than Bandmates

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - Andy's POV

Submitted: November 08, 2013

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Submitted: November 08, 2013



It felt so good to have Ash holding me now. I had him back, and I know now that I won't let anything happen to our relationship again. We were sitting on the couch in the very front talking with the guys about what happened. Jinxx was at the brink of tears, Jake had his fist clenched so tight from anger that I was afraid his nails would dig in and break the skin and CC, well he was in complete shock and disbelief.
"I'm gonna kill him." Jake muttered cracking his knuckles.
"No Jake. We can't kill him. We just have to plan out our revenge at tonights show." Jinxx laughed. I was feeling uncomfortable with every passing minute. When Jinxx wanted to get revenge on people, they usually end up going too far. "I vote we kidnap him and leave him tied up in our bathroom, torturing him slowly with every passing day."
"Too much." CC said "We could cut off all of his hair and tattoo 'dickhead' across his forehead."
"Not enough." Jake smiled, cracking his knuckles again. "We can push him off a cliff, stab him, shoot him, cut off his-"
"Jake! No! Calm down." I said placing a hand on his shoulder. He had lost all touch with reality for a second.
"Sorry." He laughed.
"Guys, I've got the perfect thing." Ash smiled. "Let's just kick his ass."
"Fine, but I sill vote we cuthis hair off." CC grumbled.
Johnny's main mistake was messing with us, we were a tight nit family, and if one member goes down, we all go down with him.

"Hey Ashley, come here." I called to him while we were on stage. He walked over to me, a smile on his face. "What's your favorite song by us?" I asked putting the mic in his face.
"I guess Rebel Love Song." He looked up at me.
"Why is that?" I put the mic back into his face.
"B-because..." His face was red, the crowd was almost silent, girls screaming 'aw' and telling him it's OK to tell them.
"Because what?" I smiled at him again.
"Because it reminds me of you, and me. It's our love song." The crowed exploded but I wasn't done yet. I glanced back at CC, Jake and Jinxx. They were in on my plan, but Ash had no idea what was going on.
"Good answer, but I've got one more question for you. We've been through a lot together over these past few months, and I know that you're the only one out there for me." I smiled taking his bass off of him and handing it to Jinxx. Ash was confused, staring a me with disbelief on his face. I grabbed a little black box from Jake and got down on one knee in front of him.
"In front of our fans, I want you to answer this one question for me. Ashley Purdy, will you marry me?" I opened the box, showing off a ring I found a while ago that was in the shape of Hello Kitty. She was made of sterling silver, and her bow, red stones. When I saw it, I had to buy it, and I've just kept it hidden all this time.
Ashley was in tears, his hands covered his mouth. The crowed was screaming as Ash shook his head yes and tackled me to the floor of the stage. We both got up while the crowd and everyone else was chanting for us to kiss. I slipped the ring onto Ash's finger, tossed the box out into the crowed and kissed Ash with every ounce I had in me. He was smiling the entire time. We were strong enough to do it, to take the plunge together as husband and husband.
When we left the stage, we got a barrage of cheers and congratulations. Ash held on to me the entire time. We were both off in our own world when we finally got into the dressing room.
"Guys, focus!" Jinxx yelled at us. We snapped out of it and payed attention to what he was saying.
"OK, so, Get Scared is playing on stage right now. Everyone gets a thirty minute set and they've been playing for a good fifteen. After they play, blessthefall will play. That gives us a whole half hour to get Johnny outside behind the venue and beat the living shit out of him." Jake said with that weird look in his eye.
"Jake. Calm down!" We all yelled at once. I was feeling really uneasy about all of this, I wanted to get revenge, but I couldn't do it. It seems as if the best thing to do would to be to just let it all go.
I looked over at Ashley. He was staring at his ring and smiling, I could tell that he was over the moon happy with the thoughts of us finally getting married. CC looked over at the clock.
"It's time." He said getting up. Ash and I snapped out of our trances and stood up. He walked over to me, grabbed my hand and held it close to him, giving me a reassuring smile.
"It'll be OK. After all of this is done, we can plan the wedding." He smiled again. He really was happy, and I'm glad I'm the one who made him this happy. I looked to be sure the room was empty and kissed Ashley.
"I'm so glad I made you this happy. You're gonna have marriage on the brain for months." I smiled pulling him into me.
"I know. I thought moving in together was a plunge, but this. This is something new for the both of us. I'm glad I'm experiencing all of this with you." Ash kissed me one more time on the cheek before we headed out to meet with everyone else.
Jake and Jinxx were already heading outside with Johnny, making weird jokes and conversation. CC followed after them. Ash gave my hand one good squeeze and we headed out after.
"We ready?" CC chuckled. Johnny had a somewhat of a horrified look on his face.
"What are you doing?" He asked.
"You messed with our family. You hurt them both. Now it's time for the older brothers to pick a fight." Jake sad popping his knuckles again. We didn't even want to stop him from the way he was acting. It would be better for them.
"Let's hurry this up. I want to go watch Motionless In White play." Ash said letting go of m hand. I let out a sigh and moved in with everyone else, surrounding Johnny.
"We're gonna teach you not to mess with any member of Black Veil Brides." Jinxx had this creepy grin on his face, I didn't even want to look anymore, I couldn't take any of this anyore.
"You guys, stop." I stepped out in front of them, blocking their path from Johnny.
"Andy, get out of the way." Jake growled.
"No. Look at yourself Jake! You've gone mad. You all have. Is this really the right thing to be doing?"
"Andy, he hurt you. He has to hurt now." Jinxx said, his smile twisting even more.
"No Jinxx. I'm not letting you beet the living shit out of him. I know what he's done is wrong, but do you really want to risk going to jail before Ash and I get the chance to plan a wedding and get married?" They stopped and calmed down a bit. Johnny tapped me on the shoulder. I clenched my fist, turned and punched him one good time in the jaw.
"That. Was for hurting Ash. Don't set foot near us again or I will kill you you son of a bitch." Everyone looked down at Johnny who spat out blood and a tooth, then back at me. I had the biggest grin on my face. "Let's go guys. The next set starts soon."
"Um... OK Andy. Whatever you say." CC said walking back over to the venue with Jake and Jinxx following him. I grabbed on to Ashley's hand and led him back into the venue.
"Thanks Andy." He smiled at me.

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